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  1. Hey y’all! Haven’t seen a post about Ripple (XRP) on here, so let’s go! Ripple is a company which is working on becoming the new Middle-Man for the Worlds financial system. It is one of the fastest and cheapest way to send and trade currencies around the globe. XRP is the cryptocurrency which will be used by those banks to exchange their native currencies. These plans are already in motion like the new banking system for Europe called ISO 20022. Ripple has a contract to be the payment system for WeChat, Asias 1 Billion users Social Media app. The WEF has called XRP the number one crypto for digital assets. Digital Currencies are the future, a one world government is the plan, and that will eventually create a one world currency. This is not financial advice but please learn about the potential of Ripple. You will create generational wealth. Love y’all!
  2. I made myself a little chart for self reflection using both SD and the 7 Charkas. SD reflecting the external collective and Charkas the Internal Individual. Lmk what you think.
  3. Some people are so bored with their own reality that they are manifesting a world war for entertainment purposes.
  4. When you become aware and acceptant to something, do you love it or have you just stopped hating it?
  5. Looks like we got a Band name! @Illusory Self How are you coming along?
  6. Dealing with the same issue right now picking a Band name. I guess it should match the product and theme, but does it? We’ll keep our ears and minds open and the perfect name will flow in.
  7. Come find me flying a Phoenix kite with possibly a pink dress on. ✌️♥️✊
  8. Yea… that’s what I was afraid you’d say. We’ll good luck buddy!
  9. 1000+ Posts and you still live your life according to Make-up Dogmas. You obviously haven’t learned anything from Leo and the Community. Sleep well on your Ego.
  10. Wow, thank you for sharing. So sorry you had to experience that, I wish you and your community nothing but peace and prosperity. The survival instincts are amazing. Like the default setting of our being. I wonder how fast Usain Bolt could run if he was on survival mode.
  11. “God is like a cloud” You see whatever you imagine.
  12. 300mg is a classic micro dose if you weigh average 150lbs. But maybe start with one and see how you feel, each batch can vary by potency. Take 3 days in between each dose for tolerance to recover, otherwise you’ll have to take more to feel the same effects.
  13. Oh definitely. It’s like going Hiking. Mt.Everest might be the highest mountain to climb, but all the other mountains and hills are beautiful in their own way.