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  1. Yep, I do. I'm not confident. I don't think the cause is very obvious in my case so I just have some ideas and considerations. I have been using earphones/headphones for probably 5+ years so I suspect that has something to do with it, perhaps the volume was too loud even though I honestly never really felt that that was the case but I also don't remember that well. If I had to though bet this is probably the reason why. Another consideration is that perhaps I had tinnitus for quite a while before I first noticed it but only noticed it when I did because I was meditating around that time (it was only 10-15 mins but it is something). Some more info: I was using airpods pro for a few days before I first noticed my tinnitus while running outside. We had terrible smog at that time of the year too (seems quite irrelevant but more information can't hurt, I guess. I'd say its a 5 or mayybe 6. I have two types of ringing though, one of which I cannot hear at all with even little background noise and another that is. In complete silence though, the first type of ringing is most noticeable. I haven't really tried anything. It's been 3+ years now and I haven't noticed any worsening despite using over ear headphones quite a lot for music and whatnot (though I am super cautious with the volume levels.) Sometimes, rarely, I notice a change in the sound and it might get louder or more annoying for a while but that has never lasted too long and I return to normal. Not sure what to make of it. Dang, ok that'd be sweet.
  2. GPT doesn't merely know a bunch of facts - like, it's spitting out coherent, logical statements most of the time. It understands language and the world to a good degree somehow and that counts as intelligence I think.
  3. Who do you trust? Here’s a list of people with similar timelines: https://www.reddit.com/r/singularity/comments/18vawje/comment/kfpntso/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=mweb3x&utm_name=mweb3xcss&utm_term=1&utm_content=share_button But I mean sure you could just say they’re all bought into a hype cycle. I just think that’s a less plausible explanation.
  4. Getting an AGI would fundamentally change everything. According to Metaculus we get there by around 2030. That doesn’t seem like just another hype cycle at all.
  5. I don’t agree that it is immoral though. It seems like in the most basic sense morality is constructed out of whatever we care about. I can care about some things and not other things.
  6. Okay and? When I'm alive I decide what's important to me and what's not. Or maybe I don't consciously decide it but just through a combination of experiences and biases - either way, I basically pick whatever is important.
  7. >If you answer "yes" to any of these last questions, it most likely cannot be because they are in your presence, because you're most likely dead. It has to be because you care about their life, their well-being, not your own. And why should that apply to only your family members? Because they're my family members? What other reason do you need. There actually is something different about family members vs non family members. Just in a very basic level we care about some humans more than others - why should that be irrational?
  8. Not isn't solid enough imo (too subjective). This might be a little silly but like try doing some complicated physics/maths/cs/engineering questions and see if you can actually solve them quickly? Something that doesn't require too much prerequisite knowledge, of course.
  9. IQ is just a measure though, maybe it's being gamed somehow by doing these practices? Improving general reasoning, comprehension and problem solving abilities (among other things) is the real goal.
  10. Politics is necessary but really I don't feel like you need to keep up with it on a daily basis on every little bs. Like does one really need to keep up with the Trump trials and whatnot? I don't see the point. It poisons the mind too much in my view. I would rather just have a solid theoretical foundation something like the conscious politics series and vote and maybe some broad-strokes level understanding of current events and maybe do some sort of activism I guess if you're really into it(?).
  11. Honestly shutting this place down might actually be the way to go. If I’m being a little selfish I believe it’d be a net positive for me personally.
  12. No. Even a master title is a lot more difficult than one might think.
  13. But that's why it's so dangerous ? It could get increasingly intelligent and not have wisdom or the values we have which would probably end badly for us.
  14. Maybe some intuition on why AGI could end badly:
  15. Apparently it could be quite the thing if real:
  16. Weird how so many men feel this way. To me I either don’t care at all or view it positively because it means she’s explored herself more.
  17. This would be good I think. Also commentary on the nature of pleasure.
  18. When one is experiencing the beauty of nature/reality or tapping into source or taking a psychedelic etc. - doesn’t seem like these experiences are meaningless?
  19. My question is always: why Tate? There are others with no serious allegations. Just simple practical self-help that everyone else does, similar to the kind Leo has taught in the past.
  20. For example a mentally unstable person learning about God or awakening - that wouldn’t be so great for him probably. That’s a bit of an extreme example but you can imagine cases where it’s subtler.
  21. There are other communities/sects worth exploring. Maybe you don’t get the highest insights but you can still extract a lot of value and just generally interesting and stimulating stuff. Knowing the highest insights might not even be what’s personally best for you anyway (?)
  22. Why can’t he just sit back on this one when he’s aware of safety risks? Frickin absurd to me.
  23. So if there was an alien/AI/whatever that had better hardware it would have access to higher understanding that wouldn’t be possible for a human (even if they’re on psychedelics) ?
  24. Wait, really? Why am I learning about this just now. So I only need to maintain eye contact for 0-2 seconds because any longer would be weird?