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  1. Which textbook? There’s quite a bit of junk out there
  2. r/learnprogramming https://www.reddit.com/r/learnprogramming/wiki/faq?utm_source=share&utm_medium=ios_app&utm_name=iossmf
  3. Hopefully it’s explained why it took so long
  4. Maybe check r/learnprogramming https://www.reddit.com/r/learnprogramming/
  5. D’angello has millions of followers and gets millions of views per video. 50K is peanuts for him, his motivation could not be clout chasing. your second point probably has more merit to it though
  6. What clout? Actualized vids barely get 50K views (even if he has a million subs)
  7. Closed-minded? Sure Unwise? Sure Delusional? Ehhh ok, fine Scum bag? Naww
  8. Makes sense
  9. Posting part two too since it appears he’s refining some of the points he made in part 1
  10. But from his pov, he doesn't know if its true or not. His resistance (assuming there was any) is understandable and even a good thing imo.
  11. I don't know enough to comment on this, but I'd imagine it's because his kind of work isn't really suited for cooperatives? Do you know of anyone specifically complaining about terrible work conditions under his employment? Like what? He says he donates to charity and.. well, I guess he could donate to politicians or something (though maybe he already does?). I mean the guy has probably had a decent influence. He's got over a million followers on twitch. He could always do more, but like.. Huh? His audience is full of socialists, not libertarian types. I don't see it.
  12. Socialists arguments are directed towards people who own the means of production, not every rich person ever. I think Hassan would be classified as an artist under the socialist philosophy.. or something like that. Simply because he bought a big house? He believes he's doing everything he can through his political commentary and promoting progressive values. What else do you think he should do?
  13. I wouldn’t know any but okay. I still think you’d be much better off posting it in his subreddit or discord. They will either ban you or talk in good faith, but I believe Vaush has said that he doesn’t want an audience full of cock-sucking fanboys so I reckon at least a few will be happy to address your concerns (although I can’t say how regularly he emphasizes this point so..).
  14. 1 hour expose vid?? Holyy man, this is a video you only post if you see Vaush fanboys who’ll suck his cock at any given moment. that isn’t this place, so I don’t get why you post it here. It just turns into a stupid hate thread and debate.
  15. Nah I’d be very cautious with labels such as “superior”. It just feels like a bias. best to synthesize the western and eastern philosophical traditions; this results in a much more comprehensive understanding.
  16. Maybe just ban procrastination and slacking off in general lol honestly, a ban like that would’ve benefited me a lot. But it has to come from the inside… but the inside loves slacking off.
  17. Eh, idk. He seems like a pretty hardcore individualist to me. https://youtu.be/XbEs02-LjO4 you might still be bringing up a few valid points though.
  18. Pretty decent approach imo.
  19. Eh, it’ll probably start going up again
  20. Idk, so many of my family members have moved to America and they seem to be doing fine. Materialism and obsession with sex is actually a huge improvement compared to religious dogma and fundamentalism imo and crap economy.
  21. 8 HOURS?! well, I guess I shouldn’t be too surprised
  22. How do you become more “feminine” or “masculine” after mystical experiences when they (in theory) transcend even the notion of being “a human” ?
  23. How many more vaccine threads do we need