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  1. It is pretty obvious what is going on here. If Leo wants to throw a "conspiracy theory" card, then let him so. MSM always loves to throw the "conspiracy" card out there. As long as the people are naive and gullible - the devils in the government will continue to be getting away with this. Thank you for all the updates that you are providing and for sharing your perspective.
  2. You are not getting it. It absolutely has to do with the present. In order to prevent mistakes in the present, you have to learn from the past. People like Leo who are too naive, and gullible (majority of Americans are), are the ones that allow these things to happen - thinking that by default those devils should be given the benefit of the doubt, when the opposite is the case.
  3. @Inliytened1 There was no flip flop. There is 0 evidence to Russiagate. With DNC, it is a proven fact in court about what happened in 2016 and what they did to Bernie. Based on this, it makes sense to be cautious and not give the benefit of the doubt, like Emerald pointed out. If somebody stolen from your or lied to you - would you continue to give them the benefit of the doubt? Of course you wouldn't, until they prove otherwise. And the same applies here - do you see this?
  4. It's a real shame that you banned one of the few really knowledgeably people here who had a different perspective from yours. Imo you made a very subjective call - a lot of people would disagree with the fact that he was being "ideological". From my POV, he had a very balanced perspective, and shared a lot of good information here. The fact that you ban those that criticize your views and provide really good reasons why - should be a concern from a long term perspective. While I respect you, I also think that your ego has gotten bigger - you always think you are right, never seen you admit on the forum that you are wrong, and don't consider point of views from other people here, just because you think you done the most amount of "work". Instead of banning very intelligent individuals who have a different perspective - why not consider what he said? Is there not a chance that you are biased and don't see your own blind spots? If growth and truth is your priority - I think it was a huge mistake.
  5. @Inliytened1 It's not a coincidence that mods on here have a clear bias towards Leo. I never see them (including you) challenge his views, you always tend to agree with him. In the case where your opinion is neutral or you are unsure - the mods still end up defending him. Clear survival strategy (to remain a mod on this site), weather you want to admit it or not. The rigging that was done by DNC has an overwhelming amount of evidence, that for some reason you refuse to acknowledge or to look at. What is going on with the app is also a huge red sign - that it's laughable to say that it's just a "bug". Leo may excel at other areas, but when it comes to politics - he has a huge bias with a lot of blind spots, and imho he is not competent enough yet to provide teachings to people in this area. Bno and Emerald both have far more better understanding of what is going on. Leo's ego tactics are very simple - when you provide him evidence that goes against his view point, he will just tell you that you have a "survival bias", or he will dismiss it as a silly "conspiracy theory". Yet he refuses to take his own advice and become conscious of his own blind spots.
  6. @Leo Gura You believe in Russiagate conspiracy, yet you are going to tell somebody who is suspicious of foul play going on (based on the evidence from the past) that it's a silly conspiracy such as being a flat earther? Your naiveness, bias, and ignorance when it comes to politics is becoming more and more evident everyday. I simply can't wrap my head around a guy who promotes consciousness, is so unconscious of his own blind spots/ignorance. You fall for MSM trickery, like a child does for a candy. Btw, if you do enough research, you will realize that a lot of so called "conspiracy" theories in history ended up being true, and not only that - the American government has a very large track record of screwing over it's citizens. You always express your disdain for Trump, yet you don't realize that if DNC did not screw over Bernie in 2016, there is a good chance we would have him as president now. Instead of believing hoaxes like Russiagate, you should be more concerned about fixing the corruption on the inside. No amount of foreign interference can compare to the interference that is going on inside. Contemplate this, and maybe you will have a new political awakening. Ta-da!
  7. You always love to intellectualize everything, and go very deep into abstract concepts. At times it ends up working very much against you - you end up over complicating simple things, and end up confusing yourself. Try reading again what I said and seeing it for what it is. The key is this: When you make enlightenment/liberation into a future goal - you will never get there. It is precisely what Leo has done, which is very evident by the content that he released plus his forum posts. I don't have any issues nor I am against of doing the "work". It's the place of where it is coming from. If you are doing the "work" to achieve an imaginary goal that doesn't exist in the future - then you will be trapped and end up suffering. Since you love to go deep, take a look and maybe you can see why calling it "work" in the first place is very misleading. Work usually implies a chore or an action - which is usually being done for achieving a future goal. Since Leo has always seen enlightenment/liberation as something to be attained in the future, he came up with the term "consciousness work". If you go further, you will be able to connect the dots and see some of the things that I and other people are pointing out. The problem is that Leo took on a self-development approach to spirituality/liberation, which in here it doesn't work. If you want to improve in business, and achieve great results, you can do so by doing more work. If you want to be better at a specific skill or any area - it can be improved. But this approach doesn't apply to liberation/enlightenment - you will continue to chase your own tail, thinking that you are getting somewhere. This is the reason why there are so many spiritual seekers who have been seeking for 10s of years without finding the gold that they are looking for. Some have even search their whole lives. The recent "live awakening" videos is a great example of this - just watch it very consciously and you will be able to see the ego overtaking the trip - thinking it has awakened, a sense of superiority, etc. The issue here is with the approach, and not with the practices. It's a structure issue - and those that oppose his structure are a big threat to him. This is the reason why he banned people that promoted a different approach.
  8. The DNC rigged the elections in 2016 is a fact concluded in court. When you have nothing to say regarding the facts, you always respond with "watch your own biases". Like wtf? @Bno Keep spreading the truth and speaking your mind, as far as I have seen here, you are one of the few that has a balanced perspective when it comes to politics. It's unfortunate that a lot of Americans refuse to see election interference happening in their own country and the politicians use the Russia conspiracy as a distraction. It's mind boggling to me that Leo has so many blind spots when it comes to politics.
  9. Leo , at this point, your bias when it comes to politics is very obvious. How do you ignore the fact what DNC did in 2016? You always tell people that about their blind spots and their "survival agenda", yet you don't see yours. Oh the irony. What happened with this app is a huge concern, and to throw the "conspiracy theory" card is beyond ignorant and lazy. Thank you Emerald for bringing this up.
  10. @SOUL @Leo Gura @Serotoninluv I 100% agree with Soul and understand what he is saying. I have also been saying this for the last few years regarding Leo - he is still in a trap of the ego where he believes more "work" needs to be done before he is "liberated or "enlightened", which can't be further from the truth. Chasing insights, and intellectual understanding is exactly what the ego desires, and it believes it will attain a salvation in the future moment - when "enough" work will get done, but that moment will never come. For those conscious enough of this, can easily spot a lot of ego involved in latest Leo's "live awakening" videos as well. From my point of view - it was a big ego trip, covered by all of the things he was describing there. If you want to take it further, there is a reason why LEO does not smoke 5-MEO, and prefers to rather have an intellectual understanding of his trip. Not even once out of all of his trips has he ever smoked 5-MEO. The next level of "awakening" will come for him, once he realize theres is no need to chase insights or to have intellectual understanding. Although we still love and respect Leo for all of his contributions, I do feel like we have outgrown that paradigm. I still return from time to time to check this forum, and mostly browse non "enlightenment" related sections. It will be a real pity If LEO does decide to ban users for those that have a different and contradictory approach to his.
  11. Thank you Galyna, for providing a more balanced perspective from a woman. It's great to see that there are still women like you out there. Emerald seems to have a very biased perspective, that is based on her own negative experience. And a bit of social conditioning as well (feminism for example). I know a few people pointed this out, but I want to add that in as well.
  12. For those of you here who are opposing PUA and only believe in "relationships", and only sex in "relationships", imo you are very delusional. A relationship begins only after sex! (unless if you are asexual). Like LEO said, after you bang a few times, then a relationship can be formed. In order to get to that point, mean who are incompetent, need to learn how to attract and bang women, and after they get that part handled, they need to work on relationship skills. There is nothing inherently wrong with Pickup techniques - it all depends on the level of consciousness of a person applying them. The women will never be able to understand how hard it can be for struggling guys out there.
  13. Once you awaken and have a full god realization - you will see that weather you have sex or don't have sex, doesn't really matter. In fact, when you know you are GOD - there is no need to be "religious" or "spiritual", those are the games of the ego. Weather you are monogamous or polyamorous, also doesn't matter, your "spiritual" ego of course thinks that it does. What I noticed is that a lot of the "spiritual" people on this forum (green stage?) are moralizing and demonizing sex and non monogamous relationships, without realizing what they are doing. Must be very entertaining for Leo to read some of the stuff here.
  14. Except you don't "experience being god", it's not an experience, it's a realization. And you clearly have not realized it, so from your current level of consciousness, my position doesn't make sense to you. There is no such thing as energetic battle that is taking place between "good" and "evil". In fact, there is no such thing as "evil" and "good", those are very relative terms which your EGO uses to divide things. A lot of work lies ahead of you - in order to get rid of your current illusions and to realize that you are god.
  15. I agree - essentially the beliefs of "spirits" and other outer influences are a huge distraction to doing the inner work, which is why from my perspective that those things (like spirits) are an illusion, and a huge distraction created by the ego. The same thing can be said about the "god" that Christians believe in - something outside of them - a huge illusion and distraction to doing the real inner work. What LEO talks about here is indeed the truth - and to add to that point, once you realize that you are GOD, being religious, or spiritual won't make any sense and will even seem silly.