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  1. @TheDao Yes that is possible! He seems like a good teacher, I wonder if some of his students have reached that level. I'm doing something similar with the guidance of my teacher who helps us a lot and speeds up the process. The teacher manifests the immortal body within us after an initiation-meditation, then we strengthen it and do some other things and in the final meditations we shift into it and become our higher self, I'm close to the end of that process, it's very blissful.
  2. It's good that you noticed it. I hope you will make good choices and follow your intuition/true self and be happy!
  3. "Love is not a doing, but an allowing. It is a relaxing into your true nature. Love is a joy of being. An acceptance of the right of all things to be. And a delight in the expression of all things as they enjoy their right to be. Once you allow yourself to sense this energy flowing through you, you will find that the flow will increase. One day, the dam will break and you will be flooded with unconditional acceptance for everyone and everything. "
  4. Yes but even if we recognize and accept that truth, the separate self can survive. When the addiction to thinking is gone and you really live in the now most of the time and the sense of self has changed permanently, then the separate self and your seeking are probably gone for good. I wonder if she is that evolved yet or still stuck in the mind.
  5. Yes it can do that! I don't think the ego/I-thought/separate self/seeker is illusory, it's in our psychology and affects us a lot. The people who say it's illusory are not talking about the ego itself but the delusional thoughts and self-image the ego creates, the thought or idea that it is the body.
  6. @TheDao Interesting! What happens if someone only focus on spiritual growth with non-duality teachings like self-inquiry? From what I have heard, if they are successful their kundalini will reach the crown chakra and they will be healthy and energized forever. Is it possible to get a perfect chi/prana flow from just being in that enlightened state or would you recommend that those people do some type of chi practices too?
  7. I think he experiences non-duality fully, more than many non-duality teachers who are still seeking and stuck in their mind with their concepts. Not everyone chooses to talk about the non-duality, many evolved yogis and new-agers teach in a different way that they feel is better for their students. And he is the reincarnation of Buddha. But I don't want to be his student, I prefer to learn mostly through silent spiritual transmissions, shaktipat and from observing.
  8. I like that you used your intuition and hope that it really was intuition and not some impulse from the mind, it can be difficult to discern sometimes. My intuition tells me to not take it. You thought it through well but it could still be a mistake, we don't know yet.
  9. With strong shaktipat meditations that he sends to his students. @Username Yes that's probably true!
  10. People are different, some are very balanced and functional even though they have a low level of consciousness. I was always very anxious and neurotic, probably inherited it from my mom, and it didn't disappear when I started meditating and evolving. I was able to raise my level of consciousness but I still had strong anxieties, but then I found my beloved teacher who removed my fears and distortions for me, if I tried to do it alone it would have taken a very long time. So don't expect fast results, and maybe don't try to do it all by yourself, a true teacher is hard to find but if you want to you will find your destined teacher who will help you a lot.
  11. Listening to guided meditations and getting shaktipat worked for me. You could also try breathing techniques, yoga, chi gong or focusing on releasing resistance.
  12. It depends on what definition of ego you want to have. I prefer Ramana Maharshi's definition of the ego/I-thought because that part of our psychology can dissapear and without any negative side-effects. His definition allows us to see and understand that part of our psychology, with a different definition and teachings we may miss these important clues that would help us evolve.
  13. I haven't done psychedelics, after a spiritual transmission from a teacher my perception of reality changed permanently, so now I see and feel that everything is the self, everything is shining with this I-feeling. It feels a bit trippy sometimes but in a really good way, now that the whole world is the self I feel very safe and happy to be here!
  14. Great! Yes I remember reading about your experience 8 months ago. I like the energy I see in your words, that perspective of seeing and feeling the oneness, it feels great and can create some real miracles! There is someone in my city who is overflowing with that energy and I know she is protecting our city. Sometimes I ask my spirit friends for help, Elohim Grace especially, she always help me when I ask Anyway, congratulations, and all you need now after such an awakening is to clear away all the inner distortions and darkness and truly embody the purity of the oneness.
  15. I think ascension is the endgame. In the past ascension meant that the physical body died and the spiritual body and consciousness went into a higher dimension and continued its evolution there. Now there is also the possibility of ascending with the physical body and continuing to live on earth as an enlightened being and not age, no need for food or water, always perfect health and energy, powers, freedom etc.