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    Being God - Questions
    this is quite interesting, could you elaborate it? 
    After experiencing christ consciousness in me I began to cast out demons, and my whole kundalin energy reached every part of my body,etc. but people whom I do not know even, strangers want to attack me, without knowing me. what's happening? 

  2. note
    A Direct Example of the Dangers of Spiritual Work
    I said that precisely to disturb your naive notion that love requires saving people. That is a shallow understanding of love.
    Liberation means I don't have to do anything. Liberation means I could kill a baby and still realize I am love.
    Love is not limited to human survival requirements, ideals, morals, or good or bad actions. Love is absolutely unconditional.
    My job is to share insights about reality.
    To try to save people would make me attached to outcomes in an unhealthy way and be the opposite of liberation, leading to devilry.
    It would be wise to notice that when you try really hard to do good, you end up creating evil. Which is why the wisest people do not feel a need to save anyone.