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  1. Hey OP, I think I can offer some insight here as I have done maybe 2000 hours of Kriya Yoga. It is Sadhguru's yoga and I started 4 years ago. I have done so much in that time because I really prioritized it; it has been a central component of my life and I do 3 hours of yoga every day at the minute. I have naturally - NATURALLY (not forced) reduced my sleep quota quite a bit, so I have the time to be doing these yogas even with work, gym, relationships... Firstly, when it comes to Sadhguru, 99% of the analysis and commentary on this forum, including the stuff from Leo, is just a lot of yap. Very few people know what he is about. Secondly, most of the people that do his yogas and that hang around the ashram and associate with him and his work are (to put it blatantly) RETARDED. I think they have certain tendencies which will definitely turn Isha Foundation into a cult in a few hundred years or at least some ridiculous religion. I have no problem with them, but there is a lack of skepticism, openness, and even interest in other spiritual teachers and methods, which includes psychedelics. I have spoken to many of these folks at retreats, and I struggle to get along with them because of the groupthink. Thirdly, people benefit differently from these yogas. I have met people who quit smoking in one week, lost weight, dropped to 5 hours of sleep, and so on very quickly, and others who are exactly the same after two years of practicing, so I don't know why this is the case, to be honest. My brother has done his yogas (not as seriously as me), but he has had little to no benefit, and that is weird since we are genetically similar. Whether or not you will benefit is unknown, but you won't know without trying. About Sadhguru - he is a fucking freak of nature. The level of mastery over life energies is absolutely astonishing, unfathomable, just insane, with one clap he can send 1000 people off their heads. The guy is not a fucking joke, and it is such a shame that he might be perceived in a lesser way because of the development of the people that follow him and also because of his social media presence. A being of that caliber hanging around celebs and going on social media just doesn't make sense, so it is very deceptive. I have firsthand experience with his energies and also with energy forms that he has created, including Devi and Dhyanalinga. In the span of a few years, I have overcome brutal traumas and many health issues including high blood sugar, high blood pressure, acute kidney issues, sleep problems, crippling anxiety, sexual dysfunction, and so on. 95% of all of these have dissipated, but I give myself a lot of credit here because of my commitment and drive to just keep going. Further, I have overcome an eating disorder, and my personality seems to be a lot more fluid. I am generally very happy, and most days there are short periods of time where I become fucking ecstatic; this is usually random. Focus is better blah blah, I could go on about benefits all day... At the end of the day, I could be lying. You just need to go learn some kriya whether it's Sadhguru's or someone else's. If it doesn't work after six months, drop it and move on. But try to practice 1-2 hours a day for those 6 months. I also recommend a transmission; LEO is wrong on this, his comment that initiations are used by gurus to keep business going is not true. Sometimes it's the case, sometimes it's not, but he does not know what an initiation or a transmission is, it will speed everything up significantly and it will reduce risk. Initiation is like a software being planted, part of those softwares, depending on the quality of the guru, is that they block out the capacity to develop siddhis, these are like stoppers but you can still blow these stoppers off if you become very intense, I still developed the capacity to see auras. I do agree with anyone who sees one-on-one guru work is the best, but that just ain't gonna happen lol. Best of luck with everything, bro. Note: I love Leo and take his work very seriously. I take it very seriously when he says that non-duality, yoga, etc., that none of this is truth. There is also something inside me telling me to do 5 MeO and something very intriguing about alien consciousness. Leo has prevented me from becoming disillusioned. Yoga has led to some awakenings but I am not forming any conclusions here and telling you it's the only way. I will say that Leo and most others are not qualified to speak on Kriya Yoga. Heck, neither am I but I shared my experience.
  2. @AlterEgo I logged in just to say that I have never agreed with something so much in my life. You need to speak to 1000s of women, move to big cities, blah blah, it is not true, not at this level. 1000s of women is absurd haha. You must have serious developmental issues if you need to speak to 1000s of women to get laid. The guys around me that get laid frequently NEVER studied game, they are decent looking guys but more importantly they are authentic. I guess they grew up in healthy families, little to no shame and guilt, no limiting beliefs around sex and women and certainly no issues with rejection. The problem with most guys is that they are deeply wounded, full of shame, guilt, limiting beliefs, sexual dysfunction. This is healed through therapy, spiritual work, etc... the techniques that you learn from learning game can be learned in a three months, not five fucking years or talking to 10 trillion women. The hard work is fixing how society, your parents, schools, religions all fucked you up. If you do that, the rest of it is easy. Yes it is easy, talking to women gets easy once you are totally secure within yourself. YES, EASY! DAVID TIAN is the best for this, he explains this amazingly. If you are deeply hurt, full of shame and so on, you can still go and learn game but good luck with the kind of women you attract (because you are just a broken little boy so good luck with all the broken little girls), and if you really think getting a nice feeling in your dick is going to solve these serious issues, well again good luck with that. Focus on healing your wounds, ridding yourself of toxic shame, toxic guilt, fear of rejection etc..., this cannot be done to perfection but if you do it seriously the whole women business will become a lot easier. You can see how pervasive this shit is in the red pill community, those guys are completely twisted. There are healthier ways to live life. BTW this looks, status, fame stuff is still important for sure, but don't make a big deal out of it, too much times is wasted thinking about this, just get to work I guess
  3. Elliot Hulse has had a very interesting journey. I started following him at 16 and found Leo a year later. I stopped following him because he became very religious and conservative. Now he is becoming more of a christian mystic and he is big into bio energetics. I just thought it was cool to see his journey, I always thought he was a very intelligent and evolved dude (just in general, not extreme spirituality). I have always liked him too and think he is a great masculine role model from the conservative side. I would love to hear your guys thoughts on him. Of course his work is not perfect, many flawed beliefs etc... but he is always learning and evolving which is very respectable especially as your age and your brain becomes comfortable in its interpretations.
  4. You are using very high levels of Absolute Consciousness to delegitimize very serious and important relative work. Stop conflating the two, its a serious lack of nuance.
  5. This is true at VERY high level of development. Say this shit to a woman that is beaten by her narcissistic husband everyday. @Thought Art pointed out correctly that the DSM is imperfect but very useful. Stop spreading shit like this. Most people on this form would benefit from some serious therapy.
  6. Firstly, thanks for sharing, that is a massive first step, well done! I understand your struggle with people-pleasing. It often involves preemptively adjusting your behavior based on assumptions about others' expectations. This habit can lead to confusion and miscommunication, both for you and the people you interact with. Being aware of this tendency is a great first step. To combat the internal force driving your people-pleasing behavior, consider the strategies I've shared below. It's a journey of self-discovery and assertiveness, and many have found success through therapy, reading, and practical exercises in boundary-setting. Stay committed to this path, and you'll see positive changes. As a former people-pleaser, I consider myself quite knowledgeable in this area and I'm here to offer you some practical advice. Be cautious in online forums; they can sometimes be filled with unhelpful spiritual fluff. Understanding the Root: People-pleasing often stems from deep-rooted traumas. As a child, if your needs were neglected, you might have developed a belief that you weren’t good enough to be loved for who you are. This can lead to people-pleasing behaviors. Healing these inner wounds is crucial for overcoming this tendency. Therapeutic Approaches: Experiment with different healing techniques to find what resonates with you. IFS therapy, talk therapy, inner child work, and, with caution, psychedelics, are some options to explore. Recommended books include "Home Coming" by John Bradshaw and "No More Mr. Nice Guy" by Robert Glover. Assertiveness Training: An immediate and practical step is to learn assertiveness. This helps in setting boundaries and ensuring your needs are met. Essential reads are "Feel the Fear and Do it Anyways" by Susan Jeffers and "When I Say No, I Feel Guilty" by Manuel J. Smith. Practicing Boundaries: Start with small steps. For instance, if your coffee is cold, request a new one. If your food order is wrong, ask for a correction. These small acts of asserting yourself will build your confidence in setting boundaries. Channeling Anger: Embrace your anger as a tool. If you're a people-pleaser, there's likely deep pain within you. Accessing this pain can lead to anger, which can be a powerful ally in establishing boundaries. Advanced Steps - Spiritual Work: While psychological healing is foundational, don't overlook spiritual growth for complete self-love and self-validation. I initially bypassed the basic work and went straight to spirituality, which was ineffective. However, books like "The Courage to Be Disliked" and "Pursuing Awakening" can be transformative but are more advanced and require greater depth in your consciousness, it is unfair to expect a newbie to work with all this. More Reading Recommendations: Consider Peter Ralston’s trilogy and "Surrender" by Dr. Hawkins. Action Plan: Engage in therapy for deep trauma work. Read the recommended books. Get into assertiveness training. Learn and practice setting boundaries. Pursue awakening and develop a strong life purpose (late-stage). Note: Assertiveness training and setting boundaries are quick-fixes but important nonetheless. Therapy, self-love and spiritual work is healing at the root. This is the most important thing. WARNING: Please be wary of advanced spiritual advice, IT WILL NOT HELP YOU. The people giving this advice probably have not gone through what you have gone through and lack nuance. PLEASE do not skip therapy, healing, and just basic psychological work.
  7. @Simbruh Even though Sadhguru's yogas transformed my life, I think he is a lying scam
  8. @Ishanga But don't yogis say that the mind, emotions, and action can also get you to enlightenment?
  9. Stop telling Leo to be any other way than he is... Who knows maybe Leo is more evolved than Sadhguru? I absolutely love Sadhguru and do his yoga quite intensely and do not deny his insane siddhis. The thing about Sadhguru is that he caters to a massive audience and to people at different levels of evolution. I have heard him say that the Universe is Love and other times as in the video above that it is not the case. I think it comes from a very deep understanding of his audience. He usually speaks to the people right in front of him and says whatever is most appropriate. So if you take all this and put it up on the internet for everyone, he can look like a contradictory idiot. Notice when he speaks he never looks at the camera, he is not interested in teaching everyone just whoever is with him at the time.
  10. @Yimpa I'm gonna say that to Donald Trump to see if he becomes a non-dualist
  11. @Yimpa You are not "bridging the (paradoxical) gap" between absolute consciousness and "getting the person" there. Just speaking in riddles and spinning the wheel. It sounds like you have a box full of papers with non-dual comments written on them and each time you pull out a piece of paper and write a wise non-dual quote on here I am beginning to see the deep and subtle traps in non-duality, I hope I meet a three-horned alien one day that can telepathically teach me about reality... THAT is "bridging the gap" right there
  12. @Yimpa At this point, I can anticipate your non-dual responses coming in and to be honest they are preventing any sort of genuine discussion. Your insights, no doubt, have their profundity, but they seem to resonate more in those rare, heightened states of consciousness, I'm talking about grounding these insights into everyday reality, which is a different ball game. Peter Ralston's notion of becoming Absolutely Conscious by 'making a leap but leaving out the leaping part' strikes a chord here. It seems like you're heavily focused on the 'leaving out the leaping part', which, while important, is just one side of the coin. The 'leap' – the active, conscious effort to engage with and integrate these insights into the human experience – is equally crucial. We're just dancing around the discussion and not facing the FACT, the people are disillusioned. I am trying to ground it but you will me that your ass hairs and optic nerve are one
  13. @Yimpa Your asshole and earlobe are one... see this is why I often find non-duality reductionist, annoying and unhelpful
  14. @Breakingthewall first - the notion that no one can teach you spirituality – I see where you're coming from. Sure, spirituality is deeply personal, and in the end, it's a journey you undertake on your own. But, isn't there value in guidance, especially when you're navigating something as complex and nuanced as spirituality? Think about it – in any domain, be it arts, science, or even spirituality, mentors and teachers play a critical role in shaping our understanding and approach. They're not there to walk the path for us but to illuminate the way, to help us see what we might otherwise miss. Now, about your experience of tasting the freedom of infinity – that's powerful. But, doesn't this experience itself raise questions? Like, how did you come to taste this freedom? Was it spontaneous, or was there a catalyst, maybe a practice, a book, a conversation? You mention that once you've seen the freedom of infinity, no teacher can contribute anything. I get the sentiment, but isn't it possible that teachers, even if they are part of the 'maya', can still offer valuable insights, help us refine our understanding, or even challenge us to look deeper?
  15. @Yimpa Your statement seems to skate over the surface of a profound complexity. Infinity, by its very nature, defies our standard concepts and categories. So, when we say it's 'simple' or it can be 'surprised', aren't we just projecting our limited understanding onto something that's way beyond our cognitive framework? And if it is way beyond or cognitive framework, ain't nothing simple about it..
  16. I think the idea of becoming accomplished in any domain without a teacher is insane and especially so for spirituality. For example, if I wanted to go and master boxing, I most certainly need a teacher for effective development, to help me avoid common mistakes, for proper guidance etc etc.. Some teachers will be better than others, teachers will have different methods and my goal of mastering boxing will occur overtime through persistent practice, making finer and finer distinctions, getting feedback and so on... The same goes for spirituality although in the opposite direction of eliminating distinctions. My primary problems with non-duality are as follows: they undermine awakening as some sort of simple experience. It is not simple it is the most mind-boggling and extraordinary thing that can happen to a person. How the fuck is infinity simple??? In my experience, anyone that talks about non-duality is often not enlightened, awake or free. You can talk as much as you like about it but you are not Ramana Maharshi. The biggest question right now is that in your experience right now ARE YOU FREE? If not, what the hell are you yapping about? Most extraordinary teachers had to undergo intensive practices to liberate themselves... that IS the PARADOX. It is a process, yet it isn't - if you don't strive for it, it won't happen, I honestly wasted a year of my life with non-duality never attaining freedom. When I started intense kriya yoga and contemplation, I made fleeting leaps in consciousness. It would not have happened without yoga and contemplation, yet once in that place it felt wrong to credit it to doing yoga or contemplating. because whatever is just IS. See... PARADOX. This is kind of information is dangerous especially for newbies because they will sit around doing nothing calling themselves God, yet they are not free. Spirituality is most certainly a process (paradoxically) and take most teachers as examples: Sadghuru (multiple lifetimes apparently) Peter Ralston (decades of contemplation) Mooji (years of contemplation) Ruper Spira (20+ years of contemplation) Even Ramana Maharshi attained by contemplating death (as brief as it was) Leo (decades of work but his understanding of reality is quite different) Ram Dass (Decades of spiritual work and in the end he didn't claim total freedom) Alan Watts (Profound understanding of reality but he was not free) The key point you make is regarding stories. But stories is not the only thing that makes up reality, sure you can let go of stories but what about the context that allows stories to arise? That is another distinction made by you which you are unaware of and that too influences your perception and prevents access to the Absolute Now. As I write this, that context is not there in my experience, it takes intense contemplation to access the "context", but that is just one such example of a morass of concepts beyond stories that prevent access to this moment. The conceptual overlay is so profound and so powerful that progressive deconstruction, doing yoga, psychedelics, deep contemplation is absolutely necessary. Anyways, this is the most important question: all the stuff you say is nice and all but are you HONEST TO GOD, free right NOW? Because I am not. Be BRUTALLY HONEST! If you are genuinely free, good for you, if not the deception is extraordinarily subtle. I think that non-duality is both useful and powerful but at the same time extraordinarily deceptive ESPECIALLY for newbies. IF non-duality results in the pretense that one is enlightened which it often does - then it is not good.
  17. Omg just jerk off and don't make a big deal out of it!!!
  18. Hey there, I see where you're coming from with your points on spirituality, but I've got a few thoughts of my own on this: The Upsides of Spirituality: Let's not overlook the good stuff about the spiritual journey. It's not just about reaching some lofty goal; it's also about growing more self-aware and becoming kinder and more loving as we go. That's pretty significant and worth acknowledging. Instant Enlightenment - A Rare Gem: The idea of snapping into enlightenment overnight is fascinating. But, let's be real – I haven't seen it happen like that. Take Rupert Spira, a big name in non-duality; he said his journey took 20 years. It points to a more gradual process for most of us. Human Complexity Matters: I think your take simplifies the complex nature of humans a bit too much. Our genetics, brain chemistry, and all the deep-seated reasons for our spiritual quests are part of a larger, intricate picture. The brain-consciousness relationship is a whole complex topic on its own. Awakening and Neurochemistry: Here's an interesting thought: sure, our brain chemistry plays a role in awakening, but once you're there, all that seems to fall away. It's a curious paradox that's worth exploring more. Not All Paths Are the Same: Finally, my biggest concern is with the generalization of all spiritual paths as being the same. Each path has its unique aspects and benefits, and it's important to recognize that. It's not really fair to just bundle them all together. I would pose this question to everyone that read your post... Are you enlightened now? ... so it IS a process!
  19. @Yimpa I didn't say it is exclusive to him and your best friend is incredibly gifted.
  20. @Breakingthewall I have done his kriyas for multiple years and have had serious health problems disappear like magic. I was also at one of his kundalini programs, he rolled his eyes up and started clapping. I had a breakthrough right there and then, just like I had taken LSD. It was an earth-shattering experience. After that kundalini program, I developed the ability to see auras that comes and go's although he is intensely against this kind of stuff. Maybe he is lying about the stuff he says he can do (I haven't seen him do most of it) but calling him narcissistic is insane... You should not comment unless you have had profound experiences with him. I don't know to what extent he is telling the truth but I assume that is the case based on all of my experiences with him. I don't know the depth of his awakening but I do know that he is a highly disciplined, honest, and loving being. You should not make such brash comments without really knowing the person or the work that the person does. You only see his videos catering to retarded regular people.
  21. I don't understand, I never conflated hardcore yogis, tantrics, monks with New Age? New Age people are full of shit (unless I have an improper understanding of them)... I think of stage green hippies doing tarot card reading, talking about astral projection, manifestation, reiki etc.. But high level yogis, tantrics and monks are different beasts altogether. You are right about Sadhguru though, its not fair to compare him with mankind, he is definitely a freak of nature. Most average people are retarded..
  22. You guys have to read Mystics Musings by Sadhguru, the stuff he talks about in at are insane and here is a list generated by chatGPT: Sadhguru claims the ability to walk through jail cell bars, reminiscent of transcending physical barriers. He is said to have enabled a boy to walk on water, showcasing mastery over natural laws. Sadhguru allegedly turned a rock into gold, demonstrating the transformation of matter. He possesses telepathy, the skill to communicate through thought alone. Stories tell of him teleporting instantly between locations. Sadhguru is credited with reviving the dead through his touch or presence. He supposedly controls weather patterns with focused intent. Direct communication with deities and higher beings is claimed. Sadhguru is believed to materialize objects from thin air. He reportedly predicts and alters future events through spiritual means. Levitating himself or others is among his purported feats. He is said to have sudden language acquisition abilities post-enlightenment. Bi-location, or being in two places at once, is attributed to him. Visions of cosmic events before their scientific discovery are claimed. Sadhguru is said to read minds at a distance, understanding thoughts and emotions remotely.