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  1. Hurt/Loss/Sadness/HeartBreak/Fear/Nervousness/Anger THE MASTER KEY TO DEALING WITH NEGATIVE NASTY EMOTIONS "The tendency to avoid emotional suffering is the cause of all mental ilness, to lead a healthy spiritual life we must face problems directly, and experience the pain involved." - The Road Less Traveled, Scott Peck Allow yourself to feel the emotion, it is a very counter intuitive solution. We don't want to let our guard down, and we don't want to be vulnerable, and this somehow exposes to danger and puts in harms way. The ego does not see this, the ego wants to resist and deny and run away, it wants the candy..it doesn't want the vegetables it wants the candy. We have to start being ok with allowing ourselves to be vulnerable This doesn't make you small and weak. Early in your childhood and you reserved wounds, I had to close down myself to not get hurt because our society doesn't concentrate on feelings Becoming a mature healthy adult is feeling Here is the truth whether I need these defenses or not Macho tough guys buff, beautiful muscles... bench 400 pounds arnold dude..INVULNERABLE 400 pounds bench pressed macho and invulnerable.. carries him like a man. Every person is vulnerable in this world... get a gun and it's the end for any human. Everyone is vulnerable in this world We can get hurt... My job is to become a super conductor Instead of resisting every negative emotion, we all do it We wanna open ourselves up and develop ourselves emotionally Let the emotions flow through you. It's possible to become a super conductor The ego wants to act stoic and cool like I have no emotions The first thing it wants to do is distract with drugs, with food, with entertainment With sex or or some other distractions It likes to suck it up and take that pain It also likes to control and manipulate And not do any one of these What happens is that they create resistance These things here kill your ability to super conduct Allow yourself to feel Mike, as much as possible. It creates some sort of scheme and weasel your way out. Release your emotions at night when you go to bed Conjure up whenever In my heart....hurt heart Open yourself up to it No such thing as a negative emotion that is bad If you feel hurt, notice the ego tells you its bad... it's not.. it is what it is The feeling of being hurt does not actually hurt you Eye opener for me...great stuff Thank you
  2. Sharing notes, alright going to do the worksheet next "The time to repair the roof is when the sun is shining" - John. F Kennedy Simple project management technique The Pre-Mortem Technique ' The post-mortem is basically a company getting together and discussing what they do right and what did they do wrong Strategic Thinking is important Use strategic thinking to look for the most important initiatives in your life EXAMPLE Stop the urge to resist looking for babes compulsively, you've been out of the game for 8.5 years, marriage... Reality is..you're going to have research the opposite sex a bit to freshen up your game It would be nice to find someone to accept you for who you are, but reality is It doesn't work that way!!! The probability of you being lonely is high if you do not research the opposite sex. Period Babes are not a priority People tend to ignore personal neurosis, and personal weaknesses as well, A BIIIIIG FACTOR The Pre-Mortem technique doesn't just apply to business application It can be applied to many aspects of your life IMAGINED SCENARIOS: Business didn't work, Marriage didn't work, Date went wrong, Bad relationship with daughter or family member, got fired from a job etc. The technique:To apply the pre-mortem technique you imagine that you have failed horribly in (insert problem here) your marriage is a great example because it did happen. Make the failures realistic, than list every cause of failure that you can see. Make sure you also include all the psychological causes of failure. After you have listed all your causes of failure you need to prioritize what are the biggest reasons you failed with your project, to the least reasons why your project failed. Finally you brainstorm a list of solutions to your problems, specific realistic solutions to each problem. This is an eye opening exercise that will give you direction and tell you what you need to do in order to succeed Notes about the technique ============================= For this to work you have to role play, be forward looking and realistic Don't give in to some paranoia or unrealistic fantasies, for me that means being logical and rational about it Make sure you include any subtle psychological reasons in this because it's part of the technique A lot of the time we get caught up in the external, you need to go in the internal as well Pre-Mortem Technique Exercise ======================== Marriage Failure ======================== 1. Internal Wealth Is Poor 2. Nutrition Is Horrid 3. Cigarettes 4. Lack of understanding of the opposite sex 5. Researching and not spending time with family 6. Ignoring her needs 7. Poor relation with step son 8. Sex game is weak 9. Not taking care of myself 10. Learning how to have a conversation ======================= PRIORITIZE AND SOLUTION PHASE ======================= 1. Internal Wealth Is Poor = Actualized.org 2. Lack of understanding of the opposite sex = Researching the opposite sex and how they operate through various websites to get various opinions 3. Ignoring her needs = Listen and be attentive to what she needs in her life, listen closely... oh.. learn how to develop LISTENING skill..DUH! 4. Poor relation with step son = Patch up the differences with the step son and be patient and understanding, he is young..research child development 5. Conversation skills weak = Learn about body language because it is part of the conversation 6. Sex game weak = Build more stamina through working out with the punching bag and jumping rope CONSISTENTLY, different sex position to spice it up 7. Nutrition = Take a course on nutrition and see what the fuck the body ACTUALLY really needs! 8. Not taking care of myself = Even though you are depressed.. cut your fucking nails man, you'll be less depressed 9. Cigarettes = Buy NicoDermCQ to wee off cigarettes 10. Researching and not spending time with family = Set a day where it's family day and spend time with the family, or at the very least set family time.
  3. @Leo Gura Yes Master, I shall start there I've always wanted to say that!
  4. @Leo Gura wow ..that felt bad and really good lmao alright well as soon as I'm done with checking out the sage stuff from the website I shared with you I'll do the worksheet from the rant against culture Thanks man
  5. http://www.iawaketechnologies.com/product/wan-tsu/ The Teachings of Wan-Tsu A New Genre in Guided Experience & Sound Entrainment Emerges… Meet Wan-Tsu, a sage from 8th century China Thought since you are into the Sage stuff you might be into this
  6. Thank you!
  7. Just thought I share a website that might help ya out with heightening your intelligence and well being, use at your own risk. https://www.webnutrients.com/ Sound files that will elevate your meditation if you need it, really high quality stuff http://www.iawaketechnologies.com/ There Ya Go... I'd Be Highly Interested To See If Any Of You Have Any Useful Tools To Elevate Myself As An Individual So Please Share If You Got Some Advantages In Life I'd Highly Appreciate It ! Mike
  8. When I awaken, if I do I hope I still care to help others Because living in a world where nobody cares is like being in a bowl of feces matter Need to find my tribe I guess where people care to help eachother The idea of becoming a zen devil is tempting though, I must admit Oh yeah I'm back, still with an ego I think Nonetheless feels good to be back once again on the path of actualization Hi again!
  9. @Blaze35 If you are seeking to be more financially independent, then you'll probably want to include incorporating living off the grid whether you are living in the city or not to some degree. I.E. Producing your own electricity/water/food No bills to pay = heaven Start up for such a task = hell perhaps depending on the money you currently own HEH Good luck, and for a peace of mind while on your journey I recommend www.iawaketechnologies.com to help you through your journey of becoming financially independent.
  10. http://www.iawaketechnologies.com/ I wanted to share this to give back somehow It is the strongest brainwave entrainment website I have found in all of my seeking. I hope this helps someone out there, and if it does please let me know...I'd love to know I made some sort of good difference for someone out there if it did help you Cya Mike P.S. If you know something that potentially could be better for me let me know Holosync, Nitrofocus, Life Flow, Unexplainable.com, Unexplainable Store, Ennora, and Zen12 do not compare to iawake for me so...if one of those are a potential competitor please do not bother listing them, because for me iawake is superior... something good about being an individual is that you are always seeking out the best of the best to become the best, so I help this helps you in a way you seek. <3
  11. I don't want reality, I want separation To be an individual I love it Being one with everyone sounds lonely and boring If it's true than it is, but I don't like it in my current state Anyways thanks to all for the help Now here is help for you all if you need it Powerful brainwave entrainment, the strongest I have found so far, try the demos before you buy..I was floored by the strength of these sound files. http://www.iawaketechnologies.com/ Please be open minded, you won't regret it if it works for you lol Better than Nitrofocus, beginning stages of Holosync and Zen12 for me Hope it helps someone out there and if it does I would like to know Bye <3
  12. @ArabiaNytes Thank you
  13. You know what.. fuck it I've just adopted the philosophy of NO ONE IS BETTER THAN ME Until I know otherwise so.. NO ONE IS BETTER THAN ME
  14. Why Do I Want To Be Better Than Everyone? I saw a couple of Eminem's lyrics, and I felt like I was total shit in comparison, and it set me off in an uncontrollable rage, sad... but true. I know any answer wont give me what I need, but I need to hear from someone about this, it's like I turned into a beast My head started to flame, I started growling and I couldn't control the anger and rage I'll never be on his lyrical level or do what he does and it just throws me into a fit So I'm thinking Jealousy/Envy/Rage/Pissed off at myself for pissing my life away/Not the sharpest tool in the shed I mean... he had worse circumstances than me, went through more shit than me and grew up in Detroit and was different I can't think of any excuse besides maybe having a pussy body or something..I'm not sure I've been doing a lot working on shit, my trajectory is ok...but i still feel like shit Anyways... what the fuck is wrong with me? Is it possible that everyone who isn't enlightened has this kind of beast that wants to be better than everyone else? Thoughts?