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  1. bruv profundity is found in every corner & fragment of reality
  2. Blessing in disguise. Just based on my negative reaction to you taking the video down, it speaks volumes that I'm not ready for it. Even though I've been on the path for a long time. Just more time to actually double down on work, because truth it isn't found within a single video. Much love and thank you for taking this down. Will appreciate more in the years to come.
  3. Elliott recently shed light on this about meditation (what are your guy's thoughts?) : "It started when one of my successful friends winced at the mention of meditation. He told me: I can't do that stuff anymore, it makes your mind blank. He told me he'd been meditating a lot. So much that his mind was completely blank. Like a desert. Tumbleweeds and all. And obviously this has big implications for an entrepreneur, or any man on his hero's journey. I didn't know at the time that my friend was referring to meditation sickness. Yes, meditation can make you sick. And no, it's not some woo-woo phenomenon. Most of the eastern religions have recognized meditation sickness as a normal occurrence. Recently, I heard about one from a psychologist who “meditated so hard” she began tossing and turning in her sleep, became supremely anxious, had shortness of breath, and became overwhelmingly emotional. In another more serious case, meditation apparently triggered a suicide." Buddhists, Hindus, and other eastern religions have been aware of “meditation sickness” for hundreds of years. The root cause of this strange ailment is a disconnection from the outside world and letting the mind go blank. And that's the main reason why I no longer meditate - Letting the mind go blank alone is dangerous. It’s like preparing the soil in the garden without planting anything. Weeds will almost certainly infest your garden. The same goes for the mind. If you wipe it clean with meditation and leave it blank, you’re leaving your mind vulnerable to outside forces - demons, spirits, and negative beta thoughts. You need to install new alpha software, add new files, and occupy that empty space with constructive thoughts to become a better man.
  4. Why does certain music and powerful singing make people cry?
  5. What are your thoughts on Andrew Yang's approach and ideas for the 2020 presidential election?
  6. Definitely not. I started basic personal development around when I was 13. I am 19 now and have definitely seen massive dividends paying off in daily life regarding emotions, overall, happiness, calmness, purpose, as well as a sometimes overwhelming understand of aspects of life. My advice to you, would to not neglect basic survival needs such as a solid effort in high school, getting a part time job, as well as developing social skills, dabbling in different activities and developing interests, while at same time at a conscious level. As well as reading books, watching videos, having a commonplace book, etc. make sure to develop habits of meditation, self-inquiry, contemplation, and maybe just chill on the psychedelics until you're a bit older and can find them (trust me they will come to you). Don't neglect relationships or look down upon your pairs, because at this age especially, people appear to know what they're doing but really most aren't really consciously developed at all. You're not better than anyone else, however you'll find out that this work is extremely humbling. In saying that be aware that life is a meaningless game that must be played with dead seriousness. But enjoy the ride man, you've indulged upon a very rewarding path.
  7. MDMA can be a beautiful experience that can develop your love for all aspects of your self; your true self and all the different aspects of your ego. I found that it can put you back into perspective and can help you embrace your own uniqueness. It collapses all petty judgement of yourself and others or what you should or shouldn't say. However, definitely should be restricted to special occasions as it can fuck up your brain quite a bit haha. Definitely worth doing though! A decent dosage (tested ofc) in a loving environment with your friends or spouse and some good music. Enjoy it man!!!!!!