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  1. What is 'facing reality' at one level of consciousness is 'escaping reality' at another; what is 'escaping reality' at one level of consciousness is 'facing reality' at another. In both cases, you simply need to see the Reality in it.
  2. The greatest mind-fuck is that there's no difference between 'facing reality' and 'escaping reality'.
  3. You don't reconcile "endless suffering". You reconcile and heal what arises. That's all.
  4. I remember a few years back, I started having this experience of audible thoughts suddenly being enjoyable to have. After that point, I never bothered to try to get rid of "inner monologue" again. Even when all the spontaneous increases in consciousness started happening that were accompanied by thoughtlessness. What's strange is the way the spiritually seeking crowd looks at thoughtlessness as if it's some solid measure or inevitable threshold you pass through. Which it isn't, and has never been. Thoughtlessness leads to thought leads to thoughtlessness. That's the Nature of the waking state. If you think Nature has to change, you don't understand Enlightenment. In other words, In other words,
  5. Only Selflessness knows Selflessness.
  6. The language of the subconscious is essentially the same as the language of mind. This is very simple to interpret: the dream was unpleasant for you because the subconscious here expressed the fear of others not believing in you or your words. In this case, the dream was unpleasant for you because the subconscious here expressed the fear of not being seen by others. It is important to also note here, that your subconscious mind currently believes that you are no longer friends with the friend who apparently left you. Understand that this is not objective. You should go talk to that friend and discover that you're still friends, and your subconscious mind will shift this belief. The dreams have nothing to do with the girl that seems to be the focus. The "popular girl" dream character that your conscious mind correlates to the girl that you know indirectly is a symbol your subconscious mind uses symbolically as a placeholder, so to speak. It can be anyone. From direct experience, the majority of the time, dream characters that appear in dreams are not correlated with "an individual from real life" during the dream state itself. In essence, the dream characters only start feeling like some particular person you know, once your conscious mind begins to recall the dream from memory in the morning upon waking. Best wishes.
  7. If I've never seen it in the first place. Surely, there's nothing to unsee!
  8. @Johnny5 That was truly a reply I didn't expect!
  9. “Whenever itߴs early twilight, I watch ߴtil a star breaks through Funny, itߴs not a star I See Itߴs always You. Whenever I roam through roses, And lately I often do Funny, itߴs not a rose I Touch Itߴs always You. If a breeze, caresses me Itߴs really you strolling by If I hear, a melody Itߴs merely the way you sigh. Wherever You are youߴre near me You dare me to be untrue Funny, each time I fall in Love Itߴs always You.” — Frank Sinatra (ߵItߴs Always Youߴ, Written by Johnny Burke)