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  1. Hello, good afternoon. I hope everything is going well. Recently, I visited my PCP to request a prescription for Armodafinil. However, he declined and suggested seeing a specialist instead. I explained to him that I've been easily falling asleep and expressed my desire for the prescription, but he seemed confused. Consequently, I've scheduled an appointment with a sleep specialist for Tuesday, seeking guidance on obtaining the prescription. I really value the supplement's potential to enhance my productivity and content creation. I'm feeling concerned because I'm unsure if I'll be able to get it, as I don't experience significant sleeping issues aside from occasional snoring and feeling a bit tired upon waking up.
  2. Once I finish the character strengths test, what practical steps can I take with my top five strengths?
  3. Hey I’m struggling balancing these two my girlfriends seems to get hurt and is struggling when she’s not with me. At the same time I want to go balls to the wall into my life purpose and business. How do you do it.?
  4. Hey! So like the title says I have been having strong sleeping problems this entire week. when its time to go to bed I suddenly feel a surge of energy. I can’t sleep. The good thing is if I sleep with someone i am able to sleep. When I sleep by myself i start to sweat, my heart beats fast, i get goosebumps, and my emotions are going a bit crazy inside me. I posted a couple days ago but nothing seems to work. Yesterday i tried to completely tire myself out I didnt drink coffee all day I didnt take my usual nap, I didn’t go to sleep after work. And still when it came time to sleep I couldn’t do it. I even worked out and hit the sauna and I was still struggling to go to sleep. if anyone could help it would be greatly appreciated
  5. @Yimpa @Sidra khan I appreciate you guys being here with me on this tough night. @Yimpa noticing that a bit did help relieve tension and uncomfortable emotions thank you.
  6. Would you guys say its okay to relax on my life purpose for now because this whole thing is getting a little wild? i’m not trying to throw the towel but i just want to have this go a little slower
  7. @Sidra khan i’m 25 years old i’m not financially ready but I do have a girlfriend which she helps a lot
  8. @Yimpa i’m too scared to sleep and I have work tomorrow and Need to wake up in about 2hrs this is not the best situation. Will probably need a bunch of caffeine tomorrow. Also the lights shut down and I felt the energy in my body it was insane i live in an apartment building so it was so weird
  9. @Razard86 its really creepy, strange things happen like the lights going off in the building
  10. @Razard86 Thank you for your response love the posts you make btw great work. I will definitely relax and handle the paranoid thoughts better.
  11. @OBEler its happening every other day sometimes it’s happening every night these surges of energy. Yesterday i drank a lot of alcohol so I was able to not feel it
  12. @OBEler this feels different to the reactivations. I read somewhere that it could be kundalini energy?
  13. @OBEler its been happening one night yes one night no
  14. I'm writing this because I just woke up after about 30 minutes of trying to fall asleep. I keep experiencing these crazy surges of energy coursing through my body in the middle of the night, which wake me up abruptly and truly frighten me. The last time I used 5-MeO-DMT was at the end of July, precisely on July 25th. I started having DMT reactivations, and they eventually ceased, but now I'm experiencing these intense sensations 30 minutes to an hour after attempting to fall asleep. The medicine has genuinely helped improve my life immensely, and I've been doing exceptionally well. I feel like I unlocked my life's purpose during that trip and have been wholeheartedly pursuing it. My mind keeps suggesting that there might be some spiritual interference because I'm finally living my life's purpose. Can someone please help? ??
  15. @D2sage is it common to feel strange energy when you go to sleep? Can someone help with this?