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  1. Yes! I absolutely agree, regardless of being more useful or not, having a price tag on something increases temptations to get that thing; what I suggest, is different payment options with different prices according to purchasing power of nations, like how steam works. or even being the list free for people who participate in making content or being active in forum. Yes, one Dollar being 42000 IRR is when the IRR price got out of hand and IR government tried to put a limitation on the price which didn't work, if you check this chart: you'll see that the price hasn't changed since last few years; the real price in the market is around five times more (222520 IRR). Check out this source (translate the page using google translator, under the "dollar" section the price is: "222520" which is probably going to be different when you click, since its changing every second). And thanks for your idea about being virtual assistant, it seems like a good idea, I'll research to see if it's possible or not.
  2. Due to the sanctions imposed by the USA, people in Iran and some other countries are unable to access global banks and payment systems like PayPal, and online shops don't ship anything here, even to play online games we should use VPNs; so there is no legal ways to obtain items from overseas by individuals; only merchandised goods which require public demands to be imported.
  3. It's been few years since I've got attracted into; ever since, I have changed my life drastically, from developing daily meditation habit and making my life more organized, to embracing new opinions and building much stronger emotional and intellectual foundation for myself; the problem is, that I can't keep myself blind to paid products that this website offers, and because I live in a restricted country (I live in Iran but its most likely for people in Syria, Iraq, Cuba, poor African countries or Venezuela and possibly china or even North Korea to have same problem that I have) there is not a legit way to buy these products, even if we come up with an indirect way of payment, for example using middlemen or renting remote computers from common countries, we are most likely not going to be able to afford this much money! Like $35.00 is equivalent to 8,050,000 IRR (the currency value is declining every day), which I can print out a good portion of the whole book-list with that! And $249.00 equals to 57270000 IRR which is greater than my yearly salary. Don't get me wrong, I'm not asking for giveaways or free access to the book list and life purpose course, I'm starting this topic, so we can come up with a solution to help this community grow and become more accessible from any country in the globe, despite restrictions that more powerful countries set to others.
  4. @Leo Gurawhat do you suggest?
  5. I know where to get books I don't know which one to choose
  6. I can perfectly match my development with spiral dynamics and I understand how did I evolved from my current stage at the time rebelliously, but when I look other people, I see that most of the people bypass the stage red! I don't know, maybe I can't fully understand stage red despite I've read about red stage in the spiral dynamics integral and some other places; I just can't convince myself to help stage purple people to go red! And I don't know how can I do that! Below stage blue, stages are not very distinguishable and I think they have not a lot to offer, like in order to embrace stage blue, you should still have some knowledge about your religion and in stage orange you should have lots of scientific knowledge in order to transcend stage blue, so higher stages (blue, orange and green) require a solid kind of intellectual structure to back your ideas up, so it's easier to be distinguished, but I can't find such a thing for stage red! I classify atheists and religious people who are dogmatic about their ignorance in stage red and ordinary people who are willingly ignorant, into this stage but this by itself doesn't solve my problem.
  7. sorry couldn't upload the .gif by itself
  8. Well, I am planning to write my own book on spiral dynamics in persian and i can't really buy any books to read, i dunno if i should say how i'm gonna get the book or not but i have to choose one book to read and translate =) Keep in mind that Iran hasn't signed copyright agreement and our banks are blacklisted by the USA, and we can't have international bank accounts.
  9. Well I have kinda same shit here! Try adding anger to your attitude! Draw boundaries for yourself and don't let him pass, if he does, get out of control on purpose! He should know that his actions have consequences and you being like him would awaken a sense of empathic understanding in him; analyze him carefully; let him know that you know what he's up to! don't like to write you a recipe but this was my approach to this problem and it might suck for other people =))
  10. hello guys! I'm looking for a book on spiral dynamics to translate it into Persian. I find spiral dynamics a fascinating model but i'm tired of explaining it to people one by one and not all people around me speak English so i can't share Leo's videos, so i've decided to translate a book, but there are lots of books with different editions that don't know which one would be a better introduction; and can't possibly get to Leo's booklist because of US sanctions.
  11. When I was watching "understanding non-duality" series I realized that despite the bigger picture that Leo is trying to draw by his examples, the examples are biased towards convincing materialists into spirituality. This question would have been on other parts of forum but i though that it might deserve its own video. The question is: would you reverse your examples if people were all going for pure yogi-like spirituality and holistic view of reality into fragmentation and taking hard-science more seriously? would you teach duality to people who are born with non-dual perspective?