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  1. Myth :))) Myth is the 'history' of truth. The ring of truth in story. The ancient forgotten truth. LORD OF THE RINGS for example, is a very accurate myth, to the point of conspiracy theories about it. My personal favorite is a manga called Berserk, which depicts man's eternal struggle against those who play god without permission. Against so called 'fate'. Come come, to the hidden cave where mystics write and sing we call you...
  2. Do affirmations, it is very powerful. Get your mind very clear before and after work, go to the gym, meditate, eat healthy, sleep and wake early. You need your mind to be still, so you will be able to RECOGNIZE your clients. Third eye is very powerful in this game. So is your heart since the Heart is what builds the trust and attracts your client to eventually say, 'yes I will buy this'. And then let the job teach you, let life show you... number#1 thing in sales. Believe in your product. Get that sense of CERTAINTY. That this is something your client wants, needs, and should at least listen :). Then get your head clear, everything negative is a complete and total distraction. Be CRYSTAL CLEAR. Then you approach, and you sell.
  3. QUICK FIXES!!! If this doesn't work or it's too hard- do a juice fast. For me and for my friends even just 1 simple week of juice fasting and BOOM you get it. It will require a lil more work than that if you say you're 'spritually disconnected', but a juice fast, or any fast, will lead to very quick results. You'll feel it, and then you'll know it. Then you'll understand a little bit more about what's Leo talking about.
  4. Some people have and some people are have nots. Not everyone can have it all. There's only a finite amount of resources around. The job I get, makes it so you don't have place in the company I work for! And vice versa... Why? well...
  5. It's still doable. You need a job, get a job at McDonalds, get any job, you need to earn a living so you can buy certain essential things. Good clothes, good perfume, good food. You can't expect a women to get close to you without these things. Get books that you're passionate about, it could be self help, it could be about virgins like you. Start digging your head into reading material, it's good for you. enjoy it. Find a career path. Pay a professional counselor(see why you need money?) to help you figure what kind of a career you can make yourself. You need to get your head straight. Pay for therapy. Find a gym so you can get those feel good hormones, so you can get testosterone, this will boost your performance and drive for life. It will make you also want to get better food to get higher and better nutrition. Good luck. If all else fails, go to a monestary instead of suicide. Monks have been recorded to be able to instantly create bliss, to off record levels of bliss, such rapture and love on command is not something science understand. So if it comes down to it, just go and do that, what've you got to lose. Better than suicide imo.
  6. I am relived and grateful. The non dual message is very invigorating. I am uncertain about its nature, since I have experienced powerfulness but also desperation, fury and criticalness.
  7. Me too! When some part of your life, as big as school is unsatisfying then there is bound to be some backlash-video games. Connect with life to counteract the loveless world that is the education system and work. You can use Leo's videos if it sparks that passion for life in you too!
  8. I don't understand you guys. Do you think gay people are less into sex or something? if ANYTHING gay people are MORE sexual. They got that pride guys! Hey, so I was in a position that sounds really similar to you, thinking about that maybe I am gay, and noticing that most of my friends are so much more into women and sex, sexual thoughts, and everything... Yet I just didn't care. I am 26 now. and only in my 24 or 25 I can say that something busted my doors completely open. Now I feel like all guys, looking at boobs and butt instantly without even thinking... It's not fun because it's so instinctual and forceful... Do you work out? Do you get enough sun? Do you get enough sleep? Are you depressed? If you are just stuck in front of a computer all day, and you look slim, or skinny fat, and your skin is pale. Then no freaking wonder.
  9. I wonder if there's people that truly read these words, then BOOM, they get it. I doubt it... Perhaps there's no one to get it? sure. Intellectually cornering yourself to stop spiritual seeking is forceful, and intentional. The non-dual message speaks of effortlessness and spontaneity, it's a beautiful message but for no one. I feel uncertain and tense from your words.
  10. Give freely. What do you have to lose/gain then? Or the other person? This will create an interesting effect on your ego, because now it will be forced to 'give' reception. The ego struggles to receive or even give anything, that's not its purpose. Its purpose is to surrender to the free flowing dynamic that is the living embodiment of life. If you suspect your giving is Ego based, then try to continue giving whatever you can, good words, an ear to listen, not falling to your addictions and distractions... Soon you'll see yourself resisting and then you'll know.
  11. I'll give you this perspective instead. When you're done having sex, you had kids already, you paid everything you need to pay for. Do you still want a woman around? Do you actually care for a woman? Do you love Woman? Of course you'll want to make love to Woman, but do you love woman? Just enjoy it then. But how can you enjoy it when you are thinking about so so many other things? Leave out all the rest
  12. BOOM. exhaust it.