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  1. Yes, there is not a separate self: the self is one with everything, it is not separate. The "no-self"-teaching does not say that you are not a human, but that seems to be how you and some other misguided neo-advaita-people interpret it. In Buddhism, it is a teaching of oneness or sometimes about non-doership. In non-duality, it is a teaching to help us see the ego/I-thought clearly and get rid of it through self-inquiry. Once the I-thought is gone, the teaching is no longer relevant or true, because then you are just a simple human again who has let go of all concepts because the truth is beyond the mind.
  2. Yes, I think the most common is to merge with our sun, historically at least. However, I am not sure if they lost their individuality and became the sun or as a way to empower themselves and "ascend". According to an alternative historical theory, some of the ancient Egyptian mystery schools would have their students awaken their kundalini, cultivating bliss and then lucid dream together as a group and enter the sun. An awakened kundalini, bliss and a harmonious lifestyle will reverse the body's entropy and give it energy (cold plasma). @GreenWoods I have studied Dan Winter's teachings and they align with the information you shared here, he adds the scientific explanations for all this, he also invented an equation for how gravity works which I think will get accepted by the scientific world soon and create a bridge between science and spirituality.
  3. Does it feel like you exist in the head, behind the eyes, looking out at the world through the eyes? If you have dissolved that, then the next step is to dissolve the mind, not the thoughts but the "frame" that surrounds the thoughts, the subtle feeling of having a mind. When the mind is gone things will be very clear, simple and perfect, the seeking will end and the spiritual concepts will not matter anymore because you see that the truth is beyond the mind.
  4. Everything feels perfect. There is no resistance, however things can feel annoying, boring, etc, but there is no resistance to it and it doesn't feel like a problem so it still feels perfect. A very stable happiness, and lots of joy and bliss. Less fear. My relationships are good, no problems. I have more interest in living, being a human, I am life, I am light, I want to live and follow my true purpose which comes from the soul, sometimes it feels blissful to say something, to touch things, to walk or sit down, normal everyday things like that are amazing. Following my intuition is the most important thing.
  5. How long have you had those beliefs? Where did you get them? A spiritual teacher? Those neo-advaita beliefs only work for a short while, eventually people realize that they do not want to think that they are enlightened, they want to experience true happiness, peacefulness and freedom, so they keep searching until they find that.
  6. Good, you seem to enjoy your life and be on the right path. In my opinion, the "no-self"-teaching is for the mind and the I-thought. When the I-thought disappear, the "no-self"-idea becomes a nonsensical concept, you see that the truth is beyond the mind and its concepts. It is the same with ideas like "other people are not real" and "I am God".
  7. The existence of many beings with their own experience doesn't contradict non-duality because their experience and existence are made of consciousness and exists within a larger universal consciousness, nothing is separate from the larger consciousness so there is no duality.
  8. No I haven't. But if it doesn't cause you any problems then it is not a disorder, it's just a feeling/sensation, so don't worry about it If I understand it correctly, this is the difference between the two: Depersonalization: Feeling that you're observing yourself from outside your body. Non-doership: The sense of self that used to be located in the head behind the eyes is gone.
  9. Yes either that or depersonalization: "Depersonalization-derealization disorder occurs when you persistently or repeatedly have the feeling that you're observing yourself from outside your body or you have a sense that things around you aren't real, or both."
  10. Yea that seems similar to what I see/feel. Everything I see is glowing or radiating a oneness-feeling, it makes everything seem good, kind, benevolent, like it is saying "I love you, we are one". This sight appeared when I looked out the window and contemplated on the idea that everything is the Self, suddenly I could see it, and it felt quite overwhelming at first, it can feel trippy sometimes but in a good way. I have never taken psychedelics so I'm sure this can happen to anyone if they are interested in these things and contemplate on it, I did receive a spiritual transmission the day before it happened though so maybe that contributed.
  11. Yea I had some of those types of thoughts before, and before starting the spiritual path I had a lot of that. There was an immediate change when the I-thought disappeared, because when it is gone, reality feels perfect, and it feels like there are no problems. The mind puts labels on things and we believe in them, so when the I-thought is gone, in some ways it becomes impossible to trick us, we see that the truth is beyond the mind.
  12. Here is a great article about thinking: I don't have the "incessant thinking" type (mindless chatter) that the article brings up. I also don't have narrative thoughts or an inner monologue, like "I'm gonna do this. He said that." etc. But more importantly, I don't have the feeling of having a mind, with mind I mean the sense of a frame in which the thoughts arise, and in which I exist and make choices, instead of the mind I guess you could say that there is just consciousness/awareness. No-mind leads to some great changes in my psyche and how I feel in my daily life, the best thing is an unconditional-acceptance-energy/feeling (love) that I can sense in my physical body and in my emotions/psyche. Spiritual transmissions and contemplation are great tools to get rid of the I-thought for good.
  13. @CaptainBobbyOlsen That's a good question to ask. There is some truth to those neo-advaita teachings, but I think they too can be traps, are you willing to consider that? The I-thought is a part of our psyche, it adds a layer of resistance to our experience, sometimes it is subtle but the resistance is there and that is why people seek enlightenment, believing that "nothing is missing right now" is not necessarily going to get rid of the I-thought, and until it is truly gone, it is an incorrect statement. I am 100% sure of that, because I remember clearly how it felt to live with the I-thought, and nowadays every moment of my life is proof of how much better it feels to be free from the I-thought.
  14. I don't know, that's why I asked if he or she still has a sense of being in the mind, or having a mind, and if reality feels perfect. Because in my opinion, the feeling of "no-mind" and "everything is perfect exactly as it is", are two sure signs that the seeking has ended, some teachers both in Buddhism and non-duality support this idea. But it doesn't matter what I think, it will become very clear if the seeking has ended eventually, the honeymoon period of an awakening does not last long.
  15. A psychedelics trip is a subjective experience, I'm sure it can show you truths but I don't think you should create a belief system based on what you see in your trips. Use psychedelics if you want to, but do it to evolve, not to gain knowledge or truths, I'm sure Leo agrees with this. Source does not contain thought-forms and does not create anything. Manifestation happens through sound, which then creates light, but Source does not contain sound nor light, it is the space in between. When people have visions or take psychedelics, the creator-God that they see is not Source itself, it is one degree from that, it is the part of it that creates things. If you want to get to know Source, go beyond the mind and see the still, space-like perfect I am.