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  1. what is language? language vs truth. language vs servival. language vs consciousness. a deep series video about the nature of language. what makes language happen in human consciousness?
  2. shadow work.
  3. how am I god? how to handle the Pardox between being human and God? to which polarity identity goes? isn't the chrstian saying true? you are the image and likeness of God. a human and a God at the same time. I am God doesn't make sense unless to create shock to people to wake them. I am God as identity is toxic. what do you say?
  4. First of for who decided servival is evil. this tought is evil itself. servival by itself is truth. @Leo Gura this kind of idea will get you jail. preach high standard moral values.
  5. @Leo Gura you are wrong. I don't agree on this one. isn't self actualizing oneself also self biase? in order to civilization enhance, morality is needed. imagine your computer being immoral when you want to need it to work some specific task and do the opposite. imagine your computer do the opposite of what you type, then how do you reconcile this? is it moral or immoral? @Leo Gura your applying infinite consciousness for lower consciousness stages. that only lead and being end up mental masterbation. the other thing you shouldn't advocate such thing to the world. this kind of mentality will get the world hell. morality has stages. the universe is moral. People unable to go Meta conclude reality is immoral. 7 stages of consciousness Sprial developments. how morality developed. read here
  6. @Scholar reality is moral. because People can't go Meta will think reality is realitve. they take the position of objectivism. I develop a 7 stages of consciousness people grow Spritualy and morally. reality works on perfect balance, on laws and moral values. Leo gura is wrong about morality but soon or after he will realize that reality is moral when he go Meta.
  7. what are value system? in which way of thinking run? towards morality, principles, attitudes? what value most morality, faith, community, consciousness, etc? to which religion most closely and advocate?
  8. @Preety_India Leo gura postive quality Honesty, truthful, deeply embodied knowledge, actualized philosophy, Spritualy committed and disciplined. negative quality negative world view. lack of sainthood quality. sadhgrhu postive quality simplicity, great communicater understanding, easy, joyful. negative quality bluffing, lack of sainthood quality, not Spritual committed and disciplined. osho postive quality Sainthood, understanding, accepting, wisdom, joyful, simplistic. negative quality rude, irresponsible, lack plans. alan Watts postive quality graceful, great mind, understanding, funny, knowledgeable, strong, planning. negative quality lack of sainthood, not Spritualy committed and disciplined, not intuitive.
  9. you are crazy.
  10. I develop my own system of stages of consciousness, to avoid such blind spot. all teachers in the world are in error. they only manipulate small amounts of God consciousness.
  11. what do you guess about the title?
  12. Leo Sprial dynamics series videos are great introduction to unknown area of knowledge. I think the videos are very enough to get knowledge. I don't think you need to read the book. he present it greatly. don't make Sprial dynamics your new religion. I suggest if he brings up new models and ideas from different fields.
  13. @Tim R this is me too. I drunk in Sprituality and justify my truth and my way. that is trying to hide life biggest insecurity. earth is the temple of God. you will never have the apportunity of living and enjoying life. let's put theory our ego, illusion aside and be blissful In life. don't stop Sprituality, that is also another trap. do it every day for it own sake as eating for eating sake is done.
  14. how to go Meta morality? what are your perspective about morality? for example I develop a framework of Meta morality that is based on chrstianity faith. “Thou shalt have no other gods before me.” — Exodus 20:3 he understandood he is God but the situation he is in makes it impossible because bestality can't be God, the mind can't be God but idol. saying I am God only makes consciousness to ego. consciousness can't be materialise, which ultimately turns it to the devil, Worshipping devil is sin. because man isn't consciousness but matter too. man is a microcosm being. man contains a mixture identity. 2. “Remember the sabbath day, to keep it holy.” — Exodus 20:8 respecting oneself and God. Worshipping God on the sabbath day. 3. “Honour thy father and thy mother: that thy days may be long upon the land which the LORD thy God giveth thee.” — Exodus 20:12 he understandood mother and father aren't only of flesh but evey living being of earth are his mother in soul and his father in sprit. realized not only physical mother and father but the breath of holy sprit in evey human soul is his mother. and the image of God sprit found on every human being is his father. 4. “Thou shalt not kill.” — Exodus 20:13 not only physical killing but people's ego as well, thier identity. 5. “Thou shalt not commit adultery.” — Exodus 20:14 adultery in this stage isn't only of sleeping in flesh but also fornication with soul too. avoiding living from the ego. 6. “Thou shalt not bear false witness against thy neighbour.” — Exodus 20:16 being clean in every aspect of life and obeying God law's in every directions of life. not bearing false witness weather at work or in every part of our life.
  15. what makes you to say that?
  16. What is consciousness is? And how does it affect us? Most of us here mostly concern about consciousness instead of right living and embodying the great sages wisdom of living. I would say we lost in for only one and one thing, which is consciousness. And most of the time we conflate consciousness with love, morality, goodness but that is wrong. What is consciousness? Consciousness is God pure potentiality, or God light, God primary source or God energy that possible doing anything. So what is wrong with consciousness? Consciousness has its own aim, other than morality, goodness etc. Consciousness aim to step in to God full potential creative power. Consciousness isn't love, morality godness or anything else. consciousness absolute nature is pure without any thought, quality (love, peace, goodness) or mind. Which means consciousness doesn't know what is moral or immoral. As consciousness is everything and sees itself as everything there is no discreen consciousness makes with infinity. Consciousness at it's purest nature is infinite and everything. The lowest derivation of consciousness is conscience. We mostly confuse consciousness for conscience and we think we can act moral from our conscience because conscience is love. Conscience has this attribute truth, incorruptible ,for-knowledge ,eternal, life. Conscience another name is soul. Why conscience can't always act morally? Because conscience forget things, because it has no mind. That is why we mostly fall in to forgetfulness, and we find difficult doing things we are doing. Conscience simply act In cause and effect, input and output, action and reaction. If you give love you receive love, if you give hate, you will receive hate. So this cause we need a strong foundational moral framework and principles. Conscience needs perfect mind or attitude. That why, even everybody has a soul not all is good. Conscience needs to be assisted with perfect mind and attitude. That is why we shouldn't teach people immoral things, otherwise we should go meta for everything we do. Love to hear your thoughts.
  17. what are our self biases towards reality? what biases do we have towards reality! we are biased toward truth and don't see things as for themselves. for example people wouldn't see insect or cockroch as for themselves, but somethings which they aren't! what biases do we have about reality?
  18. Age

  19. Consciousness is pure light. Having a perfect that mirror conscience is a solution. Nothing can't exist without mind.
  20. I have understood that chrstianity is eternal commitment. there are chrstian stages of awakening and sainthood levels. I develop my own journey of stages of awakening and development.
  21. +1 absolutely great request.
  22. @soos_mite_ah yes. self help can become addictive. I myself addicted to self help most of the time. having a long horizon of time to do it, will help. 20, 30 years plan will resolve the solution. it is a life time commitment, not a camping.
  23. I don't think it would be awesome than your videos. no one would be open and understanding on book, when they aren’t on video. but who knows?
  24. I have Internet at office, besides having Internet at home would become addictive. no I couldn't find. what is the message of the video?
  25. I don't watch online. I use Internet cafe. I quit my Internet service from my home. I go to Internet cafe and download what I want. there is no even a link to download it.