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  1. Perhaps a better question is 'what did we learn from you?'. I'm not as regular as I'd like to be here, but when I tune in here your words always ground me and inspire me. Thank you so very very much for being you.
  2. This article ties in multiplicity and non-duality beautifully
  3. Hong Kong Anyone nearby, I am keen to talk actualizing
  4. Why not try hypnotism, its expensive but the success rate is very high.
  5. I was diagnosed with IBS 5 years ago. Literally came out of nowhere, never ever had a problem with food in my life. Then boom, i had to go the bathroom 10x a day and was farting like one of those world war II flame throwing Panza tanks all day. I got onto fodmap diet when i realised it wasn't going away on its own, and then I took up yoga. Within 6 weeks I was fine, good as new. The diet is tricky, most condiments have onion and garlic powder which are big triggers. Good Luck. Also I contacted a hypnotist at the time as she advertised for IBS relief/recovery. i didn't try it but worth looking into.
  6. Just want to say thanks for sharing your experience. Its very useful to many here I'm sure. I have the book, so will read that and may ask questions.
  7. @Keyhole Sorry I missed that part. No harm no foul.
  8. These may be worth a look: and
  9. @Rilles Brother u bring trips to life. Awesome lol
  10. This thread is useless w/o pics
  11. I did 7 days here in Siem Reap, more of a beginners circuit of yoga, meditation and yogic principles. Cool mix of older and backpacker crowd. There were a few people doing longer term stays. The owner spends half his time in India so could give info if that was an option for you. Currently 40% off. So $500 a month inc food, lodgings, yoga and meditation. Lots of similar places in Thailand.
  12. Zen is very careful to not conceive of God in terms that would fix any concepts in the mind and thus create a duality as 'God" (The Ineffable) is oneness and unity. AS God cannot be explained nor understood with our finite minds, Zen prefers to pay attention to Direct experience. Its discussed in Master Dogen’s Shobogenzo, Book 2, The Inmo chapter. Perhaps worth a look. Note I'm not a Zen Buddhist, just have an interest.
  13. I'd start with 10 years and revisit it along the way.
  14. Are you sure it was from the practices? I have done them for over a year and frankly don't see any radical changes. I'm not sure what I am supposed to experience, I was told clear headedness, joy in each moment etc, but certainly nothing amazing happened. I went to a short refresher and people did share their positive experiences about the changes they saw, so I am not discounting it. I adjusted my diet and slept early to wake early and do his practices, so of course I feel good....better. Please note I am not saying they don't work or aren't beneficial, I just feel its been a bit of an anti climax thus far. I will update if i do more advanced courses or notice any shift from his practices.