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  1. @seeking_brilliance

    On 27.4.2021 at 0:50 AM, seeking_brilliance said:

    To whom do thoughts come next? When thoughts come next they shine bright up on the morning daisy, who knows not her breakfast of dew drops and earthworm poop. 

    the earthworm forms itself, ugly stucking
    to sympathize quickly with human's ash,
    gather dew drops in its whole measure
    when the burden of blood's spirit was
    always covered. stones begin to bloom.

  2. @seeking_brilliance @Exystem

    On 23.4.2021 at 0:57 AM, seeking_brilliance said:


    10 hours ago, Exystem said:

    I wanted to read but then I realized whatever sentences I need they all get synthesized by me. I just project them on the screen to then select with eyes too keen to see the true reality beyond to be or not to be. The one that's doing all this shit itself is shining way too lit to not bedazzle its own self in four dimensions within twelve.

    twelve - a target of six -
    but always three, -
    three rabbits rest
    in sun's reflection
    of symmetric circles,
    hearin the danger
    within a pair of ears.
    another one grabs
    into silence: collect
    each unconscious
    high. a lightning night
    as bright spot of whole

  3. 23 hours ago, seeking_brilliance said:

    I suppose I might need some clarification on the question... 


    A need, a question, a cheek,
    a birth, a elucidation attached
    to a silvercord holds the body
    swelling and tight. Smiling
    dimples arise, you know
    your thing right; it comes
    alone. question bagged - shine.

  4. Especially @seeking_brilliance, @Exystem, @Astra, @Natasha perform on similiar purposes within language?
    Becoming-Non-Sense in the conversation with Nahm, this crystallized




    Wiggle all your fingers, and tell me how you do,
    of course you’ll say that science knows, or someone, just not you.

    Eyes & minds they tell the stories; this and that’s and two’s,
    but feel into the body, the edgelessness in bloom.



    the blossom goes under the tongue
    hung up as earth to become
    a stem in form of time, a length
    to understand this blend, -
    one space for the second time.

    Words they can elude you, sound can delude too,
    there is no one to tell you, this everything is you. 


    To whom do the thought and word come next?

  5. The title of this thread is the german word for "thoughts".


    The etymological perspective of "Gedanken" is manifold.


    is rooted in "mëλ" ("hand, catch, understand")
    was evolving to the indo-european stem "mënt-" ("sense, thought")

    Nowadays there is the similiar german verb "danken" ("thank somebody").

    The prefix "Ge-" is used within a lot of german words to accumulate and summarize a context of meaning.
    "Gewässer" every body of water
    "Geräusch" every sound out of noise

    Let us create a versatile flow within the circular feature of language in its extremes of ⦿,
    opening a space of omnipresence and total reflexion. Relaxe in "ONE mind is talking".

    Feel a deep "Thank you" for every upcoming thought.

  6. 3 hours ago, Nahm said:

    Handing out identity labels like it’s Halloween. 

    Hold the devil's visit-cycles from door to door narrow? At the best, keep him at home to let burn him in itself? Take his warmth for action? Great to see him burning as a flame within empowered passion? Question?

    it is also a source haha

  7. @Rilles

    Every word is a lot more than it is being used in everyday life. Every word is a whole universe, a whole living itself.
    It is necessary to broaden up the perspective of words. Great to see your connection to everything. Great exercise to see the possibilites of requisite variety.

    "Genre" is a word of common use, where we can communicate and discuss about it.
    Therefore it is great but it is also very stucked by its constant use.
    In my opinion it is most valuable to contemplate about "genre" in the context of a smooth evolving into future.
    What could methods be? These are fast-taken thoughts:

    -connecting with people of different genres
    -blend genres, and distill it to new elements of new musical means
    -get in contact with the space and time incorporated in each individual being. everybody wears its own time- and spacesuit right now. rhythm springs out of this contact. rhythm is world

    What is your opinion?


  8. 7 hours ago, Zigzag Idiot said:

    One's chief feature is said also to be a distorted reflection of a personal virtue. For instance, fear becomes courage,,,

    the reflection thought is back and I don't understand this paragraph.

    In case of my blindspot I see my surroundings distorted. I don't realize it. I think people have fear of me but they reflect just my courage? So a "bad" conditioning about my reactive pattern of courage happens, because of the perceiving of fear. I learn to prevent from being courageous under this reflective distortion of my own observing?

    (but no one is looking and my coraugeous pattern goes on until it has a realization that people are looking out of fear for love, fear of a highly corageous behaviour. it vibrates)

  9. Questions I am contemplating

    What is necessity?

    What is aloneness?

    What is cooperation?

    What is doubt and resistance?

    7 minutes ago, Rilles said:

    What is a genre? (This one is huge for me)


    Just trying to formulate my understanding with focus on the time-domain of the creative process.

    Genre is the most common linguistic category and content of understanding to distinguish between musicians and their music.
    Genre is a distinction mostly made out of the need for community/cooperation and marketing, to find ground in togetherness.
    Genre is one of the most rigid limitation to put on a highly creative process.
    Genre-thinking should be made after the current creative spectrum (requisite variety) is exhausted and the process or art is "finished".
    A specific genre determination is the time to come into contact with other people playing together on the current state of art, developing further.


  10. 38 minutes ago, Nahm said:


    Covid not enough for ya? 

    36 minutes ago, Nahm said:


    Nuclear missiles not enough of a reflection of us? 

    Donald Trump not, enough? 

    23 minutes ago, Nahm said:


    Discord, suffering...not enough?

    @Nahm I could justify all of this as bad. What will this avoidance of it, being-enough, leads us to? To inhale loveaction into this requires a being-aware directly, looking evil in the eyes? I don't know.



  11. 2 minutes ago, Nahm said:


    Nuclear missiles not enough of a reflection of us? 

    Donald Trump not, enough? 

    @Nahm I think I understand.

    Blindspots of the ego getting projected into physicality. Is that Love? It is Truth unveiling? I guess a disciple of Maharaj who is in the state of I-ness beyond I/other receives this reflection as the real cost of his guru's teachings at this stage of self-realization?? help me, Nahm, please

  12. On 11/02/2021 at 1:26 PM, Nahm said:

    Highly conscious people has become the blind spot.

    Disciples of Nisargadatta Maharaj said, they live through their guru. In this sense the guru shows the disciples' blindspots unfolded in the physical realm. Total Reflection.

  13. 17 hours ago, Preety_India said:

    Social media will become redundant too. It's only a matter of time..

    social media is a good tool in the case of a globalized world holding contact.
    language is also tool which is used, because everybody uses it. it is common sense. we borrow words for their usage.

    I guess body language shows reactive patterns more unveiled. it is a visual expression of the mind and therefore more directly. spoken language is the second layer more corrupted and fragmented.

    in my sense the most effective use of language for conversation is through uncovering the spectrum of thoughts in the recent moment. the specific connection between the words of thoughts are carried as emotions by the body.

    language is for describing itself, nothing more. language is a pointer for the diverse reality which it tries to describe. it should be neutral OR poetic.
    in the case of functionality, a good slang/insider language works really well. jiddish is an example which is the slang language besides hebrew for the holy rituals. it contains a lot of irony. irony is the expression of conscious taken thought, thoughts reworked a second time - a good pointer. that are my very personal views and also dreams.hihi :x

    19 hours ago, Tim R said:

    What will come after VR? What role do you think will "Neuralink" play? We already merge with our technology. The line between "human" and "robot/machine" will blur. 

    language is always evolving and gets more and more technological these days.

    I guess Neuralink is just for the functionality of fulfilling consumption-thoughts right now? different impulses of the neurons are linked to an external offering of goods. It has potential for a more direct language in the case of instant gratification and fulfilling of needs, but it should be difficult to fulfill the playfulness of language, the psycho-social needs of human kind.

    thoughts are dualistic and not controllable. I can't imagine that there will ever be a technology which knows to pick up the right black or white thought at the specific moment suitable to its host-person. it lacks the foundation of freedom?

    nowadays the task of technology is to function in a human-thought like way.
    but humans are more than just functional, more than thought. with AI and deep learning there is the possibility of an evolving technological function over time. the functionality gets more dynamic and highly sensitive-responsive.
    but even this will not unlock new territories of the human psyche and reality, because AI and deeplearning are lacking of time through their processing quantities. they will limit the human potential.
    also quantum computation will never solve this mystery puzzle of spontaneous and instant intuition and god-right action.
    human is and will ever be just functional under the control of technology.
    humanity gets more and more seperated from its true nature if this evolution of technology holds its dominant place.

  14. I get my body-mind conditioned on thc in a lot of different ways - groups, events, friends, face2face with someone, nature trips, creative organization, initiation for flow. I began by taking it 30 days (2 times a day), always with same amount and same strain. I was doing all of my daily activities as natural as they could be while taking thc in each possible situation, like I had taken it since my birth on a daily basis. A clear consumption plan and duration of time is necessary - leo highlights this too! I got addicted in this time of 30 days and did a lot of self-reflexion in terms of major habits. these 30 days and the addiction were the basis for forming and refining my consumption. I consumed for the sake of consumption. it is always a process, there is no dogma.

    right now in this moment I have a clear ritual, taking thc in isolation and darkness to show up fears and let the body vibrate to release energy and brings my mind in strange-loop state. the ritual is intensive and needs days of preparation and afterwards integrational work. 

  15. 4 hours ago, mihaipaulstd said:

    welp if bitcoin prices are determined by usd, won't all global economy depend entirely on usd?

    if that's the case, with such a high fluctuation currency like bitcoin, regulating it is the last thing you would want to do

    what is about imagining a world with payment possibilites in bitcoin, then there is no exchange in fiat currencies necessary.

    6 hours ago, Preety_India said:

    Why would bitcoin be impacted or cause a problem during depression? 

    It's like normal currency, only digital. 

    bitcoin is decentralized and has a steady supply of 21 million btc. it is like digital gold. 
    it is uneffected within an economic boom or depression.
    fiat currencies were backed by gold in the past, but these times are over. the free determination of the supply and tax rate of fiat-currencies by the fed is the cause of these artificial and catastrophic phases of economic boom and deperession. there is no possibility for a stability in markets and currencies, when money (or value, more general) is centralized and controlled.

    even if bitcoin gets restricted or banned, it infects just centralized platforms. within the whole crypto-movement is a huge innovation in the defi-sector (decentralized finance) right now. defi runs over the tor-like network of huge numbers of nodes like the dark net. it is the basis of the internet and also the basis of the blockchain technology.
    through the use of bitcoin over 10 years the blockchain behind bitcoin has grown with each block of the transactions. every new transaction must validate the whole blockchain, which is done by the miners in a network of many nodes. the difficulty of mining gets higher and higher with each transaction.
    so there is both, a huge safety for making transactions and also a solid fundament against complete restriction.

    the whole development is comparable to the internet. first there was just the possibility of sending mails and in this moment you can look how the possibilities has grown into infinity. bitcoin and the blockchain is not just for transactions in the sense of money. the blockchain is able to save information of every kind bounded by the blocks and hold together by the chain. so bitcoin is like a container of value, highly energy efficient, transparent and safe. 

  16. such a great and well taken conversation. thank you all - my heart is shining.

    free flowing and not-sustaining emotional and mental states in relationships are huge spiritual work. it is a vibrational, senseful navigating between I-identifying and we-identifying. both go hand in hand, radically relating all surroundings and environment to oneself by initially loosing the unconscious chain of thoughts. new beginnings are the key word.

    when there is consciously no conscious beginning of thoughts to this recent moment known and memorized, there only remains a necessity to switch in re-identification and self-realization. it is raw and compulsive in a releasing sense. action appears.
    my initial point to ground in this vibrational navigating, is to know that all thoughts are really existing and are also imagining reality right now. how stupid. then there is always the clear sense of knowing that both of us in relationship are just one emotion. by taking this emotion as a seed of new beginnings the surroundings are spontaneously and automatically recontextualized and truly recognized - the persons, the room, the time. a huge spectrum of possibilites and true necessarities opens. 

    just talking out of subjective experience.