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  1.ōrin-zu_byōbu)_-_left_hand_screen.jpg "Po, I think it's time I told you something I should have told you a long time ago. The secret ingredient of my secret ingredient soup. The secret ingredient is... Nothing." - Ping
  2. To be sincere, this discussion is complete already. Thanks Leo.
  3. The insight is as follows. It may be necessary to understand that relatively, the most accurate verbal description (of Truth), does not necessarily provide the most helpful experience, the clearest transmission, nor is the most accurate description necessarily the most elegant verbal expression (of Truth). In a way, it is a subtle criticism of Leo's (and some other's work) on non-duality, which does have it's own flavor and tends to be, from my experience both humorous and brutal at the same time.
  4. @Neo That's quite incredible, I reckon if we had more experiences like that we'd be certain they occurred.
  5. The getting snatched by a tiger actually triggered lucidity. But by the time I was lucid enough the dream scene had shifted to a different location, and the tigers weren't there anymore.
  6. Indeed. I'm very open to the possibility of conscious entities traversing dreams. Though, almost anything that will annoy or trigger you during hynogogia or REM is going to correspond to something unresolved in the subconscious. So that possibility is slim. Not to say impossible, but the possibility of a unpleasant hynogogic or REM experience being some kind of psychic attack is slim.
  7. @Soulbass Was a pleasure reading that, thanks you.
  8. I've had a dream of dying. I've had a dream of an enlightenment experience. I've had a dream of giant multi-colored tigers, running to me, one of them snatching me, and running away with me clenched in it's jaws. All of these, were extremely believable while I was having the dreams, and in some cases very vivid as well. And then I woke up. What I've learned is that consciousness can give you a simulated experience of anything you subconsciously believe. I didn't have these dreams all in the same night, I'm not even sure if I can handle that. On some level, I even think that my meta-belief of believing that consciousness will give you a simulated experience of what you believe has contributed to these obscure dreams where I indeed am being given a simulated experience of those things. My question is, how deep does the rabbit hole go? And where does it end. Perhaps I've just re-framed my subconscious mind so much now that I'll now regularly dream about obscure domains in consciousness. Also, I was wondering if anyone has had a similar dream with the last dream I mentioned. Something about it makes me think that others might've had the same dream. The multi-colored tigers behaved more like conscious beings than typical dream entities. Their appearance and behavior was unexpected to say the least, and not coherent with the current dream scene at all.
  9. In a sense, true spirituality is anything that points you to your direct experience. When everything points you to your direct experience, nothing is left un-sacred.
  10. True spirituality, is being honest about your experience, and knowing that any way which you can see, is another degree of mis-perception.
  11. Thoth built the Great Pyramid. He build the Great Pyramid of Giza in 1 day, and before all other pyramids in Egypt. Those lesser pyramids were built in awe of the original one that Thoth built. Aha! Of course, it was Thoth all along. Who else could it be?
  12. Meditation, is the most versatile activity consciousness can engage in. One can even say, that it is the only activity that consciousness engages in.
  13. The mis-understanding here is the duality of how we try to explain "ego death". This may confuse you more, but you cannot get rid of the ego, because it "doesn't exist", it is only a part of your experience and therefore inseparable from the experience. You can however miraculously it may seem, cease to identify with it and along with all that implies. Though, you will always wear a mask, and that will be your "ego".