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  1. @Waken Interesting. I guess it's not the same for everyone, and I have heard that some of the students who reached 1000 have complained and maybe been disappointed with it, they thought it was going to be a bigger change. Maybe the way they measure someone's level is unreliable, I know some people are sure about that.
  2. @Nahm You and the RASA-teachers appear to have different definitions of enlightenment, if I understand your words correctly. They believe in levels of consciousness because they have experienced the different levels and knows that it is a part of a seeker's path. You seem to have a more new-advaita perspective where everything is already enlightened and if one can just understand that then the quest is complete. They may criticize your belief and say that there is a big difference between thinking that everything is enlightened and actually seeing and feeling it all the time like they do in the higher levels of consciousness. And also, when the I-thought really stops, it is a big psychological change, it's very real and big difference from being in the seeking-state.
  3. Yes, but with the RASA they have found that if someone keeps getting RASA and follow the guidance of the teacher they will be successful, and most likely within a year. I think they haven't had any student who failed if they kept trying. So I do think that it is a very tested and finished product. However, they do say that the ideal recipient is one who is at the "end of seeking", basically one who is ready to surrender the fight and struggles of the ego/I-thought, but it's not about levels of consciousness because the RASA raises their level for them.
  4. You are not all those scary things, those things are the Self, you are a human, a small different part of the Self. And maybe it is helpful to know that there are ways for humans to strengthen themselves now so that they minimize the suffering if they ever end up in a painful situation like that: You can evolve and become like Ramana Maharshi, he didn't seem to be bothered by pain. Or learn how to enter trance-states in which you are separated from the body and don't feel its pain, some spiritual schools teach how to do that. Or you could develop mental strength like a soldier who uses the mind to escape the pain.
  5. I haven't been able to raise their level of consciousness permanently. They have only gotten temporary experiences of oneness or love when I have their attention and I speak and make them laugh and channel the energy of my higher self. I need to evolve further if I want to help them better, so that's what I'm working on! It's great that you have this pure intention, you will find the method of teaching that works best for you, follow your intuition and feeling.
  6. It's a short description but that does seem like a psychosis. An awakening can make it feel like everything is the Self, the absolute, but it won't change the thoughts in that way. One may get fewer thoughts and they may not be self-referential anymore like "I will do this" or in the form of words like "that looks nice" etc. But it won't feel like your individual thoughts have anything to do with other people and their thoughts, others aren't affected by or connected to your thoughts and they can't hear or see them. After an awakening and integration of it you will become more balanced and healthy, your relationships will improve, people will think that you are sane and a good role-model, your inner problems and addictions will disappear etc.
  7. Enlightened people don't have attachments, so they don't feel grief. The people who think enlightened people suffer have a different definition of enlightenment, one that is easier to attain. Maybe they had an awakening, and then they want to believe that it is the same thing that all enlightened masters from the past experienced. When someone close to us dies, we can still see them in the oneness everywhere, and feel their presence.
  8. The new non-duality teachings sure are convenient. By simply understanding the teachings you get to feel that you have become enlightened, just like the Buddha and other revered yogis and Buddhists from history. No need to meditate or work on clearing out your inner distortions, everything is already enlightened. And if you happen to come across a quote from someone like Ramana Maharshi that indicates that you have more work to do, then you can always find a good neo-advaita quote to counter it with! "The degree of freedom from unwanted thoughts and the degree of concentration on a single thought are the measures to gauge spiritual progress." If you are still addicted to thinking then the ego/I-thought is still alive, you are not done yet. If you still don't feel and see that everything is the Self/the absolute, then you are not enlightened yet. The no-self thing is usually the first of many awakenings that are available.
  9. Check out Pamela Aaralyn's channeling of Heylal/Lucifer. It's one of the best channelings I have heard and explains his purpose perfectly, aligned with non-duality.
  10. I'm sure our values are similar, we just have different opinions and beliefs, you believe in the mainstream narrative and I don't. @Carl-Richard Yes your arguments seem valid, but since I'm no expert and haven't done enough research about this topic I don't know if there are good counterarguments, I'm sure there are. We need to let the mainstream and the alternative health doctors debate this issue, then we can contemplate on their arguments and make a more informed decision. But no matter what, if I have a clear intuition I just have to follow it, because the intuition is our connection to our true self and we are meant to rely on it. It's rare to get a clear intuition isn't it?
  11. @intotheblack There are a lot of scientists and doctors who warn against taking the vaccine. I can't know for sure what is true, but everyone I trust and respect are refusing to take the vaccine. We should follow our intuition! <3
  12. The yogis call it the subtle breath, it happens when they go into deep samadhi states. They breathe very little or nothing at all but the breathing continues in their imagination/feeling. One cannot practice this, it just happens.
  13. @RMQualtrough But what about the type of awakening that makes it so that everything one sees is shining with this "I"- or me-feeling? If one sees and feels that everything is the Self always, then isn't that non-duality?
  14. I agree with Leo on this. Many non-duality teachers and seekers are still addicted to their mind and thinking. But yes there are some who have quit seeking for real and are liberated from the ego/I-thought. However, there are still higher levels that those people can reach when they clear away their emotional and mental distortions and become more pure. There is a difference between Ramana Maharshi's teachings and today's neo-advaita teachings, I believe that he had access to the hidden knowledge that some yogis talk about, you need to be very pure to access it, his teachings didn't just come from his direct experience but also from his inner knowledge. He was on another level and I think that if a non-duality teacher reaches that level their teachings will change and become more evolved and unique. The most evolved spiritual teachers I have found almost never talk about non-duality.
  15. I totally agree. I hope reality isn't infinite in that way, because there would be too much suffering.