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  1. In the end, enlightenment is being emptied, by grace. It's the universe's 'decision' as to when you are ready to be emptied and 'awaken'. The universe is like a giant magnet of LOVE that is attracting you spiritually, but of course there is resistance and the process of living that 'gets in the way'. Make yourself as nothing as you can, as simple as you can. But of course you cannot do that unless you are a living a monk's life, the world gets in the way. So do as best as you can to make your life simple and free of problems. Problems and worries burden the mind too much. Do you get what I'm suggesting? Make your life very trouble free, very thought free and simple. So you don't need to waste energy! Get your life straight in all areas of your life. Then you will have spare energy. This spare energy, even with little meditation will take you where you need. But that doesn't sound too appealing or exciting, and there's no promise it will work... the entire issue or problem is the constant need of approval by this self (<----that was speaking), that wants excitement or security etc... Try to not live by the spoiler's rules for a few days and that's an awakening by itself, to something real, beyond your boundaries. Just don't get excited, that's its favorite meal. Starve it, and the extra energy you free from doing that will instantly go to your Intelligence, your perception or attention to dive deeper.
  2. Hey, just wanted to report 26, m, 183cm(6feet), 78kg(171 pounds~) Have general anxiety and depression. Ashwagandha concentrated as KSM66, 600MG with 200mgL-theanine. They say for some it takes weeks to feel since it builds up in your system. Well I took it the first time ever today and I must say I felt it, and others felt it too. I didn't even notice anything until my Mom told me that I am too calm. At that point I tried to reflect but I didn't feel anything strange, a little less full but I used to not having thoughts go through me all the time. An hour or two later and I notice I am just more stoic. More not giving a fuck, much more relaxed. My body feels warm inside, kind of a soothing. I know ashwagandha suppress cortisol the stress hormone, so that was definitely felt. I also started noticing that I was much less emotional, I didn't feel this way or another, just nothing. I red about it a little and it said that it helps testosterone and muscle growth, so I went to lift weights. And yeah that was really fun! so fun, I was dancing!! I haven't danced for months, so it really uplifted my depression right there When I finished training I layed down immidiately and just chilled, my breath slowed, I lost sensation of my the room and was just feeling my body. Introspectively trying to see where this is taking me now. I was toying with anxiety since I felt really calm. I noticed an anxious madness within me. I stayed with it. Things begun to become more and more trippy. I was just losing consciousness around my body and just staying with this feeling of maddness that was slowly consuming me Anyway I took a breath, and got up. I was groggy and didn't feel like doing anything. Not miserable. I was interested ... Not much happened after that I think it faded. I am still calm, there's much less anxiety so that' after effects I guess. Overall?! Very surprising for something that is natural?! I would expect a commercial pill to give me this sort of effect. But this is exactly what I was looking for- a band aid. My anxiety is crippling so this gives me a break. I was thinking about taking twice the amount before I took it, since I underestimated it. Thank god I didn't since that was more powerful than I wanted. I think I'll stick to half a pill and maybe another half later. Would I recommend? Not for everyone... The downside ashwagandha is something called 'anhedonic ', it means emotional numbness, sort of apathy- disassociation. I have a bit of self knowledge so that will help me navigate that. But I think it's very worth your time. It's similar to CBD or weed, but much less psychoactive, and not depressing at all. Weed is more a downer on me, but this didn't give me any down. disclaimer- I took it only once. I want to continue trying it Hopefully it will help me stabilize.
  3. Off topic- My last trip was my best one and it proved to me 100% how much set and settings changes your trip... I am no longer interested in doing LSD without being clean inside. Not without fasting, and eating cleanly for a few days. Seriously, what you're talking about, the trip not being smooth. That was the smoothest trip I ever had. Come up was so EASY. I wasn't laughing, or twitching. I literally felt the energy smoothly come up. Then it picked for I would say an hour or two in. And I even wanna say I started coming down after 3-4. Faster come down...
  4. It's more than worth it. You'll get skills that you will wish you paid more. Maybe you can find something cheaper. I would just go with my intuition. I mean it got you this far...
  5. My relationship with my mother is a very interesting one. Since I have had too many violent arguments with her. It took a few years to get to a safe place. She was very needy and I was very rebellious, disgusting, immature, naïve, and the list goes on... After she remarried and found a stable man in her life. I believe this gave her time what she needed to be able to receive me. I had done spiritual work myself so I got better at it too. But it's mostly on her. I am able to talk to her as an adult to an adult. Person to person conversation. And less mother and son. Sometimes though more mother and son. So it varies. But it's a healthy place where we can have conversation. It is strange because this relationship deeply reflects back to me the state of my life and her life. So seeing my mother I also immediately see my inner state. And where I have not been straight in my life. It is the greatest treasure she gives me. One day I hope to have a daughter.
  6. All is fair in love and war. It is known that people generally prefer to their own race and ethnicity for obvious reasons for familiarity and compatibility. Not saying there aren't enough variants. But you picked Japan, come on.. This isn't coming from racism, it's culturalism.
  7. I literally the sense of the borders of my body completely disappearing in a matter 1 second. The sudden and rapid onset of PANIC. The ' OH NO NON ON NO NON ON ON O WHAT HAVE I DONE OH GOD OH GOD OH GOD' So unless you experienced dying, then it's nothing like it.
  8. I am in the same place, father alcoholic, mother is over protective... Father left in my teens. Anyway... The solution is to become more conscious. Since your consciousness is primal. It is first and foremost. Your anger is your initiation, and you will find your power the more you are able to master your anger and use it to change yourself for the better of everyone instead of drowning in it and becoming more selfish as your anger desperately cries for. Anger is an energy waste. It is not efficient and hinders your ability to get what you need that makes you so angry. Since consciousness is alchemy too, find your teacher so you can go through the process of transmuting your anger into more consciousness. Then you will have more answer than you know what to do with.
  9. The fact of looking anywhere but inside to find the solution to your problem. The truth is there is nothing that can be done anywhere, since the problem is yourself. And the solution is the absence of yourself. So what could fill you enough out-there that will cause the absence of you?
  10. Personally I seem to function best on raw high quality fresh fruits and vegetables.
  11. You're right, it's a horrible situation, and I can't believe my words to suggest men to go to prostitutes'. This cannot be of high integrity. But this is the world as I see it currently today, it still happens... I guess it boils down to- there's no free sex. If you're not paying for it, then she it. and vice versa.
  12. You have to keep breaking your heart until it opens.
  13. I don't understand. He asked how to do pick up without hurting a woman's feelings. Prostitution is the honest way to improve(somewhat) your skills in bed, (except having a partner ofc). Do you mean to tell me the choice these women are making is not theirs to make? It's woman's choice so to dampen men's sex, so he doesn't go after the children. I cannot imagine the hell this world would become without woman's sacrifice. An honest man(if he exists) wouldn't go to prostitutes' over and over, at some point he will know that he had enough. When there's not enough for him to learn from that experience. If he still does it then it is just unconsciousness. Otherwise what hope does this man have?
  14. If you seek to develop sexual mastery, and your intent is not on your own pleasure but growth. Then you must confront the beast within, as women(and men) for centuries used prostitution to weaken man's volatile violent beast. I don't know if Prostitution is a fair trade for women, but it exhausts man's sexual beast, without which he is a bit less threatening to the children of earth this is the deal I believe woman agreed to. These are the tools we have.
  15. As we all know the bitter truth is that free sex is an invitation for suffering. It's ignorant. It sounded to me, from my perception of things that he is an honest guy that doesn't want anyone to feel cheated or misled. So the highest truth in this case is simply to be honest. He wants to do pick up? Then he can go do pick up and be honest about his intentions. Yes he will lose most women, but he will keep his integrity. Which is why I gave option #2, go to an escort. You get sex, you can learn more about sex, and you keep your integrity!