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  1. Uddiyana Bandha and Nauli Kryia are two powerfull pranayama technique.Check this.
  2. @Yonkon Even if you meditate 30 years continuously and have an exemplary behavior but have not yet reached liberation, all these will still generate karma but positive, in this case. So become aware of your true nature as Pure Consciousness and karma generation will stop.❤️
  3. Nothing can be said because there is nothing to say. It’s simply This .....
  4. 🙏And THIS is Pure Joy of Liberation.❤️
  5. The best sound to transcend ego-mind is silence. Stay in silence, meditate in silence, eat in silence, walk in silence, fuck in silence, drink in silence ,keep your mind in silence, speak just when is necessary , Be Silence, Be You. ❤️
  6. @purerogue This is like fishing, the right bait for the right fish. If at least one of the listeners is the right man at the right place, then it all makes sense and he didn't talk in vain on the walls. However, no teacher speaks in vain, once the seed is planted, the time will come and the time will sprout and grow.Everything has a meaningless meaning. .@fi1ghtclubis like you pay attention to your attention.
  7. 🕉 It is as if you were electrocuted for the first time in your life and you have that amazing reaction in which you realize that this is how it feels when you are electrocuted and not otherwise. It's that subtle, detached sensation that this is exactly how it should be . It is that intuitive sensation that leaves no doubt that this is the truth. It is not like a mental narrative story but it is like a spontaneous occurrence that suddenly strikes you, leaving you no time to react with pros or cons. Instantly you recognize this as “revelation.” This recognition also comes with clear, short-lived imaginative constructions that make the revelation even more meaning while also strengthening authenticity. In the depth of consciousness there is no doubt that it could be otherwise. All these insights appear on the background of a state of witness, peace and mental calmness being followed by a deep awareness.🕉 ❤️
  8. Nice analogy @Nahm and good explanation. @Javfly33 Consciousness is Everything, even this body that will die. This mortal body is included in consciousness. Consciousness cannot be transferred anywhere, because there can be no place outside the Infinite Consciousness that You are. You are everywhere and everywhere, so you are infinite. You are the substrate in which everything happens and from which everything is created.❤️
  9. You have to pay all your attention to the one who is unchanged and eternal, who is always the same, and not to the suffering body-mind that undergoes changes and changes every nanosecond. That is You the Real One. You must first separate from Everything, and then realize that You are Everything. Because it is not a big deal, for this reason it is difficult for anyone to obtain enlightenment.❤️
  10. From my own experience I can tell you that I started with 225ug every month for a period of 6 months. I know it was a high dose for a beginner, but I listened to my intuition and prepared myself psychically as it should be several months before for this moment. But thus I had the first mystical experience with LSD which completely changed the course of spiritual evolution. Then I increased the dose to 330ug every month for another 6 months. The longer period of one month break between trips, helped me to integrate properly “the achievements.” I never used microdose, because for me psychedelics were "now or never" But as the @Serotoninluv and @acidgoofy said, we each have a different body chemistry and a different karma. Try to find your own balanced rhythm, using the information received with discernment and wisdom.❤️
  11. The only practice without which you cannot access the enlightenment and which you cannot dispose of after enlightenment is the practice of silence. In fact, between the practice of silence, the Silence itself and You, there is no difference because You are Pure Silence aware of itself. From Silence everything is born and in Silence everything dies.Only Pure Silence is Pure Eternal Presence.❤️
  12. Be the observer of your thoughts, and do not identify with any. Do not cling to them and do not believe them. Separate yourself from the flow of thoughts and become this silent and detached observer. Make this observation your practice at any time. When you go to work and you are on the bus or train, instead of reading the newspaper or listening to the music you observe the thoughts, when you cook you observe the thoughts, when you walk on the street you observe them. This should be your number 1 practice, which you should always do, not only during the time allocated to meditation, but at any moment so freely, in which you do not need to use your mind. Watch your mind with vigilance and attention like a tiger when hunting for prey. When you are not attached to your thoughts and you do not believe them you are happy, because then you realize that you are happiness itself. If the thoughts are transient and the happiness brought by them is just as transient. You are the silent witness eternal happy.❤️
  13. We long for freedom all our lives and when we have it , do not know what to do with it.❤️
  14. Indeed, but for the one who is not firmly established in this permanent awareness of his ultimate reality as Pure Consciousness, there are still comes and goes, real and unreal. It’s True ❤️