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  1. Everything is happening simultaneously in this unique moment, Now. And nothing really happens. Because you are here only You as the Only One Consciousness. You are the Real One. You are the screen on which the film is projected, whether it is a film of love, war, horror, fantasy, etc. You are the screen that remains unaffected by the movie. You are the same unchanged screen before the movie starts, during the movie and after its completion. You have never been anything other than This.❤️🙏
  2. Rakia connecting People. (živeli) ♥️ If you drink to much Rakija enlightenment will feel horrifying, if you drink just one shot enlighttenment will fell amazing.😂😂❤️
  3. What you want to do now sounds as if you want to give it a finite form of infinity. You will never be able. Do you want the finite mind to understand infinity? Go beyond the mind through direct experience and you will experience the infinite plenary.❤️
  4. It's like, I'm aware i’m This , but this is an unknown . And if This is unknown, it only remains that I am aware that I am conscious. This Consciousness is the only one that remains as a mysterious unknown. Indeed 😁When you don't know anything then you know everything.
  5. spent quite a long time trying to find a place to catch myself, how to describe myself, or what form I can take and I found nothing ,just this "nothing". However, this had a powerful impact because it facilitated the full and deep understanding of all the facets of this priceless jewel about Leo and not only him spoken. But even they cannot accurately describe this unknown magic. Until finally I gave up explaining the inexplicable and accepted this: What I am cannot say or describe. Who I am, again I cannot say, but I feel so present here and now. I am this unknown seemingly soundable but impossible to probe. I am this unknown that exists beyond Me. As a conclusion I can put everything in this form "I AM THAT" or "IS JUST THIS". THIS or THAT meaning the unknown. The unknown who recognizes himself as unknown. What remains in the end (although there is no end), only this Permanent Silence as a Pure Presence. As I write these lines I am aware that it does not even represent 0, 000000000.......000000000000000000000000000001% of the Ultimate Truth and I can no longer post them, but I do😁. This is just a humble attempt to describe Myself, to Myself.😂 THIS
  6. Welcome All those who have answered you above, have given you wise advice to reach you for a lifetime. Now it is your turn to choose wisely and do what is to be done.Just do it. ( 😂 like nike advertasing)
  7. Indeed - there is no self to be enlightened. God simply awakens to itself. There is only a story of Osho being imagined by God - and God is fundamentally nothing. Yes the story of Osho is duality. So collapsing the story leaves only isness or Being. Being is true nature (formlessness). One can say there never was a story of Osho and that that is illusion. All form or imagination is illusion in the sense that it is intangible - you can't pin it down to anything. Its fundamentally nothing. All there is is imagination and imagination is nothing. Thereby - its just THIS! But note - it is through the story that God can know itself Good one. ❤️ Is just THIS ❤️🙏🕉
  8. @ir8221cu These are the keys: Empathy, Compassion and Love.
  9. @LfcCharlie4 I agree with what you say, but the reason for posting was that others may become aware of this silent peace, and why not, it may have a glimpse. The reason was not to “demonize thoughts”, but to pay closer attention to this quietness as a substrate. In my opinion I think it is better to stand focus to the topic of postings and make additions that will help others, not to divert the post in another direction. If we can't do that then ,The Silence is gold. .Because it is not necessary to respond and leave a comment to each post. An extraordinary day to you.❤️
  10. I dont know where did you get that ,“be aware not t demonize thoughts.” The simply reason was this: “ Q: You sometimes say the Self is silence. Why is this? A: For those who live in Self as the beauty devoid of thought, there is nothing which should be thought of. That which should be adhered to is only the experience of silence, because in that supreme state nothing exists to be attained other than oneself. “( Ramana Maharishi-Be as you are ).
  11. Which non-mind state is better, the one you” get “in an hour or the one you “get “ in 30 minutes?
  12. Touch Love, taste Love, see Love, hear Love, smell Love, think Love, feel Love.I Am Love.
  13. God, Love, Nothinghness,Eternity,Goodness,Infinity.....etc. All these attributes are still part of THAT, by which one tries to describe this “ I AM THAT I AM”. Of course, God does not exist, because You Are beyond all gods that could ever exist.. Using the power of transcendence you will see that nothing can exist beyond You. For God to exist there must be someone who believes in his existence.For God to exist there must be someone who believes in his existence.When this one is human in our case, then God exists and, yes, he is his invention. But as long as here only You exist, where is God? So who are you, human or God? “Q : Why did God make me the way I am? A: Who are you talking about? What is God? Isn't he really the light you ask the question? "I am" Himself is God. The search itself is God. In the search you discover that you are neither the body nor the mind, and the love for the Self in you is for the Self in all. The two selves are one.” Nisargadhata Maharaj
  14. If you look around without labeling anything, that's how it looks everything.So where is the baby? Maybe in that picture .😂