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  1. Can you trust reality? Can you trust trusting ? All games of the mind
  2. Yeah and he has awakened through 5meo and the fact he's the baddest man on the planet ahah
  3. Interesting tho it did the opposite for me made life waaaay more enjoyable. Like life x100 but It took me awhile to reajust
  4. @Nak Khid yeah I've met mike tyson quite a few times and he's fully awakened
  5. @Kiko Hey mate if its any motivation I use to suck with girls also like really really bad. aged 22 I got involved with pick up for a few years it was a lot more popular back then around like 2013. For two years I went out every day and it was brutal at first but eventually it all started to sort itself out within about 3 years of pushing my comfort zones. Luckily this is something you can work and improve on and dose require effort but if you put in enough effort you can get better results quite quickly. And there is a lot better advice out there now, a lot more wholesome. I'd say Brain Begin the fearless man seems to be the most integrated maybe check him out. Ultimately this all comes down to how much love you have for yourself and others. When I researched 25 I finally got good with girls and I was miserable, it didn't make me happy. I ended up having a dramatic spiritual awakening brought on by some intense life experiences and then naturally progressed on that path as I realized deep within my soul no one can truly make you happy you have to find it within yourself. So with that being said you don't really need to put pressure on yourself here as you are the one who holds the light at the end of the tunnel not members of the opposite sex. Knowing this makes it so much easier as you can then start to work on truly loving someone without the need of anything in return from them. Ive researched a stage where I could live the rest of my life without ever meeting someone again. If one comes along great but it really dose not matter to me. A true awakening will make remake you a happy virgin. So keep this in mind you will be going around in a circle but thats ok as it needs to be realised. P.s learn comedy too, women looove to laugh its the key to there ♥️
  6. @Jacobsrw Yeah vipassanas are great really recommend them. Yeah for sure, luckily about 50% of the meditation done there can be done alone you can request a cell too. Yeah the book is a very good outline for meditation. @Raptorsin7 1. Look into doing a retreat or doing your own home one. 2. make your sits gradually longer 3. start looking at incorporating yoga, start with traditional hatha then you could try kriya? 4. Read the book the mind illuminated 5. Outline what it is you want from your meditation, stream entry/ enlightenment 6. keep practicing you'll get there it can be a slow process for some, Im quite impulsive so I have to incorporate a lot of yoga to ground me into my body, for past month managed to turn lockdown into a spiritual retreat and made so really great gains. The main thing that I can say that gives you liikelyhood of success is just doing longer sessions so 4/7 hours a day and you'll be getting down with buddha real quick. Tho everyone is different I guess
  7. Yeah the longer the sit normally the more likely of a breakthrough. I find if I do it strong determination (not moving) things start to get really funky 1.5 to 2 hours in. Also retreats are great and give you a huge boost. Incorporating yoga also helps a lot. Also have you read the mind illuminated? Thats. a great book on meditation?
  8. I'm very worried for his mental health I think he needs someone to support him and guide him through this transition something seems very ungrounded. I wish him all the best however and its good he has woken up so to speak and can spread the message
  9. Leo have you ever considered writing a book about psychedelics and everything you have learned on them? Would be awesome, you are the man to do it
  10. The only way to truely find out is to awaken to god otherwise we are just playing intellectual games
  11. Ahahaha I love hearing stories like this, beautiful 🏌️‍♂️
  12. Great report dude thanks for sharing was an interesting read 🙏
  13. @Free Mind hahahah I think he was joking, but I wouldn't underestimate mike. He is doing a great job of pushing this into the mainstream as he in a well known figure also he has had an insane life and had experienced a lot of things most people never will so he has developed spiritually quite a lot id imagine.
  14. Awesome report nice one glad you had a good experience
  15. Exactly, case closed. Can always get a well trusted friend to watch over you to make sure you don't do anything stupid.