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  1. Sounds great! A true spiritual success story. Do you still enjoy material indulgences?
  2. @Leo Gura Thanks. You gotta do a video on your pickup journey haha
  3. The universe is so selfless it wants to live an entire life with a micropenis just to know what it feels like. It has to see every corner of itself.
  4. Not only do we create dualities and “others” in the outside world, we also are not really alone in our own headspace most of the time. Even if you are into spirituality you might say things like, “I am suffering from my ego” But this already implies there are 2 egos in the mind. By taking responsibility for all your mental activity, You become whole in your own head. How are you supposed to be whole as consciousness when even your ego is completely fractured? Become whole as the ego and you will naturally become more than yourself. Peace ✌️ ❤️
  5. @Leo Gura How long have you done pickup? & what advice can you give for approaching a perfect 10?
  6. If reality is Love and reality is perfect, that means suffering is part of this perfect reality. Why is a reality with suffering perfect and why would reality without suffering not be perfect? (Otherwise it would be reality) i know its a duality but its so strange to me, why couldnt God just create a reality without suffering and still have it be perfect?
  7. Great vid by Sadhguru on the fictitious nature of death.
  8. To be free in who I am as a person, and free to be what I am as the Self. To understand reality. To not sabotage myself anymore. To have a calm mind. To find my greatest potential, & to discover & experience love.
  9. There is only the Self with its infinite diversity and depth. At an infinitely deep level, God resides. However all aspects of the Self originate from this deepest level. Which is why God is equal to anything. Thats my view on it
  10. stage red storytelling masterpiece.
  11. @James123 beautiful on “The unmanifest reality”. Pure potential which is always there because it doesnt yet exist. I got a tiny tiny glimpse of this a few days back. I realized, Spirituality is not only about who/what you are, but also about who you could be. Of course those two things are the same, because you already are that infinite potential.
  12. Lol, you are deluded. You’re like a video game character saying he created the entire game... while in reality there is only the game playing all characters and objects at once. Also you are speaking as if there is a separate ‘you’ to create all this. Of course it becomes solipsism at the most existential levels because there is only God. However thats not really solipsism because it doesnt divide you from the world. All is God equally so. Its not like you are God the projector and we are all God the world. And if you truly think solipsism is true go do some gruesome fantasy you have irl, but dont spread bullshit online. Solipsism is a selfish joke.
  13. @Leo Gura what do you do think about this?