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  1. Think about all the people who are stuck in a dead end job because they wanted to a painter or a musician or an engineer but where too poor to afford the education to achieve it - that is a problem that doesn't happen in a socialist system because everyone has an equal opportunity to achieve their dreams. Also money isn't everything. People achieve goals because it provides them with satisfaction, purpose, helps their community. It's neoliberal brainwashing to think that life has no meaning if you're not working for a wage.
  2. I had to sit back and contemplate the fact that Alchemical teachings influenced and gave rise to Newtonian physics. He's a very cool guy in my opinion.
  3. Humans are aware enough to know that they are going to die which is utterly terrifying to us so we create cultures which act as mechanism to help to make ourselves feel important and hero-like as a way to combat death anxiety even if the foundational myths of their culture are delusional and they need to lie to themselves in order to sustain these myths.
  4. bump
  5. What do you mean by understand reality and intellgence?
  6. This is biased thinking in favour of humans.
  7. There are problems with your thinking here, people come up with new ideas through trial and error and focus the ideas that work whilst ignoring the ideas that do not work. Also who determines what peak productivity shouldn't somebody like Jeff Beezos be stage green or does some transfer to stage green once they feel like they've reached this stage of peak productivity?
  8. I am not, even though there's not much difference between the two.
  9. I believe that Spiral Dynamics does have to potential to lay down the foundation for the construction of a universal or world culture. However the SD model is something that needs to be willingly adopted as a way to unite each other and not seen as a tool to project onto individuals, groups, societies.
  10. I do not like the way this forum talks about spiral dynamics because I do not believe it's an accurate representation of reality. Spiral dynamics is a unilinear and hierarchical way of looking at the evolution of humanity. It creates a grand narrative of the progress of history and can only acknowledge one value set as valid. When you look at how evolution plays out in the real world you'll realise that there is no hierarchy to the process of evolution. Organisms diverge into niches in order to handle the challenges in it's environment. To put it into other words, there are no linear hierarchies in nature. The model of spiral dynamics is cultural relative to the unique environments it was invented in. Why can't you put stage orange above stage yellow or stage blue above stage green? I understand that each stage is supposed to build upon the last but evolution can involve the lose of traits as well as the addition of traits. Why is stage turquoise the peak of known human evolution? If you don't understand my point yet here's an example: Let's say that that person A and person B meet each other for the time. Person A is stage red and person B is stage green they're both going to believe that they are more evolved that the other person because their values are culturally relative. What allows spiral dynamics to say that person B is in fact more evolved than person A?
  11. What could I have explained better?
  12. This method of learning will use a software like OneNote that allows mixed media to be manipulated. Learning Plan Page You need to create a learning plan page to plan out how you plan to learn the topic you want to learn. This learning plan page should include details such as: Sub topics you want to learn about your main topic. A timetable so you remain consistent in learning this new topic and so you know how long it will take to complete each milestone. Keep the schedule simple and flexible. What resources you will want to use such as YouTube series, books, textbooks, articles, courses etc. Index Page Then create an index page which is a page filled with a bullet-pointed list filled with the titles of every new page you plan to create. For example: You want include on each line a title (that is linked to your page) and a one sentence explanation on what's on that page. Content Pages Content pages are the pages that are being linked in the Index page. They contain the information you want to learn. You want to structure these page more like a dictionary than a textbook. The idea that in order to take notes you need to listen or read a piece of information and write them in your own words is basically bullshit. It's much more effective to quote rather than paraphrase. Let's say that you want to take notes of a YouTube video instead of paraphrasing the entire video I recommend that you embed the video into your content page and create a timestamp section underneath it so you can skip directly to relevant information. For text, I recommend that you quote information into your content page with a citation so you know where to look for the information. Using PDFs textbooks are going to make this process much easier for textbooks. You can add additional context to these quotes underneath in additional detail in your own words underneath these quotes. If you use this method you are not going to leave important contextual information which makes learning much more easier. Also the idea that if you write a piece of information out you are more likely to remember it is BULLSHIT. If you want to remember a piece of information turn it into a flashcard and spam decks until you memorise it OR just repeated try to recall that piece of information until you no longer need to look at that piece of information. Another way you increase the likelihood of memorising something is by completing tests. Go find an online test, revise relevant topics and complete the test. Focus on improving your week areas. The more repetitions of this testing cycle you are able to complete the more likely you are to remember that information. Revision Also will want to review your notes in periodised intervals in order to overcome the forgetting curve. Repeat reviews similar to the graph below. That's pretty much it.