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  1. What a beautiful day. I realized I can no longer relate to your thoughts. Thanks for all your work, I wish you the best. Btw, the pedophiles called, they miss your old logo. 😉
  2. I know he’s a crazy conspiracist with outrages believes. And I am not saying he’s the best or wisest, or always right. When I was 18 I watched him and he awoke me to the reality that there is a massive control game being played by the leaders over the peoples minds. That gave me the courage to leave my cultural upbringing and discover for myself what is actually happening. My main dislike is that we look at a character like Alex Jones in a preconceived light where he is the crazy right wing conspiracy nut. So anyone bringing another perspective of him is attacked by the already decided minds, He has done some good things too. That’s it. I’m not afraid to get backlash for saying that because I know what I know.
  3. @Lyubov my ‘garage’ posts hold more value than your dismissive, Leo worshipping comments. I hope I get banned for trying to give a little bit of credit to a person who publicly fights pedophilia and has tried his best to wake the people to the global control they keep falling into. But go ahead and hate him for only the bad that you want to see with your limited awareness. This fucking forum is starting to suck anyway, the political section has destroyed it. You can see how Bias and one sided it has become when a person saying a positive for Trump instantly gets attacked, but a Biden or a Bernie fan can freely speak without having to acknowledge their shit pick.
  4. Another post to judge and dismiss opposing views and ideas. 🤦‍♂️ Label him stage red or a clown, but give the man some credit for trying to expose the pedophile rings for decades. He has done more for society than 99% of the ‘enlightened beings’ on this forum.
  5. Regardless of the many reasons you can find to back Trump, he is not the answer and you know it. Sure, neither is Joe or Kanye, but that doesn’t mean we have to support the individual devil that appears to be the best solution. They all suck. It’s going to take many angry people to change anything. Don’t settle for the least worst. Edit: People love to hate on Trump. You’d never get this much arguing over someone rationalizing to vote for Biden. Bias Egos everywhere’s
  6. Turn the fear of missing out to trusting that you will receive. But it’s nice to chase after the best opportunity. Alternatively you can learn to trade. I bet you’d be one to buy high and sell low, I used to do that. But with patience and awareness you can rationally make smart and logical moves that will benefit you even when they fail. Trust and you shall receive.
  7. “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder”
  8. @Opo Ok, I get that. Apparently they use a predicting model using the votes from the electoral college, which is the 91%. @Forestluv Yes, uneducated whites are Trumps favorite.
  9. I’m not. Stop dismissing me as if my views are none sense. We can disagree, have opposing opinions, that’s the beauty of a free forum. I’m asking you to reply with more than a statement. I’m challenging you, challenge me back.
  10. What? Put more input into your response. You can laugh at me, but the same 90% chance of winning was given to Clinton a few weeks before the election. Why would I trust news organizations that feed propaganda and bias agendas for years.
  11. @SpaceLaika01 You will find no satisfaction with your post here. The soul eaters will continue to kill.
  12. In 2016 there were 128 million votes. Based on Biden’s 91%, he should have close to 116 million votes and Trump around 12 million. Trump had 62 million votes in 2016. Why would 80% of those people switch to Biden who is as bad as Clinton. Lets see what happens.
  13. Trust. That’s all you can do.
  14. Sounds like CNN has entered the chat. 3. Trump wins because people think he’s a better alternative than career politician Uncle Joe who sells himself out to whatever will get him elected. 4. Trump wins because patriots and nationalist want him to uphold their values that they think has made this country great. Before you hate on me, these are not my views. Just a couple more alternatives to your 2 bias options. I wish this forum banned political talk, as in talking about who’s the right or wrong leader. Let’s talk about policy and how to improve the system. No positive change will come from trying to predict an outcome with a one sided view.