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  1. @integral From what I currently understand, it’s an aspect of the Spirit of God and it has always existed. It’s omnipresent throughout the cosmos, like an energetic quantum field or frequency range that you can tap into consciously. It can be used for many purposes, one of which is to “resurrect” suppressed aspects of yourself and heal yourself of trauma. I know that may sound a little far fetched or simplistic, but that’s a pretty good summary of my understanding of it thus far. There is more to uncover about this, but it’s definitely real.
  2. About five years ago, I was in a pretty difficult place spiritually. I spent a lot of that time meditating, contemplating, and praying to God for help and answers, and eventually I learned about a little-known spiritual artifact called the Resurrection Flame. The moment I came across it, my entire experience of the universe was drastically altered in an extremely profound manner. It felt like I was transported into a realm of pure light, bliss, and love, and it also felt like I was in some sort of video game matrix reality for a few minutes. It was so incredible, even though I don’t fully understand what it is in its entirety yet. Just thought I would share this with you all, peace!!
  3. I have resisted awakening many times in my life thus far, but I think God (whatever God is on the ultimate level) is assisting me at this time and trying to get me to an even deeper level of awakening. Thanks for the encouragement man.
  4. @Razard86 I have had many extremely profound mystical and transcendental spiritual experiences in my life. They have confirmed to me that things are not quite what they might seem to be at first. Consider the following. If there is an infinitely intelligent, infinitely powerful, omnipresent, infinitely loving being called God, and God uses Her infinite power to control your entire individual subjective experience of reality, including all your thoughts, beliefs and sensory perceptions, AND He/She/It had a reason to use the divine power to keep you at least partially oblivious to God’s existence and metaphysical nature, then that’s how you would experience reality. You would never even be remotely aware of that happening to you unless God/Source wanted to give you that kind of insight, knowledge and information.
  5. @Leo Gura Love you Leo, keep seeking and striving brother. We’ll all get to where we should be eventually.
  6. @Razard86 I haven’t really watched many of his recent videos as I haven’t necessarily had the time to do that, so forgive me if I’m leaving out some crucial information about his more recent teachings regarding what I’m about to say. From my own experience, there is more to existence than just nondual consciousness. I’ve heard Leo jump on the nonduality/Advaita bandwagon many times in the past and I think that this philosophy is very limited in scope. I think there can be an aspect of God/Source that is entirely non-dual and consciousness, and there can also be duality. In other words, why does there have to only be nonduality and consciousness? Why can’t there metaphysically be a universal spirit and/or consciousness as well as a physical aspect? There’s no rule etched in existence that says that all of reality must be simple, parsimonious, or follow Ockham’s razor. Pluralism and dualism (even substance dualism) can both be true, depending on what we are talking about. Attempting to simplify that which is beyond infinitely complex and sum it up into a neat little model that other people can easily understand is foolish, in my opinion. Also, anyone who submits that there is no objective reality AT ALL has lost the plot. There is an overarching, objective truth that exists independently of anyone’s belief, knowledge, or feelings about it. The question is, what IS that truth on an ontological or metaphysical level? What IS it in and of itself, outside of any of our beliefs about it? I know that there are many levels to this — the rabbit hole never ends. There’s no bottom to it. Some aspects or attributes of God and creation are marvelously simple, and others are beyond infinitely complex. The whole system is evolving at each instant as well, but I know that God/Source is omniscient and is able to comprehend this fully. Essentially, Leo is trying to describe something in language that is borderline impossible to explain through that medium. He’s a very eloquent and intelligent person, don’t get me wrong. But he has fallen into the trap of thinking that we as individual spiritual beings are capable of comprehending this in its entirety. Maybe one day our models will be able to correspond 1 to 1 with the objective truth of existence, but ultimately we aren’t quite there yet as a species. Also, I’m aware that he has seriously proposed metaphysical solipsism as a viable philosophy in the not so distant past. Solipsism is complete horseshit, and I fully disagree with anyone who seriously teaches that in any way shape or form. It’s a delusional, harmful, egocentric philosophy designed to isolate people from other REAL HUMAN BEINGS. Don’t fall prey to anyone who seriously canvasses that nonsense. In addition, I question the teaching of “we are all God”. God is unlimited in nature, true. But to say that I am God as an individual does not sound correct to me. It always rubbed me the wrong way when I heard him say things along those lines. I think we are all part of an immanent and transcendent spiritual reality, and at the root of it is the spiritual Source (God) that can be both personal and impersonal in nature. We are all connected to the Source, but this does not necessarily mean that we literally ARE the Source. Some final thoughts: we are all unique, individual physical and spiritual beings on our own journeys. It is a fact that there is an aspect of the collective where we are all connected and “one”. But let’s not forget that we are also unique individuals at the same time, and that’s not really a contradiction if you think about it for long enough.
  7. Dear Leo, I hope you are doing well. I’ve been through horrific trauma in my life throughout much of the duration of it, and I turned to your videos several years ago in the hopes that you would be able to help guide me out of it. At times you did help, but many other times your teachings were making my life worse than it was before. Eventually I became completely fed up with you and walked away for awhile. During that time period I resented you and wished that I had never discovered your channel. I thought you were just another wannabe cult leader out there on the internet misleading people. But now that I’ve contemplated it a little more deeply, I realized that you are an important person for several reasons. I still don’t agree with much of what you teach, though I believe some small portion of it is at least on the right track. In particular, I think a core aspect of the absolute truth is love, and you do understand that. I respect you for having the courage to put your identity out there publicly to talk about some very polemic and pressing topics. Everyone is on their own journey, right? Who am I to judge you for walking your own path through this difficult world? Just because I disagree with you doesn’t mean I should despise you, and that’s a lesson I’ve needed to learn and am still learning. I think a lot of my resentment toward you was rooted in my own pain and suffering, and I hope you can forgive me for that. I actually want to thank you for making me think outside the box, even if I believe that the vast majority of what you teach about metaphysics is not accurate. It still forced me to think about life, the universe, God, and spirituality in a different way than I am used to, and for that I am grateful. I think I have grown since I discovered you. Thanks for reading, Michael Paul
  8. Lately I’ve been watching and reading Ramesh Balsekar’s teachings and work. For those who don’t know of him, he was a student/disciple of Nisargadatta Maharaj and a renowned teacher of nonduality in India while he was alive. Ramesh’s teachings are very simple to understand but can be difficult to accept. He basically taught that all that exists is the Source/Consciousness/God and that we as human body-mind organisms each have our own unique destiny from the moment of conception. In other words, humans are not the doer, we are simply instruments of the Divine Will. We are each individually programmed to think and act as we do by our environmental conditioning and genetics. Obviously this is not a new teaching, as Ramana Maharshi and many other sages throughout history have said similar things. Even the Bhagavad Gita says that man is not the doer. To me, it seems as though the ego/separate self is founded upon the concept of personal doership. If you get rid of the notion of personal doership, then the ego fades away. This is true from my own experience. What are your thoughts on this?
  9. @OneHandClap Delta 10 is very nice in my opinion, even subtler than D8 but kind of gives you a slight cosmic vibe and calming effect without being anywhere near overwhelming.
  10. @OneHandClap I’ve smoked regular Delta 9, Delta 8 and even Delta 10 in various forms, including flower and dabs. I like Delta 8 and Delta 10 a lot, they seem to reduce the ‘trippy head high’ of regular THC significantly while keeping the relaxation element of weed intact. For me personally, they help me retain the psychological clarity I desire while being high. @EmptyVase Interesting and good point. @BipolarGrowth When I was younger, I definitely had some nondual awakenings while high without understanding the significance or context of those awakenings. Took me awhile to integrate them and even understand what they were, but they were very powerful. @Jodistrict Thanks for the information source, I’m definitely going to give it a look. @Ry4n Thanks for the insight, seems as though edibles definitely produce a more psychedelic effect, if you can call it that.
  11. This encapsulates my personal experience with pot very well. In a good way, bad way, or both at the same time.
  12. Question in the title says it all. Can high doses of marijuana be considered a psychedelic, at least a mild one?
  13. @Leo Gura I realized that I am all that exists, as the one dimensionless consciousness. So yes, I realized and became conscious that I am God.
  14. I recently had a powerful personal insight into the nature of consciousness. After following the teachings of Advaita Vedanta and Leo in particular, I came to the realization in my direct experience that the only thing which actually exists is one single dimensionless consciousness. This single consciousness is dimensionless because there is no space or time inherent to it. In other words, the one consciousness is inherently spaceless and timeless, yet it exists and is eternal and changeless. By eternal I don’t mean everlasting in time, but without beginning or end and ever-present. Space, time, and their ‘contents’, including us living beings, are analogous to a dream where the one dimensionless consciousness seemingly fragments itself into space and time with numerous subjects of experience inside them. The only reality that space and time actually have is as the dream of the one dimensionless consciousness — nothing more. This includes all living beings within space and time — our only reality as individuated subjects of experience is within the dreamed space and time of the one dimensionless consciousness. If anyone wants to add to this understanding from their own experience or knowledge base, feel free.
  15. The crazy thing about this is that it means visual perception itself is imaginary, which is the primary way we relate to reality. Like, my eyes themselves and everything I see is imaginary. Blows my mind.