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  1. Pretty sure NC will go red. I just know too many foolish people there
  2. I must be hitting the lottery, because I see it more often than "rare"
  3. yes women can be incredibly toxic lol. It just isn't as popular to point it out because of the culture wars
  4. Didn't watch it, but I think the problem is the paradigm. Treating it like this huge obstacle that needs to be paid for to understand. It ironically creates a mental block.
  5. you say we shouldnt have guns, but try invading us.
  6. without that badge you're a bitch and a half
  8. Fuck 12. Fuck the feds. Fuck the growing police state.
  9. yall be careful about what you say on here. this dude is clearly a cop
  10. @Hello from Russia Thats a great perspective and ideally what I'd want to do if I go the business route. I guess my question is how available that would be in reality. Will I have the choice to find that nich? Or will the company that hires me put me where they need me? Thanks for taking your time to share!
  11. Hi there! I have posted a similar thread to this one months ago, but I realized that my questions were too vague and required some more detail, so I did research on jobs and career fields that interested me to go further into detail. I'd like to start off with where I am at as well as my schooling background, then list the options that I have found appealing. I finished my associates degree at a community college in 2019, and I plan to continue my education at a university. I am majoring in business administration, and I have been accepted into the university of my choice. I am set to attend in the fall (if things are well enough in society hopefully). As of the last few months, I have been seriously considering doing a 180 and looking into a whole other career path. Particularly in the health care field. I work as a delivery driver, and deliver food to many medical facilities. I have always admired the environment of the health care industry, as well as their job availability. I have also admired the work of a health care provider, especially in these trying times. Being in this industry would make me feel as if I was contributing something positive to the world. And on top of that I'd get decent pay and benefits. So I decided to go to Onet (a career info website) and find as many jobs within my current degree, as well as health care jobs that sound appealing. All of the jobs I found appealing are as follows: Business/marketing jobs: -Marketing manager - Fundraiser -Marketing strategist -Public relations fundraising managers -Security management specialist Healthcare jobs: -Radiation therapist -Xray Tech - medical sonographer -Nuclear medicine -Occupational therapy assistant The Pros: All of these jobs appeal to me in many common ways. All of these jobs make at least 60k in my state, which is my ideal minimum financially. They all had some what appealing job descriptions. I'd prefer the parts of these career paths that deal with people one on one. Being a marketer allows me to work with others on the business side, and all of the medical jobs do the same. On top of that, all of these career paths would require just two more years of schooling. I could either finish my bachelors degree on the business side for a job in that field, or I could enroll in a 2 year program for all of the healthcare jobs listed. I'd ideally be spending the same amount of time within either path I decide to take. The Cons: On the business side, my path seems wide open. A business degree can land me many different jobs. This is a double edged sword in my eyes, as it makes me nervous that I don't have a clear cut idea of where I'd end up. The idea of business can seem kind of cold and unfulfilling. There could be jobs available to market for helpful organizations such as Red Cross, but having my pick of the litter within business jobs isn't a guarantee. I know that most people who get a job after college change jobs within 5 years, and I have a feeling that finding my niche in business would take some adjusting. And at the same time, would I have the drive and energy to compete in the cut throat business world? I have no clue honestly. With healthcare, it's a bit different. I would choose a specific program to enroll in and have a clear idea of what I'm getting into. If I go to school for nuclear medicine, that is what I'll be doing. If I decide to be an occupational therapy assistant, than I know I'll do that. There isn't as much grey area in my career path as with business. And that is a pro of course. The con of health care for me is the schooling aspect. Science has always been my weakest subject followed by math. I have to work incredibly hard to pull off a good grade. Finishing the required science for my associates degree was the most difficult part for me. I remember being straight up lost in biology and eventually dropping the class. It literally felt like they threw us to the wolves as far as learning what was required for the test. I ended up deciding to take astronomy, which was still really really tough and obviously not medical related. On top of that, I have a friend who was majoring as a physician assistant, but decided to drop that major, because the shadowing was so boring. So is the idea of being in the health care field more of a romantic idea than a fulfilling reality? In Conclusion: I apologize for the wall of text. I just wanted to convey my career endeavors as clearly as possible. I plan to make this decision by the end of the month in order to prepare myself for the fall. If anyone can give me some insight to this, I'd truly appreciate it.
  12. Hey guys, so I recently finished my associates degree at my community college, and I have been accepted into my university of choice which I will attend in the fall. I was supposed to attend this spring, but I was dealing with some health issues. This actually worked out for the best though, as I am considering changing my career path. I have been majoring in business administration. I chose this path for the fluidity of the degree, as there are many opportunities for certain careers with said degree. My ideal path was to go into marketing, as that interested me a lot. But as I grow as a person, the idea of marketing sounds kind of feeble and it really isn't a career that I think would fulfill me long term. After really trying to listen to my heart and find out what truly drives me, I feel as if a career path where I help people would be the best for me. I could see myself sticking with a career for a long time if I feel as if I am helping others and creating positive change in people. I am trying to figure out specifically which path I can take for this. I am trying my best to use my time before the fall to research this and have a solid idea, but sometimes I feel like I have a hard time. I know for a fact that the health care field appeals to me, as there will always be a need for these jobs, and I like the idea of working in a medical environment. The only thing that worries me is the requirement for science. Science has always been my toughest subject. I have had a difficult time in the past with getting good grades in my science classes, and it would be rather depressing if that held me back from a career path that I really liked. Another path would be working at a university. I don't know if I'd like the idea of being a professor, but I really enjoy being in an educational environment. I think I'd really enjoy some kind of career that allows me to work within a university. I have been looking up health care administrator, and that seems like an appealing career. It can be accessed with a business administration degree, so I wouldn't need to change my major. But this job seems to entail a lot of budgeting, and I'd rather not be a glorified accountant. Can anyone provide me some ideas or resources for further exploring these career paths? What is the most efficient way to find what works for me? Any help is appreciated. Thanks!
  13. It sounds like you handled it correctly. You placed your boundaries and were true to yourself. You cant control what someone does. If he's really that committed to getting back at you, then you can only control yourself. Just do your best at work and understand that he's the one with issues. Let go of what you cant control. I think you're handling better than you realise!