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  1. Have you tried going to the gym and taking cold showers? That would help a lot - you need use your energy on to something else, not just sit in your room
  2. You missed the point of my post. You can say everything is "relative", but there is still a difference when it comes to practical purposes of your life. In this dream so to speak - there is still a difference between your dog and the ideas that I mentioned above. I still see that so many of you are still mentally masturbating too much.
  3. Are you going to say that the idea of demons and angels is also just a relative construction? What about Jesus being the savior that actually died for your sins? The list can go on. There is a big difference between waking up and seeing the your dog which is the other, and actual BS that is pure delusion (relatively to this dream)
  4. You are right, and thus most "mediums" are thus caught up in the illusion of self and other. People that are more conscious don't bother to get involved in that stuff.
  5. That's exactly what the addict to porn would say. There is no such thing as "high consciousness porn"
  6. Two hours talking to her platonically and not being sexual is a lot of wasted time. No, it's not because of her past, it's because of YOU - this is the hard truth. Instead of using excuses, actually start working on yourself.
  7. Doing nofap and semen retention is one of the best decisions that a man will make in his life. Of course this is a threat to the porn industry. Porn industry is built on devilry and the unconsciousness of the masses. LEO should really make an episode on nofap, semen retention, porn industry, etc. It's so crazy for me to see so many self-actualizers on here being so ignorant on this subject.
  8. There is nothing healthy about porn. Watching porn is like eating at Mcdonalds. Quit porn cold turkey and get on to semen retention.
  9. You are not being sexual at all. In fact, you are wasting a lot of time on useless chatter that usually just friends do. You are also unable to read the non-verbal communication. You probably got friend zoned. If your goal is to just have sex, there is no need to waste this much time. You also over invested into her emotionally/mentally - you consider her far more important than she actually is to you.
  10. It doesn't matter weather he is a "learned" alpha or not - at the end of the day he is alpha. My point, is that your definitions are clearly outdated, and this may mislead people on here.
  11. No, his description of "alpha" is not accurate smh. You can find many examples of alpha with "high consciousness" and "low consciousness", and same for betas. Being alpha doesn't mean being a prick/asshole, etc. To me, being alpha means being a leader, being on your purpose, being grounded, having the ability to respond in any given situation, etc. In this day and age, there are different solutions available if your testosterone is very low. TRT is one of them and works very well. To me, LEO is actually an alpha. He is nowhere close to a beta. How did you even become a mod here?
  12. Read the book "no more mr nice guy", and it will all be clear. In short, you are not being sexual enough within your interactions. If you don't want women to see you as a friend, but as a potential mate, work on becoming a dominant, and sexual man.
  13. You are full of shit, and I can't believe even mods fell for your garbage. How can you say that something doesn't work, when you haven't tried it? I have personally tried both, fapping and semen retention, and I can tell you that the benefits that the people are talking about are REAL. Yes I tested it and verified it for myself more than once, and I am currently on semen retention. No, I don't count the days or do any of that silly stuff, it became part of my lifestyle. No, I didn't start doing it because of "depression". And no, deep inner work and semen retention are not mutually exclusive, in FACT they go hand in hand. The more consciousness work that I have done, the more the semen retention made sense. This is a great Youtube channel that explains it very well: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC-DZ17jMfpKmi7xtaipPIvA/videos Taoists actually know what they talking about and there is a reason why even monks go celibate. LEO imo really needs to do a video on semen retention. It doesn't solve all of your "problems", but it helps so much.
  14. I totally agree with you - it's a belief that they created for themselves. It has nothing to do with reality. It's their ego that thinks that it's doing something and getting somewhere by staying away from sex
  15. That's right, it all depends weather you are doing it consciously or unconsciously. Just like with anything else in life. TAADA!
  16. You clearly have not experienced deep and intimate (spiritual) relationships. Majority of yogis and monks don't go celebate for this reason. If you yourself are a loner and don't have any human connections, it doesn't mean that it's optimal. In fact it's the opposite - so imo this is very dangerous advice that you should not be giving here and this is part of your life that you still didn't get handled. "Consciousness work" and connections with humans (including sex) are not mutually exclusive, in fact they go hand in hand. Just doing "consciousness work" and ignoring all other aspects of life is not healthy, and will lead to a lot of problems. And vice versa. You should be doing both.
  17. @Serotoninluv ~40% is still a lot of people. If you want to say less than half, that is fine, but you are making it sound like it's a tiny fraction. In my opinion, passionate but smaller base is far more valuable than large support base. Those people are willing to stick with him no matter what, vs a large support base that can switch sides at any point. The same principle applies in business - retaining existing customers who would be willing to continue to come back many times are far more valuable than 1 timers.
  18. It is not the reason why he won though, as many people like to think. He actually worked his ass of in the states in which the other candidate didn't bother to put as much effort in. If you want to change the system, that is fine, but once the rules are there - there is no reason to blame the rules of the game to which you agreed to play by. I agree that the electoral system is not the most optimal. But if people are that upset by it or think it's "unfair", they should work on changing it or not partake in the election at all. Hillary, instead of admitting her mistakes and shortcomings - blamed everything else but herself in her book "What Happened". The attitude of the left is a huge turn off for me in general - instead of making excuses, they should actually work on their mistakes and create a more attractive offer to people. So far they haven't done any of that.
  19. Why does it matter if he lost the popular vote? The US presidential election is not decided by the popular vote. He won in states that mattered - and it wasn't by luck, he actually worked his ass off for it. I don't think before 2016 you and others called it "biased electoral system". But now, of course you call it biased, when it doesn't fit your narrative.
  20. Go back to 2016 election and see what Trump's biggest talking point was - economy. He managed very well in this area - in a sense he can say to the voters that he kept that promise. Majority of people care more about their financial situation than any other issues that were discussed here. It's all about survival. Put Trump to the debates against any of the candidates - and he will crush them, as you witnessed in the last election. It's not about what you say, but how you say it. And Trump is pretty damn good at it. Non-verbal communication plays a huge role - around 50% or even more. Like I said, don't let your personal dislike, or bias get in the way of seeing things for what they are.
  21. That is not what I said! I said that once you have a deep enough of awakening, you transcend "spirituality" all together. It doesn't mean going back to the same place where you were not into spirituality.
  22. Once you have a deep "awakening", you will see that there is no need to be "religious" or "spiritual". Spirituality and religion is for the egos - if you know that you are God you will see that there is no need for any of that.
  23. Yes and that's a big factor, is it not? Moodey's model has been accurate in every year but 2016. The track record speaks for itself.
  24. You couldn't get it up due to anxiety of having it for first time. Don't worry, a lot of guys get that. If being a "virgin" bothers you, try finding a higher quality escort and be up-front about yourself. Tell her the truth, not only this will decrease your anxiety(or may eliminate it all together), but it will help her give you a better experience as well. Sex makes up at least 50% of the relationship - so yes being good in bed does matter. Your advantage is that you are young and that you have quite a bit of time to learn that.