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  1. Don't do this either because they might be anorexic.
  2. is his baby.
  3. Just don't get with a female you can't trust to tell you the truth.
  4. I'm currently learning Japanese by immersing myself with lots of Japanese media and culture. I tend to watch a lot of old 90's manga with Japanese subtitles and audio.
  5. How do type of coding job do you plan to take? You can learn coding quicker if you niche down to a particular job.
  6. Good Luck. I hope it goes well!
  7. What does your copywriting strategy look like? Because if you're planning on doing it as a freelancer then you're going to have to work 9-5 on email outreaching alone for around a week minimum. You could cut time down by showcasing some form of social proof but that's going to be hard to do if you're just starting.
  8. Do what I'm doing and go online and complete free online education courses which you can use to upgrade your CV.
  9. Yeah. I'm pretty sure you can. I would recommend that you add fish to your diet too.
  10. When you get impatient like that you're supposed to double your volume not your dose.
  11. An orgasm during sex isn't the same as masturbation.
  12. what where you referring too?
  13. Cheers for the advice.
  14. I thought kratom was non addictive.
  15. Social Media Management?