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  1. Tom Hanks with his wife diagnosed with COVID in Australia Michele Arteta, Arsenal's coach, in London Justin Trudeau's wife. in Canada Fabio Wajngarten, public official in Brazil Communications Director Fabio Wajngarten, shown here in Brasilia, Brazil, attended weekend events with President Donald Trump in Florida. Wajgarten has tested positive for the coronavirus, marking the first time that someone known to have the virus was in close proximity to the president. Trump does not plan to be tested or go into self-quarantine, the White House said Thursday, March 12, 2020.
  2. Mods are overly dogmatic. Free thought is repressed. Whatever doesn’t fit into traditional nondual worldview is banned, repressed. All talks about love, yet tyranny prevails.
  3. Isis video is fake one, shame on BBC to make fake videos. BBC such a big media has no respect towards its viewers. Lol ‘I raped 200 women’ this made me laugh. they are actors and they didn’t even got a good script
  4. The paradoxical thing is that Trump is a much lesser evil than Biden and establishment neocons or neoliberals. Not that Biden is evil but he gonna be marionette of evil. Of real evil, and Trump is nothing compared to real evil. Trump isn’t evil he just wants to be Napoleon.
  5. Biden's presidency might become Obama being an eminence grise
  6. The thing is that America is highly conformist nation, and so when system does smthing nasty, people find excuses for system and call it wisdom and understanding. To hell with the wisdom and the understanding!
  7. Which means that Pete dropped out immediately after he was asked (ordered) to do so. It wasn’t his decision. Which only proves that it’s about establishment vs Bernie. They all are puppets. Except Bernie who opposes them. WallStreet simply doesn’t want Bernie to win, coz Bernie is going to cut WallStreet’s throat. They only need to make a call and all puppets obey, drop out and endorse Biden. Easy!
  8. Sigh, things are changing rapidly, the system is indeed rigged against Bernie
  9. I remember how Henry Kissinger said that state of Israel will stop to exist between 2020-22.
  10. Language is the interconnection of names. Every word is name. Name or concept. Language is concepts, names of something which is not given in experience, i.e. of something absent. Language is the concepts about absent thing, about absent one. This absent one is God. The point is to put names, concepts or characteristics of God, who is absent one, in the centre of our attention. These names are for example: Merciful, Compassionate, Almighty, Giver, Forcing, Judge etc etc. Islam gives 99 such names. If we succeed in this, in putting names of absent one into centre of our intellectual attention - it leads to awakening. However, society makes everything to turn language into a mere communication tool. But original nature of language is pure thinking, and thinking is antithesis of communication. And pure thinking is thinking about absent thing. Just think about it, it will make perfect sense, that thinking = language = names/concepts = about something which is absent. Because if something is given in experience then there is no need to have concepts about that! But if something is not, then we need names of this absent thing! But how can we think about absent thing which is not given to us in experience? Only if we receive knowledge about it. And knowledge about it is received by us via specific book which is always and only the revelation (revealing what wasn't before), and this revelation is only given to us via prophets. This book is the discourse about absent one, and it is the instrument for awakening. So, names of absent one (merciful, almighty etc.) should be put into the centre of our intellectual attention and that should lead to the awakening. It doesn't work every time but it works. And when it works it is real miracle.
  11. here u go, more of it, he is supporting Bernie against Democratic Party.