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  1. It's possible if you have time or money to invest in the NFT-play-to-earn gaming-market. If you have 1000 - 2000 dollars to invest you can easily begin to earn 100-200 dollar/day with play-to-earn games. You just have to gather information about which games are currently profitable. Some are free to play or almost free, but require you to play several hours a day to have a chance to find a valuable NFT in the game to sell. Some are very passive and only require 10 minutes per day, but need a big enough investment to get it started, some are risky, some are quite safe. Go and do some research, good luck!
  2. Yes I had a shift like that once, but the memory of it is blurry. I went to a dimension on earth where the ET's had landed and were living with us humans. I remember walking around on the streets, and also visiting a spacecraft. The dimension you visited reminds me of how some people describe how the beginning process of the shift into the 5th dimension will be like. In this darkness, we are supposed to stay calm and heart-centered, it wont last forever but we have to avoid fear and focus on the things we want to experience, visualize something nice and then you will experience it. There are a lot of different ascension-theories, and some say it can happen in several different ways depending on the person. I don't know if this is relevant to your experience.
  3. Yes I have noticed and felt something similar about truths. I have noticed that people usually cry when they feel sorry for themselves, but seeing a truth can also make them cry, it's a very different cause. I heard a spiritual teacher mention this about truths once, I think it was Teal Swan. I have never cried, that's because crying is basically like a skill, some people didn't learn to do this while growing up, so they never cry, but I can get a tear in my eye when a truth is revealed.
  4. According to many channelings, God or Source were in a state of nothingness, it was just being. But then came the idea to experience something more than this being. So then the Mother and Father God were created from that source, and they created angelic creator gods that created more and so on. Go into a deep Samadhi meditation and see for yourself!
  5. There are so many people who channel. Sometimes the UFO community speak with channelers, I remember watching some videos like that. But there are many other interesting sources of information, some are considered by the community to be more trustworthy than channeling. If you do some research you will see that the scientists at the frontier of understanding already knows how UFO spacecrafts works and are working on many interesting projects that will benefit mankind. People are busy, and channeling seems quite limited and not always trustworthy.
  6. I recommend spiritual transmissions/shaktipat, especially if you can sense the energy, some people can. If you can't, then you can do things to improve your intuition and ability to sense energies, there are many courses and teachings online, some are for free. You can test this by watching a youtube video where a spiritual teacher sends shaktipat, so you don't have to spend any money on it, I recommend Siddhanta Yoga on youtube, her videos usually have a strong energy and her teachings are amazing. Other than that, I also recommend improving your intuition and following it, because it will guide you in the right direction. Don't underestimate it.
  7. If the intuition comes from spirit, then you can trust it. If it comes from the mind, then it's not real intuition and you can't trust it. A true intuition feels peaceful and gentle, it never comes when one is stressful, it brings a feeling of clarity and love, and will most likely be confirmed by outer circumstances. Good luck!
  8. He eats a little, but there are people who don't, I have met some of these breatharians/pranic living/yogis etc, and also learned a lot about it, some of them never eat, some never even drink. This pranic living thing has kept getting more popular since 2012, that's when some people started feeling an intuitive call to eat less or live completely on prana. I think it's a good thing as long as they stay healthy and follow their intuition.
  9. Since it seems like you are not trolling I will answer There are two theories I know of that could give you that experience(maybe). One is to ascend into the 5th dimension (many spiritual teachers talk about how to do that), there you can create the world of Harry Potter, or join a similar world that someone else has created, and even limit your powers in that world temporarily so that you experience it like a 3d-world. The other is kind of complicated, but it has to do with Grace, a guy on this forum, "Synchronisity" I think his name is, talks about that, I have no idea if it works, but it seems to work in a similar way to people who are devoted Christians/jews/muslims etc, where sometimes God actually takes them to their desired paradise after death and they can live there forever and experience all their highest dreams.
  10. Ramana Maharshi explained it differently. It seems like, to him, the Self or consciousness felt very real and profound, and the objects felt like something that exists only on the surface.
  11. Yes! That is powerful. Hmm, the only time I feel acceptance and self-love is when I am being myself, open heart and not thinking much, being present in the moment, inner silence is like a gateway to that state for me, but I am not saying you are wrong about thoughts because I do not know. Also, my spiritual path, which is very unique, has given me special powers which are only usable when I have inner silence. And I know many spiritual paths value inner silence highly, some use it to empower certain practices, some just rest in it and recharge and heal.
  12. So we can improve our prana by putting thought into emotion? Can you give an example of how to do this? When you use the word "thought" here, do you mean like a word-thought that we hear in our mind like a sound? Or more like a silent idea? Visualization/imagination? Or something else, or all of those?
  13. Interesting! Is lifeforce the same thing as prana/qi? Is being alone too much bad, because then we don't get enough lifeforce? This state with no thoughts (inner silence), I don't think that it disconnects us from consciousness like you say, the ego resists it, because thinking is an addiction, once it's gone there is a great joy and love in that state, and one gets stronger intuition. Yogis go into deep, no-thought states, Samadhi, I read that it is one of the reasons why some yogis lived for hundreds of years. This is what I believe, but I try to not close my mind to new ideas, maybe thoughts are more important than I believe.
  14. Yes! In some yogic teachings it says that finding one's true teacher is the greatest joy. The teacher will be a great blessing for the student, but it can also be rare for the teacher to find a true student, so both can feel a great joy and love when they meet, and there is a soul connection because they agreed to meet before incarnating. Our intuition will guide us to our beloved teacher/guru.
  15. Basically kinesiology. But they also use intuition and asks questions. What about the people who became enlightened and are now enjoying their lives thanks to the RASA? Or does only your experience matter? There are many examples of things that works for some people and not for others, is it right to judge those things based on only 1 person's experience? And who knows what would have happened if you kept getting rasa and followed those teachings? Can you be 100% certain?