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  1. Great discussion comparing frameworks for self-development. How they help us and how they hold us back.
  2. This is really blowing my mind ? Tiago and Leo are the two people that have had the biggest influence on my life up until this point. I am literally shaking with energy at this discovery. What were they putting in the water at that high school!? @Leo Gura The tables haven't quite turned. I'm currently doing a course facilitated with Tiago which isn't focused on non-duality, but definitely touches on those aspects. It may be one of the best self-development products that I've invested in. More than that it's all happened through zoom! It's completely changed what I think is possible from online education. Here's some more information about it. https://fortelabs.co/blog/comparing-frameworks-for-self-development-a-conversation-with-joe-hudson/ I am so intensely curious about whether he replied to you. A collaboration between you guys is about as tantalising as it gets ?
  3. Thanks for the quick fix @Leo Gura ?
  4. Is anyone else having trouble signing in to @Leo Gura's paid for resources? I currently can't log in on the non-forum part of the site which means I can't access the book list. My dad's birthday is coming up and I really need some good book ideas ?