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  1. You can't compare a Candyflip to mixing MDMA with Ket. The risk of a candy flip hurting you physically is very low compared to the very high risk of mixing upper and downer. Nevertheless I also think mixing drugs most of the time isn't a good idea!
  2. No its more like a cleansing of past traumas and bad energy. I worked trough the emotional pain long time ago already but at this point I was working with standard doses (100-200ug). I think thats better at this level because its closer to your normal state. I dont remember exactly how long it took but after I worked trough all that shit I knew now its time to up my dose for a while. So then I started taking high doses (400ug+). From then on for the next 6-8 months on every trip my body was just shacking and vibrating till the trip was over lol.. It was pretty painful and very demanding on my body. And now I am at the point where my body is only vibrating and very tense for about the first 2 hours while having huge mind fucks like forgetting who I am etc. but it eventually ends at one point and then the Universe starts teaching me different things I need to know for further exploration. My advice for you would be to take a month break now because your tolerance is very high and then go face all your fears and that shit on normal doses. Also its very important to have a healthy, fit body.
  3. hm oke that's how I do it too. Is your body shacking and vibrating the whole trip?
  4. Similar thing happened to me.. I lived my ex aboard for half a year and I went back 2 months before her. When she came back I saw her and was like wtf I dont want to have anything to do with her anymore lol.. Everything she said sounded stupid to me and sex was boring. We broke up a week later.
  5. 700-1000ug every week is pretty insane bro and probably not healthy for your body. What are you doing when you trip?
  6. Hey man I have been in a relationship with a Colombian Girl for 2 years. I let you know everything that comes to my mind although I have a bit different point of view since I am from Europe. I dont think you can stereotype everything about "Colombian girls" but there are certainly a few stereotypes that are true. 1. Temperament. Sometimes I felt like in a tv-show with all the drama and so on but most of the time I found it funny and you are never bored at all. 2. They are sexually very open and wild. Sometimes it was hard for me to keep up with her because she wanted to fuck all the time and she didn't even care if my friends were in the room lol 3. Loyalty: My relationship ended because she cheated on me twice^^.. It was heartbreaking at the time but a good lesson. Honestly I don't know for sure if thats a stereotype but my friends in Colombia told me it happens a lot since the women are so wild and sexually open as I said above. Last thing I want to say is that I regret nothing. It was the best relationship I had so far and I learned so much since everything was so intense with here and she gave me lot's of confidence. I am very grateful for that experience. So my advice would be have some fun and don't take it to serious
  7. It's the same for me at moderate doses. You have to smoke enough to breaktrough then it can be VERY enjoyable especially the visuals.
  8. You haven't done real spiritual work with psychedelics if you think it's easy. It will demand everything from you.
  9. I am doing semen retention for a bit over 2 months now and honestly not so much has changed The two things I really noticed are: When I go out dancing on weekends the girls go crazy like I start dancing and 5 minutes later 5 girls surround me just waiting for me take make a move on them the other thing is that I see woman different now like I want to just talk with them about casual stuff and learn about them. The sexual stuff is more in the background I didn’t start no fap with any intention it kind of came naturally in my spiritual journey because fapping to porn felt really weird
  10. Hello, I just stumbled upon this documentary on amazon prime and enjoyed every second of it. It's about a guy who interviews 16 different Indian Masters about the teachings of Sri Ramana Maharshi.
  11. In my experience you shouldn't do both. Either you microdose or you have a full trip every two weeks. Also if you trip every two weeks normally there is no need to microdose, because if you have a full experience the afterglow will last about 1-2 weeks. In terms of maximum dose some folks say it won't get any stronger after 800ug. Personally I don't think thats true but I wouldn't take more then that because it can really fuck with your energy and its possible that you won't feel comfortable for months after such a high dose. Like @Serotoninluv said, the best way is to work your way up slow. Start with about 100ug and stay with the dose until you feel really comfortable taking it. Then you can take 50-100ug more and stay with the next dose for some time. I wouldn't suggest upping your dose after every single trip. I stayed in the 100-300ug range for 4 years until I just knew it's time for more. The thing is once you start taking strong doses like 400ug+, it can be so satisfying at times that you don't want to go back to normal doses. And as said these experiences are very difficult to integrate for many different reasons. Another thing I want to mention is that at least for me the schedules for tripping are no good. For example sometimes I wait only 1 week between trips and I still have full experiences every week and I learn and grow a lot from those. Other times I waited a month in between and I almost got nothing out of the trip.. I learned to trust my feeling when it comes to that. Also if you have like a busy week at work or some other shit going on it's not wise to trip anyway on weekends because thats your schedule you know. Same the other way if you having a fucking great month and you are really feeling it right now why not use every weekend
  12. I have this one: Glass Sherlock VG Vaporizer love it
  13. just go to the first page of this topic lol
  14. working on traumas and such with psychedelics is heavy stuff. I wouldn't do it alone, at least have a friend in an other room.
  15. mine is white but I have hcl maybe if you have freebase brown color is normal? just guessing
  16. hey man thanks for the report! I am in a quite similar relationship with weed. And I am still getting huge benefits from it. But as you said it I know the time will come when I have to cut back my use. How did you know its time? also think that transforming your relationship with weed is the best way, as you said 1-2 a month.
  17. I noticed what I get from meditation is more useful in my normal everyday life, then what I get from psychedelics. Meditation helps me to stay calm in most situations and it keeps me grounded. Psychedelic experiences are much more powerful but they also can make it hard to life in this normal reality if you are not grounded. I think you wont get far with psychedelics alone. And I always liked meditation, I do it because I enjoy it.
  18. I find it weird that he says his way is wrong (becoming god, understand everything), but then he says the right way to it is surrender to god, let go and so on. and its funny he talked about the "becoming god" video. Because it triggered my first real awakening into oneness and is the video that had the most impact in my life.^^ I have lots of respect for leo that his shares his experiences so pure. And I think he is still holding back a lot
  19. When I lived in south america, I had a friend who had strong depression. He tried to kill himself 2 or 3 times I think. I introduced him to magic mushrooms and later he told me they are saving his live. The last time I heard from him, he was still self medicating and it was going great. I don't know how AL-LAD works in that regard, but my friend did NBOME a few times before the mushroom. He mostly enjoyed it but it didn't have the healing effect he got from the shrooms. It's a tricky situation to give psychedelics to mentally ill persons. It certainly can trigger situations that could be hard to handle. Personally If I was chronical depressed, I would try anything until something works.
  20. Yeah I left my body on lsd and when it happened the only thing that was left was like an ocean of conciseness. The most peaceful place I know but its very hard for me to describe it. So yes I think you can go to the spirit realm/after life or whatever with lsd. But its still very different to a dmt breaktrough at least for me.. when I breaktrough on dmt everything is so fast, colourful and alien. Also I still know who I am and have kind of normal thoughts. I remember thinking "this is beautiful but everything is so fast" all the time. when I breaktrough with lsd its so different, because there is nothing from the "I" left it just is. I really dont yet have the words to talk about it, but it is kind of slowed down compared to dmt and there are no entities in this place or so. also I heared from people they have full ego-dissolution everytime they do n,n-dmt, they told me you just need to smoke a lot.