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  1. Postmodernist art transmuting blue devilry
  2. very good exercises of both concentration (inspired by his experience as a music composer) and meditation in the books of Salim Michael
  3. Not a fan of Eliot but this is one of the healthiest speech I have heard on relationships recently ; actually it's you Leo, the so called "higher consciousness" guy, who should be talking of these topics, it's a pity you don't seem to have any knowledge of the esoteric traditions about how human being is built and functions on the subtler levels ... Actually you have partially deluded yourself (as well as a lot of naive young people) by going too strong too soon on "deep" metaphysical non-dual topics by non legitimate ways (psychedelics) : you are not always wrong per-se and can often share excellent insights but your lack of psychic preparation disables you from connecting them properly on a grander picture, it's a very subtle and very sneaky kind of devilry (stage yellow delivery maybe ?) very few people are able to detect and fewer (if none on this forum) to explain clearly ... very ironic from someone who made good videos about self-deception Anyway, if intersted to go further on topics of relationship/sexuality , global esoteric view on life in general : Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov , Peter Deunov for metaphysics : René Guénon , Frithjof Schuon as a complement to Eliot :
  4. @Leo Gura " There exist hundreds of high quality (and expensive) business trainings and courses. There are courses for literally any kind of business you might want to start." >>> Is there a recommendation list on this forum for the best of such courses ? Especially when It comes to marketing , closing a medium, building an audience, reaching all kind of people, getting them attracted, "hooked" and wanting more ... From what I've read on this forum many people would be interested if could make an "update" video based on what you learned and what have changed since your first one !
  5. Excellent. ONE of a kind. MUST read to understand anything at all in spirituality, history of mankind and of ideas, and in "esoterism" in general. SO underrated , caricatured, distorted and misrepresented . Read Guénon first. All of his books. Then Schuon . Beware of Evola: a clever and well read devil using primordial Tradition as an authority argument to political and moralistic agenda ... he definitely can teach you many things but be careful ... have a long spoon Beware of the people presenting themselves as "traditionalist" (usually stage blue misunderstandings what's what) or even "guénonian" . René Guénon himself has always strongly rejected all kind of label or "school" : there definitely is no such thing as "traditionnalism" or "perennials school" (excepted in the mind of some "blue"ideologist completely clueless about how the devil works ...) Nevertheless ... beware of Guénon himself, do not take his work for what it is not : 'tis a compass not a teaching ! He himself always rejected the title of "master" for good reason ... he wasn't in a pedagogical teaching mission. His work is actually very intellectual and bears the risk to reinforce that aspect in the reader ( which is generally already very strong) without giving you ACTUAL methods to work out with in your everyday mundane life in the Kali Yuga ! That's why Guénon alone doesn't help very much ... I would encourage you to read first Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov and to alternate with Guénon, they complete each other very well and will give you a much deeper, broader, deeper and most of all more effective view on things ... Keep in touch, very interested in hearing your return and progress ! By the way where are you from ? How did you here about RG ?
  6. @Ero off topic : I just saw you are from Bulgaria, where exactly, how is life there ? Genuinely curious ! Have you read Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov or Peter Deunov ?Did you dance the paneurhythmy in Rila ? Are they still so popular today ? Cheers ! By the way, I'm from France @Husseinisdoingfine few weeks ago I came across an article on this forum from a young korean guy complaining about the lack of interest in spirituality of most of the people there and about the difficulty for him to find spiritual ressources ... SK is the developed country with the highest suicide rate ... as well as the country were esthetic surgery is literally mainstream ! The social pressure to "succeed" and blend in is soul-crushing and brutal ! (korean movies say a lot about the unconscious collective shadow ) , BUT if you make it and become a top ranking robot you will be able to hire a filipino masseuse for your old days and get your dog cloned for 100K bucks , isn't that cute ? The very fact that the only criterium to measure life and success is a gross materialistic paradigm (and some fake, hypocritical SD blue confucianism to guilt trap you) is itself dystopic
  7. North and South Korea are their own mutual nemesis ! equally caricatural in their Orange ideology lacquered on Blue core (conformism, social pressure to fit in , guilt and shame blackmailing, brutal vertical hierarchy ...) similar to Japan (both were US occupied after a deadly war and economic chaos, how strange ! )
  8. brushing it off as mere intellectual speculation about "the end of mankind" is totally missing the point on this topic ... I'll keep it short : Actually, there are more and more researchers from all kind of background called "collapsologitsts" who shared conclusions pointing more or less in a similar direction : as the world is becoming increasingly complex and unpredictable and the economical system we live in is way more fragile than what most people could dare imagine , it is not foolishness at all to go and "reclaim" all the parts of our life most of us gave away to the system, it is not so much about turning paranoid and stocking up canned food and guns waiting for the zombie apocalypse than striving towards self resilience and "anti fragility" . Not knowing 100% will happen is no reasons to stick one's head in the sand and dismiss some global trends that are undeniably emerging and to act accordingly so as to get the more beneficial conditions for a "self actualized" life in the upcoming year : both material, emotional and spiritual survival ! The prepper / collapsologist trend goes from SD Blue far right and religious communities to SD Green alternative, Neo-rural and hippies , I nevertheless observe an increasing interest from 25/40 year old Orange transitioning to Green for this way of living a more meaningful and fulfilling life Recently a mini series came out in France on how would people reacting case of a SHTF event ( subtitles , only the first 3 episodes released yet) ... constructive critical comments appreciated !
  9. As long as you think meditation is something you "do", is an "activity"( to be more efficient, more productive, more healthy...) you are not even remotely close to understand what it is, let alone enlightenment that will forever be, indeed, a myth ... You dont chose to meditate, you ARE meditated
  10. @Consilience good exemple ! The famous analogy of the blind man who would deny the existence of colors and argue with other people who can see when they share with him their experience , all his mental landscape has been shaped to protect and backwards rationalize his incapacity into "normality", diverging opinions being dismissed as hairy-fairy "ennemies-of-reason" : the roots of self-deception grows into egoistic survival and self-history preservation hence the impossibility to change it with rational argument but only with energy works (to dissolve the emotional knots) According to this an elegant definition of devilry would be : the negation of Infinity , the unquestioned, unconscious assumption that Truth can be hold and defined in a limited form and manner as a fixed object instead of a process of infinite expansion ...
  11. @Nivsch "You can lead a horse to the river but you cannot force him to drink" I feel you ... I really do ! In fine , only two things can change/convince people : exemple or excruciating pain (pain of the soul, not of the body) . Don not try to show people anything : incarnate it ! embody it !
  12. @Leo Gura same question as "emind" (above) + > "Should one have a strategic plan for releasing YT content when on intend to speak on "deep", edgy topics (metaphysics, spirituality, esoterism, symbolism ...) , should you "game" your viewers first with a kind of broader, clickbait type of content in order to build a quantitatively large audience or should you aim towards quality and trying to make a few people feel "home" in an edgy niche ? ... ESPECIALLY if you want to conceit to your LP and make it a possible source of revenue AND if you come from a turquoise/yellow level where mind games and having to put a pragmatic facade in a first period feel like compromission ... My approach of spirituality and metaphysics, unlike yours, is quite influenced, as I said, by esoterism (completely different from occultism and "magick") symbolism, alchemy and astrology ( qualitative cyclical conception of time and of the influence of the cosmical era mankind goes through) I have been seriously searching in that direction for almost 15 years (I am 31) and realized that an aspect of the driving force of my spiritual quest (aside from the metaphysic aspect : What is Reality ? etc ...) was a feeling of inadequacy and revolt towards the dark aspects of the modern world . However, especially in the last few years and particularly this very few months listening to you and researching about Spiral Dynamics, I understood how dangerous and counterproductive (both spiritually and strategically) positioning oneself in a "crusader" , reactive almost ranting mode could be extremely attractive for some people ( and at the same time oddly satisfactory for me) ... but the wrong kind and over a misunderstanding : criticizing from above or from below: SD blue devils etc ... . In a nutshell I feel my LP could revolve around helping people integrate their spiritual development with immanent life challenge of the modern world and overcome a feeling of inadequacy thanks to tools and methods from traditional wisdom and from the insights of my own journey ... however, on the other hands, I am passionate by Alchemy since childhood and have always wanted to know in what exactly it consists beyond the mysteries it is wrapped in , throughout the years I have come to discover that it is "real" (very much related with Quantum mechanics, Tesla and some "alternative" theory about ether ... ) and that you can actually practice and apply it in the mundane world and even make products such as extremely powerful essential oils and medicines (it is called spagyric in this case) , there are people who do it and actually earn a living by it but is a LOT of work, practice (and money to purchase the materials needed) : so my question presently is how to make this two possibilities work together, given that I am both very interested in sharing "theoretical" (not necessarily abstract ) knowledge with people AND applying it in the matter with my own little hands ... where both options seem to me absolutely vital ! ... I am also not really at ease with putting myself out there with my real name and face talking on potentially very edgy and provocative topics and on how it could backfire (yes, I know this is shadow projection but it nevertheless make my belly tingles sometimes ), what would be the ratio between provocative clickbaity edginess versus mainstream polished social proof ? you understand what I mean
  13. interesting question. In substance you are asking how an "enlightened person" would behave in the position to satisfy his most basic needs of survival (cf Maslow's hierarchy), to build his life from ground zero . First of all, there is no such thing as an archetypical, cookie cut "enlightened person". Everything in nature comes by degrees and hierarchies of more or less perfection, more or less integration. Globally speaking, one of the most universally shared consequence of enlightenment is that it sharpens your discernment, endows you with supra-personal clarity both towards yourself (either the ability to see through your self deception or, a minima, to become aware of how affected by it you are) and towards your environment , thus you become more and more receptive towards the reason you are in this reality : your life purpose/ calling , the plan(s) life has for you and you only. Given that, it is obvious that behavior will be radically different according to the development of various parameters of immanent self actualization : age , health, energy level, social circle, evolution on the Spiral Dynamic, psychological structure (yes even after enlightenment your psyche still holds a shape and form just as your physical body does) and more importantly the kind of foods you fed your mind with : with what kind of paradigm, of "eyes" you look at the world and to what extent it allows to act and have leverage on reality ; how deeply you understand your position in the universe and in reality ? your role and place towards "others" etc ... Enlightenment is "just" a cleaning and a sharpening of your awareness, a momentary connection of personality with Light/Source ... it is the "real" beginning of the journey, in no way does it prevent you from a intense work of embodiment and development (cognitive, emotional, energetic ... ) and striving towards Liberation . An enlightened person could be recognized by the impersonality of its actions as he is nor more crippled by fears, uncertain and contradiction coming from the identification with its lower nature he can act with more "space", genuine altruism and true consciousness of being part of the Whole ... but again the "how" will depend on the developmental level of its still unpurified personality .