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  1. I hear a lot of women say that today's trend is to have a child and get a divorce. They get children, a house, alimony and freedom at the end. No wonder why there is a rise of such societies.
  2. When and why did the biggest paradigm shift happen in your life? And how did that affect your life further?
  3. @KeyholeYes, there are a lot of variables. Although to me this story is a bit unrealistic. So he has 10 employees, those who were not with him mostly quit their jobs due to pressure. He currently has sex with 6 of them who work for him and probably all of them are aware of that. Good question is, what is the job?
  4. They agreed of their own free will to be with him. This is the moral end of the story.
  5. Physical activity has a good effect on me 2 hours before bed ... like running or cycling..I'm in bed before 9pm I wake up around 5 am like new. Of course throw out the alcohol and coffee after 6 pm.
  6. I'm not religious. But with age, I think you're right. I see more and more men and women who are dissatisfied no matter how many partners they have, especially a wrong comparison. Build a house from scratch. Not on other ruins.
  7. @Leo Gura I see you put Bosnia on the list. Ethnic Cleansing of Bosnian Muslims:
  8. Ellen Degeneres behind the scene:
  9. Bud Spencer & Terence Hill Fight, fight, fight....
  10. I already have a long list of books I want to read. But good intention.
  11. What about pranks, we all like some good one. red vs blue ones