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  1. -i think that i should value more friendships and choose people who choose me -at the most core of our being we're social animals
  2. i've been stressing this query lately why do i need friends ? for what ? is there any general purpose or i should do as everybody around me ? have friends and that is it for you guys why friends ? how many friends do you have and what do you get out of your relationships ???!
  3. hi everyone i'm looking for advice techniques... that will help me to establish a healthy comfortable sleep position problems -i sleep on my stomach -i can't sleep on my back or on my side i find it deficault and i can't sleep i stay awake -i don't get on top of my sleep -my testicles give me pain due to sleep on my stomach thank you
  4. @Nahm yes i'm aware of that to change i have to -become not me -start now and don't deviate
  5. @Galyna good for you galyna well don't overdo it make room for other things expand your vision make friends with new people be healthy that's your charger. watch out for traps and addictions you don't wanna be dependant on anything external for your happiness [you can't catch a fantom ] rise your consciousness and mindfulness skills train yourself to be present [your sense of importance should be coming from these not from doings but from being present and mindfull of your thoughts emotions ...what happening around you and being calm at the same time.]
  6. @Average Investor -i live with my parents -i have too much time more than half portion of the day -as soon as possible btw i'm from morocco north of africa and stores ...are closed you can't apply to jobs this period [i used to work in manual labor due to some circumstances i was obligated to stay home and work on my inner self and now i have to make money] -i can work for anybody if there need be
  7. @Spaceofawareness it's not about the how, when you break a pattern it go on an extinction burst. i'm talking about the coping part until you achieve permanency until you come down and the new healthy pattern if you will take its place. what helps you ? if you know what i'm talking about.
  8. @Yarco if you were in my place what would you do? where you gonna start ? is money = business or money=service and if money=business where to start and vice versa
  9. @Galyna yeah i agree but you know sometimes you just wanna take time off and do sth i don't know like plant a tree or play a video game something along these lines . i'm not talking about the contraction mode i talk about the expansion mode. what do you do ? during the expansion mode when you done your consciousness work and you're tired and you feel that you need a break not to regress but to let things you did to flourish
  10. @Elton yes sir multiple times in my childhood probably 5 to 7 times the scycle return and i vectimized my sister and my little brother once i have to mention here that i'm above 20 and did the victimization thing when i was 12 due to lack of awareness >>we had too much conflict in the house [physical abuse emotional abuse and dysfunctional relationships...parent at each other throats] -i struggle these days with the stigma and money problems i also have little inner comflict -i have feelings of powerlessness -stigmatization [doubts if i'm gay or i turned to gay due to the abuse btw my friend he was like my brother we were 10 maybe or little he tricked me and we ... apparently he saw it somewhere we were 10 or less ] -difficulty to form friendships and bond with people [being liked...] -i had sex with girls and i didn't felt like it it was shallow [i wanna know if there's a way to correct this also ] -i'm currently doing transformation mastery by rsd julien [it helps] -i've been dealing with dpdr last 10 months i came out of it strong and yeah i'm trying to cure anything left of my past traumas and share awareness around the subject i have to say that i'm not here to cry or be upset about anything i've done this part i want support and solutions that will lead to results [be powerful again and understant the stigma of this gay shit and come out of this horrible dream that i suffered through for a good solid 20 years of my life shit 20 years down the toilet ] thank you sir
  11. i don't know how i'm i gonna treat this question you know what i mean
  12. what are the psychological ramifications on the individual in everyday life does heor she can perform better i'm asking about the psychological ramifications
  13. @Leo Gura dude that's a blod claim you can't know you'll find out after death "You are God. You are Love. You are Infinity. You are Leo."