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  1. @VeganAwake, @BipolarGrowth thank you! Good to hear I was traversing known territory. Before the sessions I set the intention to be taken as far as I could go in terms of understanding :). @Inliytened1 , logically though, the void to have the quality of love doesn't make sense as then it would not be nothingness. To experience the void and omniscience as one seems contradictory - amazing that you had such an experience.
  2. So, the 2nd session seemed to say that underlying the experience of oneness is great emptiness - the void. Our experiences of perfection and beauty may just be a layer of illusion. Would appreciate anyone's thoughts on this.
  3. It is always inspiring to read about Lsd (or similar) experiences. But what is even more useful are the insights that one gains - these admittedly are relevant and targetted for the person and their particular stage of development, but, nonetheless, the insights are worth sharing. I was looking bac on my brief report of 2 trips and wanted to share the insights I had received. 1) First session - 200 mcg The first thing that occurred as I got immersed in the music and let go was that I began to feel the pain in the world and felt that my life too was an expression of it. It was heart-rending. Previously felt fears emerged - that my life meant nothing and was worthless, and that perhaps there was no conscious being in the universe. I was then shown several things; - pain was not as I perceived it. It did not matter - it was part of the universal wave-form. Waves of lines interwove into a continuous movement constantly changing and moving. - at one point the waveforms changed to harmonics. Each wave pattern represented a sound and the entire universe was a moving and weaving kaleidoscope of sound. Each sound expressed the range, beauty and perfection of all that was present. I heard these sounds and they were the purest, most exquisite pieces of music. - I saw a grand spirit someone majestic and dark-skinned who said "You are part of us. You are not nothing". There was an immense richness and fullness to his aspect and surroundings which represented a forest or a tribe. I think the music helped create that sense. He raised me up, figuratively speaking, and I was gathered into their richness, so to speak. The sense was one of great perfection. - this changed into the formless 'us'. The word that comes closest to describe it is 'magnificence'. Again it was communicated - Look at us, we are not 'nothing'. The Us included all - me, the universe, all life. The waves became fulsome and coloured, including all colours, moving, dipping, interweaving, changing forms. The magnificence was vast. There was an immensity, greatness and resplendence with a solemn calm as it bore witness to the universe and at the same time the universe was in it. These insights emerged: - to be part of this great "us" was enough - I saw an image of me sitting by the shore of an ocean with the waters gently lapping, sending a few grains of sand in my direction, If those grains of sand was all I could gain in my existence, it was enough - what is right and good is that which honours the great 'us', respects it and allows it to unfold in its beauty and immensity - a deity has its uses. It is symbolic of or represents vast amounts of information about the universe. 2) 2nd session about 3 months later - 300mcg This was harder and more challenging, so to speak. It was a muddled session in some respects. Fear of and questions about the great void interspersed with witnessing the beauty of the universe. I sensed or saw the great void. This has been referred to the primal void which underlies all reality. Buddhism refers to this as Sunyata, a state of emptiness. It was so vast that the universe was a mere blip, a giggle, in the great expanse. I could not sense a conscious being - who was there taking note? The vastness was so immense that nothing we are or do matters in comparison. That may be the case but that raises the question "Who cares what I do or who I am or we are?". Then it dawned on me - the experience of enlightenment and the beauty one sees are part of the illusion too. Other insights So how do we live if the ultimate reality is a void - It is fine to just be and revel in that feeling, to appreciate being alive, or someone who rests (without the cares of the world, anxieties and demands one places on oneself). It is a state which is fully in tune with the beauty theme – a feeling of deep calm and fulsome enjoyment. This seemed to cohere with mindfulness meditation of being in the moment. In contrast (this is a way to distinguish between what is right and wrong), anything that prevents us from witnessing and appreciating the beauty of the universe, e.g, hunger, war, desperation for care, is not ok.
  4. I don't think the download was very accurate for several reasons. Firstly, there was no mention of the mayhem that would occur because of climate change which will cause utter chaos resulting in pain and loss to millions of people. Or how the pandemic will continue to affect people. Also, the decades mentioned are not so far away and the technology changes predicted will take a lot longer.
  5. India waiting patiently? No way! it's now got a mafiosi fascist government that is undoing all the good work done previously and also bringing out the worst in Hinduism - a kind of militant, fundamentalist, intolerant religion. Unless the government changes, which it won't as it is a mafia that now controls the police, army and the news, nothing advanced will happen in India.
  6. I still think the most amazing and liberating accounts of LSD use are by Dr Chris Bache in his book 'Diamonds from Heaven;. He explored ever deeper states of consciousness through high dose Lsd sessions over many years and, fascinatingly, was taken on a journey through many worlds and levels of consciousness.
  7. @fish . you are a person of high intelligence to be so interested in this stuff and taking it on. This reminds me, I too read my first book on spirituality in my teens :). The practice is the hardest part. Reading and thinking is easy but trying to translate that into actual work will be the grand test. If you can do that consistently, you'll see change and expansion in both your understanding and personality. If you can't be disciplined and consistent (however small the effort), the outlook won't be good. You'll stay put in this place, feeling more frustrated as you go on. So, find a practice that you like and stick to it long enough (a few weeks at least, some would say a year) to see if it helps you before switching to something else.
  8. @Peter124 , very interesting!! To help us lot on our paths. would you please describe how you got to this place? What practices did you do, what's the history :).
  9. @traveler , that is a novel way of looking at it - 'What is often shown in such an experience is that nothing can be held onto'. Thank you. But, I've often read the void is an experience of ego-death, a challenge that one must undergo to experience an expanded state of consciousness or that all is love. Perhaps, the void is the reality beyond that. I don't know if both exist in tandem or are experienced in a progressive way.
  10. @Dunnel , the loneliness must have been excruciating. Hence, creation!
  11. "@justfortoday , have you read the book "Enlightenment Ain't What It's Cracked Up To Be: A Journey of Discovery, Snow and Jazz in the Soul" ? It speaks of enlightenment as you describe it. Here's a video of an interview with the writer.
  12. @traveler , so if I want to surrender to such an experience (which I am sure to encounter again) what would you suggest? For me to accept the void is challenging in many ways. First, I need to acknowledge that I am of no value (at least the value I had placed on myself) that there is no one watching over me or cares where I drift, i.e., there is no great loving presence or intelligence. That in itself defeats the purpose of acceptance. If there is no better way, why the need to surrender to anything? All I can say is - Holy shit! Is this it? How horrible!
  13. @WelcometoReality , yes. Only I existed. Which was scary to say the least. Imagine the immense loneliness.