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  1. how is he compared to bradicus?
  2. @Proserpina how do you do this sublime gaze?
  3. @Dlavjr I feel the same way and stop masturbating for a very long time when I start to catch feelings for a girl. I just don't feel sexual at all. don't know it is something to do with subconscious beliefs or the way my brain processes things.
  4. dumb question, but why wouldn't you recommend that? would it be seen as taking advantage and thus low conscious behaviour?
  5. I banged a few prostitutes over a year ago, I kind of felt bad after the experience every time so I stopped going there. I hope to meet someone that I can have a genuine intimate relationship with.
  6. @Leo gura please do a video to inspire us who are trying to achieve a good dating life
  7. would this be considered stage red? pretty catchy song
  8. I know am a lazy bastard who was pretty much born with a silver spoon up my ass. I really just wish this was something out there to make it easier. I set my mind on something and then I quickly lose motivation. Tbh I feel a little scared with were my life is currently going, in terms of life purpose, enlightenment and relationships and I don't know how am going to fix this. how am I going to build the work ethic to achieve any of this. someday I would like to think I'll do more approaches.
  9. @Leo Gura easier said then done. took me a few hours walking around my home town to build up the courage to say hi to a girl and after that I was like now what, so I said I leave you too it. I'm thinking of tripping balls, might get lucky and experience ego death which in turn might just help me a little with approach anxiety. do you reckon something like that would work?
  10. is strong desire for truth something you can cultivate over time or is it your something innately born with?
  11. How has your experience using options since you created this post?
  12. @SirVladimir "Trading makes our egos more observant in charts, disciplined and sneaky. Imagine if trading actually made your ego shut up. All those yogis, monks, hermits and psychonauts were wrong the whole time. Damn. Instead, why don't they start trading, because trading shuts up their egos. If anything, trading itself is the very reason through which your ego craves survival. " that seems to be a very wise and practical perspective of trading itself, however I would not rule out the use of spiritual development to aid your trading even if it sole purpose is to aid your survival agenda.
  13. How long have you been trading for? Are you training on a full time basis? I had discovered trading around 6 or 7 years ago through a popular youtuber. I had worked at a low paid job to save enough money to buy the chat room subscription and make a small deposit of $500 into an offshore brokerage account. Unfortunately, I soon realised that even if I made a significant percentage gains they will eventually be taken away by the commissions. Being a lazy teen, I mostly forgot about trading plus my family were not very keen on me continuing this and I eventually found a better paying job Recently I have been prompted by my friend who knew I had an interest in trading to re enter the market. I understand the stock market is pretty volatile right now and the barrier for entry has never been lower with apps like robinhood. I have come to the realization that there is a chance of making a good living through trading and investing however I will need to treat this more like a business then a hobby (90% of business fail within 5 year – 90% of retails trader loss majority of there deposit within 6 months) At this point I have decided to take things much slowly and try to create a sound trading strategy that I can use. Currently I am paper trading using the TC2000 platform and just experimenting different strategies. I make sure to log all my trades in an excel spreadsheet to track my metrics. If you are looking to combine an aspect of spirituality into your trading, I would highly recommend checking out Brett Steenbager’s blog post Traderfeed where has written extensive blog posts on how you can use spirituality to aid your trading. I would also recommend Jesse Livermore’s book how to trade stocks, a timeless classic with material that is still relevant today as it was a 100 odd years ago. I had attempted the life purpose course however I found it difficult to stick the life purpose it led me towards. I will reattempt the life purpose course in the near future My long-term goal with trading is to achieve financial independence, will I be able to? I don’t know however this uncertainty will not stop me from trying lastly, to make it as a trader you are going to need a genuine passion for the financial markets, even when the going gets tough and you have blown your account. You need to be able to pick yourself back up and continue moving forward. It’s not what you do when everything is going to plan and your banking that Lambo money but what you do the moment trades start stacking against you that will define the trajectory of your trading career. Sorry for the long post I never thought I would see a trading/investing post on this site. Edit: in no way I am endorsing a particular investment nor am I qualified to give financial advise. I have heard Chain Link could be the next big thing. its currently trading around $4 mark last time I checked
  14. @Free Mind how did you get to this stage were you started to question everything?
  15. Watching Leo’s recent video about life advice for young people, I came across a comment about using active recall. I googled a bit of information about this and found out it’s a learning technique used to retain information. For example, reading a chapter and then trying to remember as much information written in there without looking at it again. The theory behind this method is that it challenges your brain more compared to traditional note taking and therefore you are more likely to retain that information faster and “recall” it when needed. While reading about this active recall method I also stumbled across another learning technique that piqued my interest called spaced repetition. This is where you space out your learning material in a way, were you go and revise the material again just before you are likely to forget it. For example, you could read a book and then read it again in a week’s time, then a month’s and so on just to refresh the knowledge in your mind. My question is do you have any effective learning methods that you have used when looking at Leo’s material? What methods do you use to concentrate when listing to his videos and attempting the life purpose course? Any methods on how to avoid procrastination? Methods to improve worth ethic? Any insights and answers are welcome ?