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  1. @flowboy can you give me an example precisely how you choose these times for example : work from 9-5 ? Or do you do it in blocks work 3 hours rest 1
  2. @Rafael Thundercat will watch thanks for the video
  3. @flowboy thank you my friend
  4. @meta_male i’m struggling to handle 1 🤣 I’m not ready for 2
  5. So i started dating a woman for about a week. She is falling in love with me really hard and i am too. She takes really good care of me and genially seems to love me. The only problem i’m having is that I want to be focused on my career because i’m an entrepreneur. Before I met her I was working really hard on myself and just working on my business. Now that she’s with me i’m seeing my business slow down in progress . I want to continue focusing on myself and understand how to balance this thing. I have been wasting more time since i’ve been with her and not working as much on my dreams. Its also causing me to masturbate a lot and we are also having a lot more sex. I feel a bit unfocused and I want to stay focused. I’m some what on cloud 9 with her and really feeling those lovey dubby feelings at the same time my mind keeps telling me i’m slacking and need to get to work. Thank you for reading this if you have experience with this i would greatly appreciate advice
  6. Does anyone have any tips on how to slow down the consumption i’m getting from social media? I’ve come to the point where i’m seeing the damage its doing to me and I want to slow down properly. I’ve tried just going cold turkey but I continue coming back I need to figure out how to methodically handle this. I already have timers set up on my phone that close the app down after I use the app for 30 minutes. Now the problem is my ego still finds a way to sneak its way back on the app. Well the part of me is completely hooked on these apps and wants that dopamine Hit.
  7. @Leo Gura I'll go over the life purpose course again once I'm more profitable in the future. For now I'm more focused on trying to make money online since I still live with parents.
  8. I am almost done with Ekhart Tolle’s the power of now. All i could say is wow! The book made me more present just listening to it (audio book). Anyways today I was at the airport working on my laptop. Suddenly this man with a bunch of scratches on his face sits next to me, he has a bunch of really bad scratches and just looks like he feel off a bike face first or a girl scratched his face a shit ton. I begin to feel into my body as i’m simply just trying to be as much as possible and my emotional body just starts to feel EXTREMELY SHITTY i felt confused and wondered WTF i usually don’t feel this way it felt like someone had cut my stomach in half or something. okay so first I decided to breath into it maybe it would help and it did a little but ultimately I just stood up and left because I was feeling extremely uncomfortable. Now my question is, is this phenomenon occurring because someone who was around me was suffering greatly? Did they some how come into my energy or something and this started to make me feel uncomfortable (what exactly is going on ) ? 🤔 Am i just feeling more aware of the cycles my body goes through? Hopefully I could get some feedback in the comments so we could have a fun talk
  9. So it all started when I was working on the Actualized LP course in about 2020 Mid pandemic I believe. During that time I wasn't very sure what my life purpose was and for some reason I thought I wanted to be a personal development guru like Leo so I did some podcast and i don’t really remember why, but I had stopped making them. I completely forgot about the life purpose course and I fell into unconsciousness and discarded it pretty much. Then I started selling cars at a dealership which was very tough. It was easy for me to sell cars because my dad was in the business. Despite that I didn't really enjoy selling cars and I was suffering during this time because of the long working hours. My mom didnt like me selling cars so she worked her ass off to try to get me into a different job. She then Found a job for me which was a wholesales company and I started working there 9-5 which was awesome because it was the first time I had a 9-5 Mon-Fri schedule. I was there for a month and a Half and I got fired. The day i got fired I was extremely excited yet scared and Brave. Since I was working at that tech Wholesale company i saw that they were making money by sending emails to their customers online. One of my customers was selling on Amazon and buying products from the company. I decided to take a course to sell on Amazon, fast forward to today and i’m making about 6K a month selling on Amazon with a very noobie understanding this to me feels more like my life purpose. I’m getting more into E-commerce and I recently started a course and I feel very excited about it. People in the group seem to be doing really well. I haven't started making Ads yet for my store but everyday i’m getting closer and closer to my dreams of working completely online. Now that my business depends on me i’ve been doing really well. I’ve been meditating, reading books, and doing whatever its going to take to make this happen. I don’t remember much of the life purpose course but i’m pretty sure it taught me some strong emotional skills that I carry with me today for my business to succeeded. I now have a question to see if its a good idea to just spill the beans and teach everything I know about selling on Amazon for free on youtube and eventually doing the same with the e-commerce course 🤔 I remember one time I heard Leo say that he gives his teachings for free on youtube and that it was the way. There seems to be a lot of people trying to hide some of these secrets from the herd because maybe they believe once the beans are spilled and everyone knows how to do it the market will be too saturated. It seems to be coming from a place of fear. I hope I get some responses so we could have a conversation:)
  10. I have enjoyed working on the life purpose course Leo has to offer us. Something I'm a little worried about is how much I like what Leo himself does which is talking about all these deep spiritual topics and personal development. I feel like I am genially interested in doing something along the lines of teaching these things in the future but at the same time, I'm not 100% sure this my exact zone of genius per se. I am also very passionate about how this work is very powerful and has a very strong potential to help many people in society. Which is why I would also enjoy spreading the word per se about it. Ultimately what I am asking is if it's okay to have a life purpose similar to Leo's because I am unsure of how authentic I am being.
  11. @Michael569 Any recommendations on how to sell stuff online as a middle man? Youtube videos? Seminars?
  12. @Itsokimok I remember when I started watching Leo it was always emotionally difficult because he attacks my lifestyle. I wouldn't say it's not emotionally difficult now because there are always more harsh truths to learn but I am more willing to go through with it and bite the bullet than when I was younger watching Leo.
  13. I have been doing the life purpose course that Leo offers and it's been great. Today while driving I had this incredible insight randomly come into my mind upon how following your intuition will show others in my family who think that life is about getting a 9-5 job and working till death that following my intuition will show them that doing this could be one of the best things one could do in life. Thinking about my cousins and other family members one day possibly following their life purpose made me shed tears because I thought that if I follow my life purpose and answer the call they would be able to do it one day as well. This also gives me the strength to follow through on my life purpose because it helps my vision become stronger.