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  1. I don't have TV is that normal?
  2. Is schizophrenic mind real to the schizophrenic? Yes! He is experience it every day, Can you say his experience are not real? No!
  3. Best one is water distiller. You can buy or make one.
  4. I don't agree with this idea. Your thinking is too much linear ( like i want to spread my religion, ideals, i will cure people, ultimate truth for all etc.). In some sense vandalism.
  5. @outlandish what about inorganic and organic minerals? I have made my own water distiller. After i distilled all water what is left is all "rocks". Inorganic minerals body can't use. And i use only glass bottles, never plastic.
  6. Man if you don't have needs for that, clap clap. Now you can focus on bigger things. Like Nikola Tesla.
  7. You imagine? This topic don't exist
  8. http://aquariusthewaterbearer.com/distilled-water-enhances-mineral-absorption/ Not everyone believe in that.
  9. Go ahead have argument with woman who want kids. She will leave you, soon she find new candidate. Your logic is fine. But love is fuel for this world, not logic.
  10. Self-Actualised girlfriend? Self actualized in what, there is no limit? where is a limit? why do you need one?
  11. Evangelicals are blue with integrated orange values. They have business schools where they teach about business/money/success with blue frame. Every teaching in that school ends with some quotes from the bible. Many pastors live orange style of life, they own yacht, buying places...etc You know God given stuff. And yes, many evangelicals churches are run like businesses. I'm i wrong?
  12. How much do you drink at day? One bottle of beer at day is not something to worry.
  13. If you both want kids, and direct yours life in that way i say go for it. But in your case, there is no purpose in marriage with that woman. You like more stage blue values, nothing is wrong with that. Good luck man!
  14. This guy is enlightened.