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  1. @Breakingthewall , beautifully written! But how do I translate this into my everyday existence? How do I make decisions that apply to me? What should they depend on - my goals to achieve better things, expand my knowledge and live a more useful life or should I simply savour living in the moment without any long term goals? Living in the moment may include over indulging in chocolate or fine wines or not striving for a better paying job.
  2. @Hojo , even better is to look at your astrology chart. It is believed that if you had a recent association with another star, it shows up in your astrology chart. You need to look at the placement of asteroids in your chart - many of which are named after stars.
  3. @OBEler , there is the whole alternate belief about star seeds. These are souls who've made a recent transition to life on Earth, their previous lives were on other planets. So they are human with recent alien lives.
  4. @Hojo , do you know which one? And to which star?
  5. @Hojo @Benton , I am now convinced I live among aliens!
  6. @Benton , these kind of utterances, while they may be true from the vantage point of a heavy psychedelic experience or a state of samadhi, make no sense to us mere mortals. I too am interested in how aliens if they are managing life on earth fits in with the notion of a god watching over us.
  7. @Javfly33 , a really inspiring experience! Could you say what your journey towards this experience was like? Did you meditate for many years and, if so, what kind of practices did you do?
  8. @Breakingthewall could you say something about your practice/enlightenment journey. How long ago did you "realise that there are no limits" ? How did it come about? If you have ready written about this, please post a link. Thank you.
  9. @Breakingthewall , yes, agreed! Thanks for pointing that out. Perhaps I should have used the word 'void' as distinct from emptiness. I was conscious of an enormous, perhaps infinite space which appeared to be lifeless apart from the brief blip of creation. So, it was not empty. This great space was so vast that all life, planets, whatever, occupy a space which is infinitesimally small, in contrast. The importance or significance of creation as we know it appeared to shrink. If so, all our cogitations about our personal evolution seem rather pointless. What do they matter in the grand scheme of things, and who is taking note other than ourselves?
  10. Reviving this old thread. I am a slow thinker and have been grappling with an apparent contradiction related to the void. There seem to be two contradictions - one that our thinking and feelings evolve from one lifetime to another as we prepare ourselves for higher states of consciousness, such as we learn about compassion and becoming more tolerant of difference. Or we learn to develop a sense of self-worth and both expect and demand that partners value us. But where does this fit in with the notion that all life is transitory and is a mantle of illusion over the great reality of emptiness? So ,what is the worth of our lessons and learnings?
  11. @Fadious , could you please say how many seeds you took and how. @Vignan , could the nausea be lessened with fewer seeds? But would those be enough for a deep experience?
  12. The OP reeked of arrogance but this thread has become really interesting.
  13. It is on the Indian prime minister, Modi. (Ha, I misspelt the word 'minister' and it turned it into 'Monster'). I shudder at how fascist leaders all over the world undermine democracy while claiming to be its keepers.