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  1. Unfortunately we are not even close to that I have alot of new age friends and none of them are interested when it comes to waking up spiritually. Id say I only know five people who are interested in pursing enlightenment and that is a stretch and Ive been to 100 of retreats and spiritual events etc. Most people dont give a shit about enlightenment
  2. @Stovo Ah! well it turns out we are having a meeting with the new manager and we can have a space to voice our concerns. I feel it will go over deaf ears but could be interesting to see what he says. Or could be worth just leaving it since I will be leaving anyway
  3. @Stovo Thanks, you too. Are you going to do anything about your manager like say something or just leave quietly and just focus on better things?
  4. Yeah I'm looking to move on, feel right too also as I have been there for almost 2 years now and already know my lifes purpose. It's very interesting to see it all take place, I'm just not sure how to handel it. Its almost like u can see the car crash before it happens but no one will belive you
  5. @Stovo @ted73104 yes there is defo stricter protocols but unfortunately no changes regarding rules for Covid. Everyones mental health who works there took abit of turn for the worst but do you think that could be due to greens overly soft nature ? @Stovo Yes it use to be great and everyone would stay but now everyone wants to leave and he is hiring more stage orange people. You can really feel it in the atmosphere, in one sense we do earn more money. I wonder what the damage will be spiritually who knows. We did all of a sudden get loads of power cuts recently and a few bad reviews ;/
  6. @Stovo Yes all the staff are starting to leave and he is looking to employ other people who have stage orange mindsets. Yes the problem was never raised to the managers superior, I have actually sent the superior Leo's videos on SD but he never had time to watch it. What do you think the consequences of moving down to stage orange will be?
  7. I work at a wellbeing center and when I first started working there it was the epitomy of stage green and everyone who works there is also at stage green. However because of Covid a new manager took it over who is the epitomy of stage orange and of course when the new manger came and changed the values to stage orange it pissed of the green people and now there is a toxic war going on between them. Would it be possible to change the new managers perspective to green or will that have to happen naturally. Its quite comical how a wall street type has started managing a hippy wellbeing center.
  8. @charlie cho @charlie cho Interesting point, I grew up round violence so very use to the reality's of it. Now violence is just never apart of my life because I understand its realities and where it leads, if It has to come to war in the future I know how to play that game but its best avoided at all costs. All my old friends are either dead or in prison, that could well of been me if I didn't sense to not get sucked into the energies that drive it. Our society definitely has a very violent shadow and that is why you see an increase in popularity with boxing and mma which is showcasing our repressed thirst for bloodshed. I found even learning combat sports dose not give you the full understanding of how violence works in normal life because people can use weapons and come get you when your sleeping. If you chose war you have to be willing to face a potential lifetime of repercussions. If that is prison or someone hunting you down ect. Look into a guy called Geoff Thompson, he is a very high conciseness man who's work is all about understanding the nature of violence.
  9. @Shmurda Siddhis are real I have experienced them
  10. @HereToLearn Hi buddy sorry to hear about this, a guy called Joe Dispenza is known to be a specialist in this field check him out he has a few books about this one called becoming super natural. Have you got tested for Lyme Disease I know that can suddenly appear one day as a very mysterious illness with a wide range of strange symptoms
  11. @Gabith Yeah I have noticed people/myself do this. Very good to be aware of it and stop people from doing it to you and stop yourself doing it unless its needed of course
  12. @Runtz never look at black pill ideology again, it will just do massive harm to your life. I have done around 5000 appraoches I can say from expirence is a massive pile of bull crap. There is a slight bit of turth to it but taken out of proportion. Ive seen ugly guys do amazing and I have also seen male models fail miserably. Cut black pill out your life for good and start being mindful of the content you put in your mind.
  13. My answer is probably not going to go down well but there is no difference, if you like someone you like someone and there is a larger force a play deciding to make you feel this way to learn a lesson or be with the person or whatever it is. I've done over 10 years of pick up and that feeling never goes away but what you can do is learn how to use it for good. If someone is feeding you with the emotion of love then share it out to the world. It's trauma that gets in the way and cripples us from fully experiencing it and making us feel separate needing to grasp ahold of it. The whole idea of getting more options is ok but ultimately just a form of love avoidance. why can't you just be mature enough to handel your emotions when the come up without the need of trying to get more women/men. Just enjoy it and don't think to much about it. It will come and it will go so enjoy the ride and unbutton your seatbelt.
  14. Yes that is true I probably should reword what I'm trying to say. You're right I can't wake anyone up rather give people motivation to look into this side of life, I use to do it a lot. I have sent a lot of people to go to meditation retreats, take psychedelics ect but recently I stopped doing it. I don't even mention this stuff anymore to people even if they are interested in it themselves. Maybe is a case of experimenting and see what happen.
  15. @Mason Riggle Love that thanks for sharing x