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  1. The tension between males and females has become a societal problem now. Sure, individuals can take ownership and solve their problems brute force but not everyone is going to do so. I wouldn't be surprised if prostitution becomes legalized at this point. The west is becoming more like japan in terms of sexual relations between males and females. There are more females attending college than males now and the average 20 year old female has more sexual and relationship experience than an average 20 year old male. Guys that are lower status don't want to be considered "creepy" so they just isolate themselves with games and other online vices and just push themselves further away from even being able to get laid or get a relationship. Then they get sucked into toxic online communities and find a sense of belonging cuz they felt like they were casted out of normal society and then you get the incel, mgtow, redpill problem. If the government wants to stop the problem from further progressing for guys under 20 they'd probably have to ban gaming like china did and teach mandatory looksmaxing classes at school. Get them in top physical shape, reach low body fat%, get thick neck muscles and strong jawline, how to dress well, smell nice, and how to use game to get girls. You can't really ask women to lower their standards, it will never happen. The only thing that has happened is the difficulty level has gone from normal to ultra-nightmare for guys and guys gotta play life like they play their games.
  2. Guys don't have the privilege of thinking there are no problems and just slide through life. If that worked it would have already been the norm and most guys have likely already tried that and it failed. Girls can ignore problems because they are inherently valued and aren't obligated to fix the worlds problems to gain value. The whole redpill thing is gaining ground online cuz its the only place where guys can talk about their problems without being ostracized. The problems they've identified have already existed in society and they are just reporting their experience, it isn't some malevolent ideology being broadcasted by reptilians or demons.
  3. You feel like crap cuz you are fragmenting yourself and setting up requirements for you to feel whole. You don't need to fragment yourself and dangle peices of yourself infront of you to get yourself into action, you can just be whole and do what you want to do for the sake of the experience.
  4. @Leo Gura What is your vision of crypto regulation? The only way I see crypto regulation without being too intrusive is government audited block chains and smart contracts so people aren't getting scammed or rug pulled. You can't really regulate people losing their money trying to day trade cuz dummies do that with stocks and lose money its just that in crypto they can lose a lot more.
  5. I wasted like 3 years of my life playing overwatch and it was probably the worst decision i've ever made. A lot of the enjoyment from multiplayer games come from the social aspects not from the game itself. The social aspect usually is bigger when game launches but then slowly dies off after launch. When ur body feels like shit and you missed out a lot cuz you were staring at a screen for 5+ hours a day with your hands on a mouse and keyboard there isn't any enjoyment left to extract out of playing multiplayer games. I don't play multiplayer games anymore even though everyone is now playing pc games cuz of the lockdown. Still play single player narrative driven games from time to time.
  6. @Leo Gura Can you use that dmt state to verify certain practices or come up with new techniques? Like verify the stuff from kriya books and certain asanas?