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  1. It all depends on how you use the psychedelics. Unfortunately majority of people don't know how to get the maximum out of psychedelics or how to even trip properly. Have you tried doing things like self-inquiry while tripping? Have you also done any energetic work while on psychedelics?
  2. I have no idea how you have done 5-MEO or if you even done it properly to have the full breakthrough - but whatever you are saying just doesn't make any sense to me
  3. Have you done any 5-MEO? I doubt that you have done 5-MEO even once. I agree with LEO 100%, no therapy comes even close to a 1 solid trip.
  4. Look up and start doing Kegel Exercises. Those will help a lot and most likely solve the issue.
  5. There is nothing healthy about watching porn. Watching porn is like eating junk food. I am surprised that so many at actualized forum are unaware of how porn effects the brain.
  6. By liberation, I am talking about a lasting liberation and personal transformation, where an individual is free from the restraining and persistent confines of the energetic structures of the ego. Some of the things to describe an individual who is liberated: 1) Authentic - is able to freely express themselves without being locked into EGO. A great sense of variability is there - energetically they are able to shift from non-dual to the character. They are not locked into EGO all the time. 2) Free from Egoic Projections - A person is able to see through their own egoic projections. A person in a liberated state can see that these are just their own egoic projections, attachments, and are not true. A person who would be locked into EGO, would not be able to see this and for them those egoic projections would be true. 3) Universal Love vs Personal Preferences - Living with an open, unguarded, unconditionally loving heart. Loving everything but not liking everything - an individual universally loves everything, but still has their own preferences. Keep in mind, spiral dynamics is just a map and is not entirely accurate. Is there a correlation between the most advanced stages though and liberation? Absolutely. If you read what I wrote above, you will see how lower stages such as blue would not be compatible with liberation.
  7. @Nivsch This is why it is best to avoid using the word "enlightenment" all together. You are using the word "enlightenment" in a very vague way. What happens, is many people who experience small fraction of liberation, or have a powerful nondual experience, start running around claiming to be "enlightened", which can't be further from the truth. The ego sneaks back through the backdoor. Many here (including LEO), just don't understand the difference between having many insights, and nondual experiences vs actually living in a liberated state. This is a very nuanced point, and requires to you to have a lot of direct personal experience to understand this.
  8. No it is not absurd. Your definitions are causing a lot of confusion. You need to differentiate between nondual experience, vs liberation. There are many more people who have had nondual experiences, and very few people who actually ever were fully liberated. Nondual experience or many nondual experiences/awakenings =/ Liberation. Do not get attached to the word "experience" here, it is only used so it would be understandable for people. When one is liberated from the EGO, the things that you mentioned here would clearly be out of question. There is a bigger fish to catch as you like to say. Of course at any given stage, a person can have an "awakening" or "nondual experience" - they could very easily be on their way to liberation. But do not confuse this with total liberation - which very few individuals have ever been at. The best indicators are not the labels of "master", "monk", etc. The best indicators are what the person embodies. Liberation comes from being very conscious, and when you are that conscious - the things that you mentioned here would be out of question.
  9. Have you ever contemplated that the so called people that you view as "Zen Masters" were not actually fully enlightened or liberated? Try to be open to the possibility, that your view of what is enlightenment and who you view as enlightened could be wrong.
  10. @Leo Gura The problem here is your vague/loose definition of "enlightenment" and who you think is "enlightened" and who is not. I told you about this in the past, and will once again tell you to really re-evaluate what you think enlightenment is and who you think is enlightened - you are off the mark here, and this has been causing a lot of confusion for yourself and to your students. I agree with @How to be wise I don't see how a person who is fully liberated can be at stage blue for example. To me, being liberated comes with being very conscious and when you are conscious - it would be very hard to support fascists/nationalists. Those so called Zen Monks have been far ahead of your average person, but clearly not enlightened in my book. There is definitely a correlation between your values, and your level of consciousness.
  11. What do you mean by "all romantic love is pure illusion"?
  12. I suggest to take a break from the forum and actually do something, instead of mentally masturbating all day long.
  13. Start by observing your delusions, and egoic attachments when you are NOT tripping. And apply it during your trips. The ego likes to make a lot of projections during the trips, which have nothing to do with reality.
  14. You seem to be lost in a web of concepts, which is what happens when you mentally conceptualize too much and don't have enough of direct experience.
  15. False. Map is not the territory. Words can only point to the truth, but are not the truth itself. There will be a point, when you will no longer need to chase insights, and will instead just be.