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  1. How much do you drink at day? One bottle of beer at day is not something to worry.
  2. If you both want kids, and direct yours life in that way i say go for it. But in your case, there is no purpose in marriage with that woman. You like more stage blue values, nothing is wrong with that. Good luck man!
  3. This guy is enlightened.
  4. I had mental breakdown after 10 months on vegan diet.
  5. Realization no1. What you feed it grows. We are indoctrinated our self with repetitive thoughts. Most common negatives are I'm worthless, nobody like me, society is shit, girls/boys/parents don't like me. Problem is that mind is like harmonic oscillator. You are trying to resist but old beliefs coming back and again and again....but if you forcing springs in that oscillator they will break eventually. Start with I'm good for most of my life, everyone care about me. I care about everyone. Life is not just about me.....If you are God then you are creator of your world with the concepts you can understand.
  6. For me it was number 3. Everything must end with 3. Looking at 3 corners, drinking 3 glasses of water, everything must multiply by 3.... I have no idea how it started, at young age probably. I understand now that is just another belief transformed into mechanical process. It happen really rare today.
  7. Women Don't Care About You...post of another hypocrite. Another self promoting coach?
  8. Hahaha, listen this wise man and RUN!
  9. I'm practicing Wim Hof method, it's hard to tell what can bring to you. Can ice cream bring good taste or refreshment or diabetes. It's more personal.
  10. http://darkroomretreat.com/ebook/ Free e-book manual how to make darkroom at home.
  11. Thank you all for your suggestions!