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  1. If you look at the term Conscious: The state of being awake and aware of one's surroundings. Yes, I would say that there is an elevated level to someone who went Vegan or made any type of change due to realizing and understanding what is actually happening around them or inside them. Imagine if everyone on earth ate and lived like the worst american. We would all be fat, ugly, and sick. It is no joke, food is seriously addicting, and veganism has its pleasure traps as well. Fat, Sugar, any addiction, we are neurologically wired to go for our pleasures and we do things one would never admit. Stealing land and habitats, pushing life forms to extinction, causing such destruction to earth that it has dead zones in waters, massive pollution in the air. You are a Virus if you feed of the host and don't give anything back. Even worse when you slowly milk it, day after day, manipulating its natural form to exploit it fully. Keeping it alive while it screams to die. Someone is less conscious if they never question how food gets to their dinner plate. Someone is less conscious if they are less aware of the surroundings and games that are being played around them, inside them, physically, mentally, spiritually. Just a sheep in society, living for pleasures, not for the general well being, not for progression. The reality is, Global Modern Society is eating wrong. = Please, someone counter that.
  2. That used to be my theme too, doubting, discontent about who and what I am. So much darkness that surrounded me, negativity and limitations. But at the same time I also saw the beauty of reality, the loving light of peace and bliss, the connection was there. And what happened was a transition between the dark childhood I used to dwell in, and the amazing life I was working to create. But with awareness and energy you can change your default settings. There is balance to be found. But it doesn't mean that you have to let go of darkness, or force content. For the last few years I have found my self on the edge of breaking down and being so thankful for my life. Life is a very dramatic experience if you take it from a first person perspective. But if you can also pull away and realize more than what is, you understand that it is not as personal as it may feel. But yet feeling like the center is enjoyable. Surrender your Identification. Let the emotions and thoughts flow, don't let them control. There is beauty when you reflect and dislike what you see. Just allow life to let you be, whatever it is you should be.
  3. When you don't have balance or awareness physically, emotionally, mentally, or spiritually, finding answers to questions outside of the self is difficult. A trip can help if you are ready. It will bring your negative patterns to the light, and expose all the deceptions you are playing on yourself. With a greater awareness you will realize how you do the same in your trips, you will conclude, and it will ruin the moment. It is a much harder choice than to let it play out in peace and surrender to creation. I've been there, and its very disappointing. Sometimes I've even killed my experience from concluding that it was done or negative, all by letting my emotions or thoughts play me, take control of me. But it takes awareness, and you are aware of it, and you are aware that it isn't serving you, so now you surrender. Just flow and be. Trust, Accept, Surrender. Welcome!
  4. Seems like you are talking about Authors or Screenwriters, Novelists or Poets, or really any Story or Song Writer. When the mind gives birth to a new reality, you have to form a structure so that you present it correctly, in a clear way. That requires observing and understanding what real is, how it tricks and pulls the soul through heaven and hell. Explaining something so incredible that it speaks to the spirit of many. When you can be entertaining in how you express, the words and ways you write, then that's all the receiver really cares about. You just want to give something that doesn't feel like a waste of time, something that's seems important. What do you want to hear? Truth. Perceived rational Truth. Skill is something you can pick up. I am learning something right now that I had no clue about a few months ago, and now I am building on that Skill. So many Skills that I am working on growing. That is what comes natural. The desire to grow Skill. David Foster Wallace, Allan Watts, Robert Greene are my top 3 for speakers that realize more than what is. And they are really great at expressing it. What about this?
  5. @IAmTheHolySpirit You are not healing with words that are lagging love. What you perceive to be, is not ultimate truth. You should help to pull souls from darkness, not keep them from the light. You might have realized that you are it, but here you are part of the collective. You should review Rule #1 on the Forum Guidelines.
  6. Yea.... sound fun!?!
  7. Yay! We found the answer!
  8. @EntheogenTruthSeeker Age means nothing. You are already ahead of the majority of people on earth, simply by surrendering your self to your own flaws. I wish you nothing but blessing on this experience.
  9. Start with a Yurt. Cheapest Option besides a tent. And you should check building codes, but in Slovenia i'm not sure how strict they are. I am from Feldbach, Austria so we are neighbors haha
  10. Its 2020. Live like a King/Queen
  11. Don't think so much. You will look past the love of your life when you put criteria on people. Love just happens. And more importantly. You should build a friendship with your partner. And from there it should become a best friend ship. And then, when you don't want to live without them, it wont really matter how similar or different you both are. You love them for being them. Not for being like you.
  12. Weed will raise you if you are down. But once you are up, weed will keep you at a certain frequency. You have to drop it if you want to get higher. (Personal Experience)
  13. Fill your heart with Love and let your Spirit spread that across the environment. World Peace by calling Trump? The Pope? ... That's Ego Peace
  14. Whats the work your doing? Logging? Slaughterhouse Employee? Ego wants to feel guilty so it will be restless and uncomfortable, instead of enjoying and loving what is happening in its life. The best way to prevent the worlds destruction as a human? Just wait to die off. I'm sure you are destroying the world in many worse ways. Do you Drive? Do you grow your own food? Do you smile enough?
  15. "The only thing we have to fear is fear itself." - FDR