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  1. If you could choose only ONE self help activity that would produce the MOST results, what would it be? Variation : What are the 20% of habits that produce 80% of results? What is the most profound sentence you have ever said? What is the most profound sentence you have ever heard / read? What is the most dumbfounding fact you have discovered along your journey? What is the most obvious thing you were unaware of? What is the most common flaw in human psychology? (I'm assuming unawareness) What has been the hardest thing for you to overcome in your journey? (Psychological, spiritual, physical.. etc) What is the LEAST effective habit that is mistakenly purported as beneficial? What is the most important concept you teach? What is the number 1 reason for lack of success? Who is your favorite spiritual teacher? Who is the most underrated? What is the most important lesson you have learned about Money, Sex, Spirituality and Actualization? Thanks for all you do Leo
  2. Wow that is legitimately one of the most disgraceful things I've ever read. How can you sleep at night knowingly doing something like that?
  3. And get bluetooth headphones so you can listen to Tony Robbins first thing in the morning. Literally digest as much of his shit as possible. You need to brainwash yourself with his material and take MASSIVE ACTION!!!!!!!
  4. And get a gym membership - do some weight training. Trust me! This is literally the perfect orange morning routine for you. 6AM - Train at the gym 7AM- Wim Hoff Breathing and Cold Shower 715- 20 minute Meditation and Journal (Life Purpose, Values, Morning Power questions / Gratitude). Do this shit every day, Non negotiable, no excuses, guaranteed results. Look up David Goggins and read Can't Hurt me for inspiration.
  5. Go back down the spiral, you are aiming too high (not that that's a bad problem to have, it's great to have ambition, just have smaller goals for the time being). Your goals are turquoise, when you are struggling with orange. '' Liberation, enlightenment , LOC 1000, the real enlightenment whoever is talking about the truth I want to listen to them'' = Turquoise ''A girlfriend that is at least 7/10 in my book, a high paying job in what I'm doing what I love, I want to go to college and study as a psychologist but there's so much exams I need to pass and I'm kind of discouraged. I want a good social life and to get invited to parties often, I want to have been with multiple girls before I die, if possible. I want to be an alpha male guy, not someone who's weak and needy.'' = Orange "Therefore whoever hears these sayings of Mine, and does them, I will liken him to a wise man who built his house on the rock: and the rain descended, the floods came, and the winds blew and beat on that house; and it did not fall, for it was founded on the rock. "But everyone who hears these sayings of Mine, and does not do them, will be like a foolish man who built his house on the sand: and the rain descended, the floods came, and the winds blew and beat on that house; and it fell. And great was its fall." - Jesus It's unwise to aim for enlightenment before you get your life in order. Not to say you can't do both simultaneously, and you'll actually benefit from getting your life set up so you have freedom to design it with financial stability - rather than ending up poor in the future. You need Tony Robbins!!!!!! Literally. Read Unlimited Power, Awaken the Giant within and get his audio tapes - Personal Power II / Get the edge. Listen to them religiously for 1 year, or 6 months if you really, really, really apply it. Keep your meditation habit and bump it up to twice a day 20 minutes. You have limiting beliefs about college, girls, social life that NLP training is perfect for. Combined with goal setting you'll make big progress that will help you burn through orange. Then you can go hard at enlightenment, etc. Good Luck!!!
  6. Michael Jordan is arguably the greatest basketballer of all time. It's fair to say he was orange, and used a spartan demeanor for incredible results. Would it be possible to win in any other way? In the top tier of basketball, being the greatest that has ever been? Luca Doncic seems a much more mellowed out player who may transcend MJ, but time will tell. What are your thoughts? Sports is typically ensconced in orange, but are there examples of top tier athletes succeeding in higher paradigms? I can think of acts of sportsmanship, such as helping a failing opponent over the finishing line embodying green and yellow, but I rarely see dominant players having an aura of compassion and empathy about themselves.
  7. Does transformation (or escalation) typically follow the phoenix analogy? In my personal experience significant growth has been preceded by a low period of pity, remorse, anger, shame at myself that then cycles into a new awareness of which I construct a new foundation. Or is that limited to the lower realms where those emotions and baseline states must be faced fully to be transcended, and further development comes from a more loving, understanding place? I understand it's idiosyncratic but interested in hearing perspectives.
  8. How do you think he will differentiate himself from Trump? What would his policies be? What kind of effect would he have on culture? I think he'd emphasize the stage orange argumentation / debate, which would be an improvement over the slander / banter of Trump.
  9. @Jodistrict Do you think socrates was enlightened? I know he was incredibly wise, but do you think he had that god realization that we associate with jesus, buddha, mohammad, etc?
  10. @Leo Gura He is fascinating for sure. He who is without sin cast the first stone is such a powerful message. It's crazy how he was able to conceive that idea, channel it through god and communicate it to savages and make them self aware. Do you think we will have another person capable of elevating humanity like that? It would be incredible in the age of social media.
  11. @Leo Gura Do you personally believe Jesus is an archetype of mystic wisdom, or an enlightened person? Same for Buddha?
  12. Hey, not that I would do it, but I'm wondering why you would be against people meeting up in the same city? Wouldn't that be kind of cool to meet someone like minded?
  13. You would say the same thing about hippies, they aren't exempt from fulfilling a stereotype and ''conforming'' to the status quo inherent in their own bubble. Evident in the way they dress, communicate, interact, eat, work (or lack thereof). I'm assuming your argument is that the pioneers aren't conformist - which is true. The followers aren't though.
  14. How I can achieve so much more than what I initially thought
  15. https://www.optimize.me/philosophersnotes/the-books/ This dudes really good
  16. Yo interesting thread man, definitely a lot of interpretations. How Important is Politeness? Contextual - what is your value system? In terms for maintaining harmony it's incredibly important. In establishing acquaintances it's useful, but there are other things that are more important to acquiring friendships. Mainly status and what VALUE you offer the other person. For example - the best player in a basketball team doesn't need to be polite to get respect or admiration (Kobe Bryant), and in some ways having politeness above other values (like winning) is detrimental to that situation. In social settings - someone who's consistently funny has more value than someone who is just ''nice'' or polite. Laughter (depending on the individual) is considered more valuable because it's a skill, whereas manners can be taught. Not to say politeness is without value. Being kind, considerate and compassionate are valuable skills that come under the umbrella of love. A majority of the time it's used as a tool of manipulation without unconditional acceptance, rather it's conditional in order to get something out of someone (Sex, money, validation). When people sense it's ulterior motive it becomes utterly unimportant and see through. Should we always be polite? Should we always use politeness formulas? No such thing as should. Do you choose to be polite? If so why? Are you coming from a place of love for all things? Or neediness, desire to appease those you believe are above you, for validation to prop up low self esteem? Find out your why, then you can determine if the behavior is worth pursuing. It's not the thing, it's the place it comes from. Should we use "bad" words? Cursing? No such thing as shoulds. Why are you cursing? To make an emphatic point that will further an agenda? What's the agenda? Are you trying to make another person laugh? Are you insulting someone? Context is everything. No blanket rules. There are no facts, only interpretations. When is it appropriate to be polite and appropriate to not be polite? I suggest reading Confucius's analects which elaborate on ''right action'' which is what you are looking for, essentially a how to for morals. Personally I use intuition and my own value systems to conduct myself, which I believe is superior to re enacting an others doctrine. How to be direct, say the truth, and be respectful at the same time? Should we do it? It's possible, but if you go through your life trying to appease everyone you appease no one. Stand for what you believe in without being overly patronzing, arrogant and respectful of others views and you will be okay. Don't take responsibility for someone elses emotional state. There are plenty of people who seek to get offended - don't bother trying to accommodate them, you wont win. Send them love and live your life. Don't cast pearls before swine. Where is the balance? How long is a piece of string? Where is the beginning and the end? Open ended questions that require parameters to answer. Listen to your heart.
  17. Hey, I have an opportunity to go camping for 4 days. I'm looking to get the most out of it. Is pitching a tent and doing literally nothing (just me, a tent, water and something to sleep on) the best option for me? Does anyone have any recommendations? My goal is to elevate consciousness. I could potentially acquire mushrooms as well.
  18. Can higher consciousness be an impediment to achievement in the physical world? I know the answer is yes but it seems strange. Its presented as the cure all for humanity, but arguably in this context him being less developed, or stooping down to a lower level wouldve benefitted humanity. Spiral wizardry? Is it better to remain true to the cause or to be a chamleon for results.
  19. Hey, I have some questions that I would like to hear others thoughts on. Why do I get emotionally attached to women without being sexually attracted to them? As a guy I notice that time and time again I will become overly interested in other women without wanting to fuck them. Rather I just want them to like me and forge some type of ''romance'' that is just them validating me I suppose. Or being intimate without sex. On the other hand, I will have meaningless sex with guys who I get horny for - but otherwise have 0 emotional connection with. Whenever I do this it feels so easy and 0 effort, but I don't get caught up with any idea of me wanting them to like me, or vice versa. It's legit just physical attraction with no thoughts on their personality. Is this some way for my mind to try and make women into my mum or something? Making up for lost time in childhood? It's confusing because I've come to the point where i'm confident I'm into guys, but there is this really weird energy around women that makes no sense to me. I feel like because I don't want to fuck them, there is no possibility of it happening, yet I engage with them in this strange meandering fashion that gives the illusion that I want sex but actually don't. Which ends up with me getting rejected and grumpy over something that I didn't want? Or do I want it and it's an elaborate coping mechanism to justify not getting what I want. But I'm not aroused for them? But I get mentally attached. Really weird and clueless as to what the answers are. Thanks for reading.
  20. Nothing (The Tao, God, Being, Presence, Infinity, Zero) Authenticity is a return to that of which all has arisen. Acting without thought.
  21. It's interesting. I've heard the claim that fluid intelligence decreases with age (around 25 when the brain is ''fully grown'') but these findings are limited to evidence.. and we know how sketchy that realm can be. I say don't allow a consensus to put a limit on what you think you can achieve. In my opinion, certainly cognitive function declines in middle age, but that's based upon the lowest common denominator. The majority of society consumes poison on an almost daily basis, takes no interest in consciousness, watches entertainment constantly and rarely self reflects. Snowball those habits for a few years and it's no surprise the brain prunes the ability to think creatively - the environment does not require it. Is it possible to grow beyond 25? Yeah dude. The more you grow to be a more loving person (in tune with the universe) the more you will see reality clearly. With enhanced perception comes the ability to synthesize information others cannot - which is the backbone of creativity. Manifesting something out of the unmanifested.
  22. Bought and completed in a similar state, though probably not as lethargic. I'd recommend doing some letting go work to alleviate your negativity - so you get the best application of your mind while pursuing the course. Read ''Letting Go'' By David R Hawkins / Levels of Energy by Fredirick Dodson
  23. If I think I'm yellow am I really yellow? Isn't the mind always trying to paint itself superior to others?
  24. To keep it? Dump a big chunk into an index fund. To raise consciousness? Funnel it into your life purpose which is serving humanity - expand it.