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  1. Hello everyone, I'm looking for some higher quality perspectives on a small range of different topics which I have recently not been able to make sense of or cope with in a healthy way. Recently I have started investing large amounts of recourses, time, and energy into my long term health which was prompted by a very insightful LSD trip as well as the wake up call from hitting a deep low for my health, (developing a feeding disorder and loosing a lot of weight off my already very skinny body). Anyhow, in conjunction with these efforts I have also been feeling increasingly anxious about disease and illness, obsessing over my heart burn, stool states, urine and more. Fear around cancer developing, or heart issues, or other diseases have been rapidly taking over my day-to-day thinking/focus. Now, although this may seem like a purely irrational issue with OCD or overthinking as I am a relatively healthy 20 year old and the likelihood of me developing these things is very low, I actually need advice/perspective insights with a different but adjacent set of topics. These topics are what has caused much of the paranoia. The reporting of worldwide excess deaths (including in younger age groups), sharp incline of cancer developing in young people and same with heart issues like myocarditis and pericarditis. Now I know that there is a tendency to tie up mRNA vaccines as an explanation for all this and I am not saying that it doesn't have anything to do with it but I also can see the simplistic tendency to conflate the two out of lack of consideration for the range of possibilities and lazy reasoning. I would like to also make abundantly clear that I am not wanting this to be some stupid anti-vax discussion, although I think members of this forum are a little more concerned with wholistic understandings anyway but just making it clear regardless. The specific things that I would love to get some help with are as follows: (1) what is a clear way/direction to go about developing my worldview narrative to avoid falling into the pessimistic trap of disease and vaccine related conspiracy theories. Like, for those aware of the excess deaths/illnesses rising globally how do you conceptualise that or understand from a higher perspective other than the low grade anti-vax narrative which I have heard way to much of? (2) I would love if people could link the highest quality information on mRNA tech because I want to be optimistic about it but also understand it as deeply as possible. I have already done this to some extent during a University Unit I completed to do with Bioethics and genetic therapies (+) so I can see the benefit of refocusing on deeper understanding with better perspectives to eradicate anxiety. (3) Also please for the love of god if anyone has seen the stupid 'Died Suddenly' documentary style movie thing please what are those long stringy white fibres in peoples veins after they die I had a panic attack and vomited on my floor because of a fear & panic response. I am aware that this might be a little bit of a low quality problem for the caliber of this forum but I am really suffering and am very willing to take advice for improving my understanding/perspective as well as researching to improve my life/health narrative. The specific question at the end I realise might be irrelevant to that end but I cannot get the images out of my mind and I need an answer (if anyone smart has one) to ease that anxiety. Thankyou for anyone willing to offer their perspectives/advise! Side note: Not sure if this is the most appropriate thread but it was kind of in between a few so I just put here.
  2. That one guy at like 4:10, "While we're here, we might as well set up a government". Yeah bitch that's how easy it is, just whip up a government in an afternoon. I could not think of a more qualified group of people to run the United States. It's actually so damn funny!
  3. Thankyou heaps for replying. I appreciate the insights!
  4. I do have to admit, at certain points in time my motivations have been quiet unhealthy, being oriented around proving every 'oppositional' point as being wrong and that type of thing. But that's most definitely being improved as time goes. And I've realised just how much time you can waste playing that game, and how depressing it can be. Thank you for the heads up, I'm working on depolarising as much as possible, to prevent emotional triggers and reactions.
  5. It's funny, why does it matter what Leo's 'personality' or 'intentions' are? Wouldn't you be more inclined to be asking how can open-mindedness and the de-platforming of certain belief systems or ideologies coincide together without being contradictory? Might it be a possibility that certain perspectives require you to be close minded to aspects of reality in order to subscribe to them, and therefore adopting those perspectives, or at least representing them as being just as high quality as any other perspective is close minded? For example, you might think that it is close minded to say that 'believing the earth is flat is ridiculous or deluded'. But consider for a second that believing the earth is flat actually means that you must be very close minded towards aspects of reality i.e. observation, history, science, astronomy, space travel/exploration, physics etc. So that in actively promoting that belief, you are promoting close mindedness and delusion. That's the way I look at it anyway.
  6. From experience, It's safe to say that this is a fairly accurate judgement. It never seems to be simple 'anti' there's always a whole hoard of other stories about the situation. It's like you can't be anti-vax on its own merit, there's always a conspiracy or a deeply demented agenda that you have to subscribe to in addition for it to make sense.
  7. I have done some different kinds of breathwork on and off over the past couple of years, is there anything technique wise that you would recommend?
  8. The thing is as well, because they are my parents their traditional role throughout raising children was to be the central authority, I guess that's why it's proving to be difficult to break through this pattern. Also thankyou, I will keep thinking about these comments.
  9. Firstly, I'm very aware that the topic of vaccines is a horse that has been flogged to death on this forum, so in advance I apologise to those who are tired of it, hahaha. So my extended family and parents are very much on the 'conspiracy' spectrum when it comes to covid-19 and vaccination topics. They have, more or less tried to convert me to get on board while I was still living at home (2 months ago) by constantly trying to expose me to content around it, playing David Icke on loud speakers in the house, sending me loads of videos on unregulated media platforms (bitchute etc). So I've spend like probably 100 hours going through anti-vax arguments, counter arguments, looking at data, scientists talking about the subject and so on. Essentially, the conclusion I arrived at was that I am happy to be vaccinated and planned to get AstraZeneca, so I told my parents that was the plan and that the decision was made. To which they responded with hysteria, crying, begging and extreme desperation by telling me stories about how all they ever wanted for me was to be healthy and happy and I was going to destroy that if I got vaccinated. They have since calmed down after I moved away to the city, but they still sent me conspiracy videos daily (most of which I ignore now). Basically, the point of bringing this up and going through the background somewhat, is that I have been vaccinated with AstraZeneca (first dose) about a week ago, not telling my parents, and I cannot stop this consistent paranoia like, maybe they were right, maybe I'm going to be damaged, or maybe this is a massive global power grab and the vaccines are actually really dangerous in the long-run (that's the main one). It's not like these exact comments come up in the form of structured questions, but there is an uncomfortable subconscious monotone of fear that I can't seem to shake even after doing so much research and coming to an indisputable (in my mind) conclusion of the matter. It's like intellectually it's as clear as day, but emotionally it's a shit show. Is there anything that other people would recommend as a healthy way to try and get past this 'scaring' and not have this paranoia constantly in the background of thinking? Like a practice of some kind (I already meditate) which might help to get off the emotional railway tracks which this mind has been programmed towards in an attempt to cope with life under home conditions? Any suggestions would be very appreciated, thank you sm
  10. They are the antonym of Augustus Gloop from Charlie and the chocolate factory. Everything is edible.
  11. @Thetruthseeker I have to say I have definitely experienced something similar with the people around me. It seems to be a lot easier to talk to someone coming from a 'holistic health' perspective where they believe the vaccine in unnatural or toxic, or that it is going to prevent spiritual experiences, then it is talking to someone who has subscribed to the more full-blown anti-vax conspiracy theories. Try not to give up on your friends if you think they're open enough to understanding the necessity and importance of the covid-vaccine. Trust me, I know it's very tiring to hear ridiculous covid-spiracies all the time. My parents are convinced that I'm committing suicide by getting vaccinated so as you can imagine there's a lot of tension. One thing that really helps when you're dealing with people like that is just knowing that they are really suffering, filled with fear and stress, misunderstanding and false information. Be a little playful when you talk about the vaccine, take some of the edge off it can really cause people to open up when they know that it's a calm and low-tension environment to discuss their fears. As oppose to say, getting angry at them and pointing out all the places that there's something wrong with their reasoning etc. it can really help I find.
  12. @electroBeam Thankyou for your input. I found it to be very aggressive and mis-characterizing but it was a point non the less.
  13. that is an accurate spiral analysis i'd say. Also what you say about the Australian population being more hive mind oriented is certainly true in comparison to the United States. However there has been a fair share of protesting and aggressive whiplash stemming from the lock-downs and covid fines and all that. I thing at one point the numbers were around 15,000 protesters in Melbourne a couple months back, against border blocks and lock-down rules and what not. The problem with these stringent control measures, is that it's only going to create more conflict and aggression. For those who are anti-acquiescent in nature, it's only going to justify their anti-establishment mindset and radicalise them against the state.. And as for the anti-vax movement, oh man, if you really wanted to pour fuel on that fire, just do exactly what Morrison is proposing. Ahhhhh, this moment in history is so fun. Definitely an exciting time to be alive Ps. thank you for your reply love u, @Gidiot
  14. So the Australian Prime Minister has made multiple statements about how he wants 95 percent of the Australian population to be vaccinated against covid-19, once the vaccine comes out, (65 percent is apparently enough to achieve herd immunity). This goal is expected to be achieved by coercing people into the medical procedure by making it illegal to attend a dinner outing, go into pubs, utilise public transport, come back to Australia (if you are overseas), or travel out of the country. If you are not proven to be vaccinated. Public poles when out a few weeks ago which say apparently 70 percent of the population were for the vaccine anyway and of that 30 percent many were just sceptical of how quickly the vaccine would be made without sufficient testing.. Anyway I thought i'd make this just to see what people thought of these measures and restrictions being taken. To me it seems extremely unsolicited and oppressive, especially considering that we haven't even had that many cases. (not considering Victoria :0). So what do people think. Is that something a government and MP should do?
  15. Read Steve Irwin's biography is you want to see what unbridled passion and drive towards a life purpose looks like. There's two books written after his death which I've read, 'My Steve'- by Terry Irwin (makes me cry every time) and one written by his friend, 'My Mate Steve' by Wes Mannion. Both are amazing reads. hahaha I actually recommended for Leo to put on his book list ages ago.