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  1. I understand this post was made before the ceasefire but Hamas broke the ceasefire 15 minutes after it was declared. Also if Israel wanted to genocide the Palestinians they would all be dead a long time a go.
  2. I highly doubt this. Can you explain your reasoning for this viewpoint?
  3. I live in the UK and lots of people are talking about the possibility of WW3 due to our prime minister (Rishi Sunak) putting the idea of reintroducing conscription on to the table. Lots of people are scared about this, many people are saying they would refuse to be conscripted. I would like to discuss with users if they believe a war is likely and if we will see the use of nuclear weapons in this conflict. My thoughts are: I don't think Russia has a chance if it plans to challenge Europe, with or without American support. Even if Ukraine loses this war, Ukrainians will never accept Russian rule in their country, when you multiple this Russo-phobia to the rest of Europe, Russia will collapse on itself if it attempts to subjugate the whole of Europe as the Russian state is over expanded as it already is. Europe also has a larger potential fight force than Russia, 358.3 million male Europeans (2023) and 68.11 million Russian men (2019). This doesn't account for the percentage of fighting men in each country but it's obvious from this figure alone that Russia is fucked. I also believe the collapse of the Russian state is a likely outcome of this era of history, if Russia manages to invade Europe or not. Russia is a corrupt, unequal, racist overextended, low trust, mafia state, this war is an excuse for some time of change in that region. It's best if the West takes away it's nukes and break up this Imperialist state. In regards to British conscription, I believe discussing conscription is a stunt designed to bolster support for Ukrainian aid, since British people are selfish as they would rather pay more taxes to allow Ukrainians to fight rather than fight themselves.
  4. Top 20% attractiveness male means being the most attractive man out of a group of five men. This is a fair ratio for women to pick.
  5. To any incels or loveless men read this post I recommend that you try looking for partners abroad. Pick a country that is close to wear you live, book a holiday for half a week, and go on some tinder dates or if you are more into PUA try that instead. The country you try this in will determine how successful you are so use the tinder passport before hand to see what places work best for you.
  6. Israel is Jewish and Secular, this is fine. The problem is when religion is used to justify things such as the West Bank settlements. There needs to be a line that says you can't do that
  7. This is not true, Palestinians are Jews who became "Arabised". The integration of their Arab DNA is similar to how the Ashkenazim absorbed European DNA due to being around Europeans, this does not make Ashkenazim Europeans.
  8. It should be a secular society. Israel is way too diverse to call it anything otherwise since Christians, Muslims, Druze, Samaritans and Baháʼís all live in Israel.
  9. When the Romans invaded Judea they only expelled the upper classes of Jewish society, the expelled upper classes became modern Jews or Israelis. This resulted in the Jews who stayed (lower classes) being pressured to convert to Islam once the Ottomans invaded their homeland, these Islamised Jews became the Palestinians. Both peoples are indigenous to the land of Israel which makes this conflict even more tragic.
  10. I'm pretty sure this is a meme since these enzymes have to travel through stomach acid, which should denature these enzymes.
  11. Here's an exciting rabbit hole I've delved into: the movement of pronatalism. TL;DR: The premise is that fertility rates are falling worldwide. This will lead to the collapse of civilisation if people do not increase the amount of children they have. From my research, Simone and Malcolm's narrative seems to be consistent. However, their feature on the Aporia podcast is concerning since that podcast is run by racists. I would love to hear what people think about this issue...
  12. No preference. I want to start a discussion on all types of monarchies