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  1. This is so stupid I can't believe it. Also, they fucked up green & yellow in this picture and it's driving me crazy:
  2. I don't know what to say. It's so bad it's funny. Take a look yourself. Post your results here.
  3. You can find information about this on , in the prejudices-part.
  4. What do you desire most in life? What do you want?
  5. So I got a job as a journalist in a small local media association. I have no education in media or anything like that. The association decided to start a small group of young adults to basically just give us a chance to see what it's like to work in media. We can write articles, do short documentaries, even radio... Pretty much anything we want to do. We are also free to choose basically whatever subjects we want to work on, but our "boss" is a Vice / Vox fan, so that's the direction he is leading the project (and it's fucking awesome). So... I've got a voice! I have pretty much everything I need to spread my message. My question for you guys is: do you have any interesting subjects you think would be needed in the world today? Any advice for work like this? Our audience is not specific, but I'm pretty sure it's going to be mostly other young adults. Some subjects I've been planning on: - Role of drugs in art and creative expression - Generation Z politicians and their views - How to understand the culture war better (spiral dynamics) - Why are conspiracy theories so popular today etc. A few of these I've talked about with the boss and he seems to be on board. Some of them would probably be in a basic article form, some in column form. As you see, I have a lot of freedom in what & how to do it. In fact, almost too much freedom! I don't know what to do with it! Help!
  6. Well yes, I understand and I agree that obviously we should not let people do anything they want. But as I understand the term "punish", it basically means a revenge. To put it simply: I dont think anyone deserves a punishment.
  7. We are already doing that in Finland. Our goal is to be carbon neutral in 2035. Try to broaden your vision a little bit. Europe, our homecountries, are pretty much the most evolved places in this world. In a sense, we are the leading edge of societal and cultural evolution. Here's the deal: what else should we be doing than our best? Do you see any greater vision for us than this? We have the resources, the education, the expertise on ecology, biology, physics, sociology, economy, politics and a lot more. We could show others how it's done. What else should we be doing with our time? Watching Netflix on our 4K screens eating pizza? Is that the true potential of europe? Look at the younger generations. Many already see that 4K Netflix and a cool car ain't what gives you the good life. They are looking for a greater meaning and vision. Yes, some go for fascism and other regressive ideologies, but we can offer them something better. We gotta unite more, perhaps even push for federal europe. We can deal with this together. I cannot imagine a greater, more beautiful vision for my nation than to unite and take on this challenge along with you guys, and others. I want nothing less for Finland than to melt in love for humanity, with you. That I think, is our true potential. And I bet it's the same for Germany too.
  8. Oh my God. Just as I was reading this, I looked at the clock on the upper corner of this screen as a joke, kinda had this funny feeling. 2:22 This is so crazy. I've been constantly seeing number 2 everywhere for a couple of years now. Been wondering what it means. I guess this is it.
  9. No gain in pain. There is no 'spiritual evolution'. There is no goal for God & creation somewhere. If there was a goal, an ultimate end result, why wouldn't it already be the case? I'm telling you, it is. What a weird theory. Why are you holding and advocating for such a limiting and doleful belief? No wonder you find it hard to swallow. Try eating something better.
  10. @Consilience You too been doing better after taking it?! What's in this stuff??
  11. I took the first dose a few months ago. I've since been more connected than ever before. It is the rigid beliefs and thoughts that are "cutting you off" from the love/light.
  12. @Heinrich Faust Yes, I've noticed the same thing. For me, it seems like these types are not really yet solid Green. They have some Green ideals, but they are in a sense quite childish and not really thought through. It's like they confuse Green ideals with Turquoise. I often see that they use certain Green perspectives just to hold onto their beliefs. It is very common to hear "This is my truth. You got your own truth, and we are equal." They don't really think that deeply, they just say it when they feel threatened. That's one of the dysfunctional characteristics of stage Green in general, but in my experience it's most apparent in new-age circles. They often mask themselves as selfless, spiritual, holistic, conscious etc. Yet, you often see quite rigid beliefs about morality, individuality, freedom, democracy etc. They are not yet done with Blue & Orange. I often get a feeling that these new-age types are in fact more dysfunctional and imbalanced than they would like others to see. They might be hiding certain problems behind their beliefs. But not all of them! Some new-agers are truly solid and healthy Green. I love 'em. They are often far less political and rigid with their beliefs.
  13. I recently saw a TikTok video from a dude who was discharged from the US military for refusing the vaccine. Think about it. This guys job was to be ready to kill & die for his country in battle, but refused to take a vaccine against a pandemic which has already killed more americans than the first & second world war, Vietnam war, 9/11 and Iraq war combined.
  14. A bit off-topic, but I assume you mean MAGA/Conservatives with the "radicalizing"? What is it like? Is there violence? Organized groups? What does it look like? I'm asking this because it is very different to hear from someone actually seeing it happen rather than just read it from the news and social media.