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  1. @Iiris Guitar is a really fucking hard instrument to learn. You'd have to be a musical genius to learn how to read notes and play all the scales by yourself at your age. No reason to feel ashamed!
  2. Graham Hancock is clearly highly conscious. Great dude.
  3. A thought came to my head: "Mystical experiences appear when transcending cognition." Is this a good way to explain mysticism? It's developing your cognition to the highest levels, then overcoming it's power.
  4. Go find that on Leo's blog. It's an instant eye-opener. None of us is in control. Humanity is a work of God. Imagine the craziest, most beautiful, most surreal and infinitely perfect story. Humans are a tiny part of that. I'm almost shitting my pants.
  5. When good and bad are transcended, there are no need for "punishments". We don't need to punish people for anything. Prisons will be MUCH more humane, sentences shorter and people will not be sentenced for stupid shit like smoking weed. Also, most people in prisons are propably at stage red. The best way to help them and society would be to get them to stage blue. This is basically what church has tried to do with their bibles and prison chaplains. The idea that we put criminal people in a cage and wait them to change by without help is ridiculous. They will be back in no time.
  6. @possibilities You can't separate "good" from "bad" consequences without self-bias. Did you watch the self-bias video? I'm not sure you understood what this topic is about. It's way deeper.
  7. @Iiris Why do you think you have to study spirituality in university? You don't have to go to university at all! You can study whatever you want by yourself!
  8. Yellowish queer youtuber: I like her. She's fun and smart.
  9. @Iiris Yup, torille jne. You got a good taste in music btw. Here's my favourite band: Jethro Tull kept me alive during the worst times. It's weird how important music can be to people.
  10. I used to be anxious about other people's opinions too. I still am for some degree, but about different things and not close as much as before. It was just that I was afraid of loneliness. It all boils down to that. You don't want to be kicked out from your group. Here is some thoughts to ponder on: Why do you think you are dependent on other people's favour and attention? Most of the people you know are probably unconscious as fuck. Especially those who judge others. Why do you care about ignorant opinions? Think about this moment from a perspective 100 years from now. Now does it matter what these people think of you? Don't be something that's just practical in social sense. You are much more than that. You are also all of your personal interests an hobbies, things that others can't see from your perspective. Focus on that.
  11. Many reasons. I don't know much about other countries but I can talk about Finland. -less people, less bullshit -the baltic sea is one of the most busy trading routes in the world -a lot of natural resources, untouched until industrialization in the 1900s -protestantism -wars did not rape north as bad as central europe -independence is fairly new and government was build upon republic and democratic ideas. No monarchy. -Friendly or neutral approach to socialism because of cold war and neutral foreign policy.
  12. I was looking for a psychoterapist for myself and found a woman, who claims on her internet page that she has been blessed with ability of channeling, contacting angels and healing. She is also very experienced in cognitive psychotherapy and academic psychology in general (+20 years) She claims that helping people to their full potential is a mission given her by God. Her biggest goal is spiritual growth. She also mentions Mātā Amritānandamayī as her guru. Seems like turquoise, right? Do you think I should contact her? I have never studied channeling or angels so I'm kind of weirded out.
  13. I think love is actually a very good term. How else would anything happen but out of love? Nothing here right now is mechanical! This is probably the deepest metaphysics a man can ponder. So much mindfuckery. I love it.
  14. There is a famous saying from Heraclitus: "no man ever steps in the same river twice." I'm not sure if I understand what he meant. I have a weird intuition that it has a way deeper meaning, that I'm not currently aware of. Is Heraclitus talking about actual metaphysics? About this moment right now? Is he saying that this moment exists forever? Feels like my mind does not want me to grasp this. This makes me uncomfortable.
  15. Sartre, Camus, Nietzsche, Kierkegaard etc. were basically existentialists. They talked about these same topics because existentialism is just that - philosophy of human existence. But it's still philosophy. Still thinking. They understood nothingness but never witnessed it. Berkeley was awakened for sure. Also I think Spinoza got it too.