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  1. I just gave an example as to how to stop a dysfunctional oil tanker. It isn't "a teaching style". It's ego.
  3. Misunderstanding an idea is just misunderstanding an idea. A self who has dumbness is an additional projection. This is manipulation. You do not have an experience of another self who is dumb. Manipulation. You are not talking to people. How can persons not take it person-ally? ? You are not talking to people. Yes it does. The word "extremely" points it out, obviously. ? It's quite easy actually. Delete all your videos and this website.
  4. @Lana Faye Hi! I used to take citalopram for a long time for depression, and olanzapine for a few weeks after an intense trip: suicidal delusions etc. I know how the olanzapine feels like. It was helful for me at the time, when the delusions and anxiety were at their worst, but the side-effects are pretty harsh. Are you still taking it? I recommend quitting the meds according the doctors advice and just a bit by bit... The withdrawal effects can be pretty brutal, especially with olanzapine. Overall, your experience sounds pretty familiar. For me it was mostly about suicide and self-harm... Intrusive thoughts and delusions, anxiety that I might just "lose control", "go insane" and kill myself. Stuff like that. It takes some time to sort these things out. There will be clarity and probably quite awesome insights coming as to what's went down and why these thoughts appeared. For me it was probably the most brutal and painful experiences I've ever had, but what I learned from it and insights I had has been so precious. In fact I'm starting to appreciate the whole experience. Really recommend psychotherapy, though only when you're ready and feeling stable enough with it. And from the spiritual side, A Course In Miracles was and still is pretty damn helpful for me. Though make sure you're ready and stable enough for that stuff too. Wishing all the best for you and your family! ?
  5. No. Infinity be's not "all and every way". Infinity be's infinity. Yeah. Though God / Self is not "detached". It's just that nothing "happens to" God. Nothing ever happens. Undo the ego-mind ("world" and "things" and "selfs"). No innocents are being destroyed /suffering or be-ing to begin with. There is no "world", "stuff happening in a world", etc. That's the illusion, that which is not. Yeah, God just is. And that's it. All else is that which is not. (Not two. Non-duality. Truth.) Yeah, cause what you call "life" is a projection of the ego; separation, guilt, shame, fear, lack, shortage, death... God/Truth does not create "your life" or "the world", nor "live in a world". God/Truth just be's God-Truth.
  6. Nothing makes us happy. Happiness is what we are. Why it seems like "fulfilling needs" makes us happy, is because the fullness we are cannot "join" thoughts or beliefs about lack. So when we experience something we desire, like sex, it seems like the good feeling comes from that thing... When it actually comes as thoughts about lacking what's wanted is not believed or appearing. This is obvious as you can feel fulfilled or happy right here and now, even if there was no sex or "a need being fulfilled"... Just by letting go the discordant thought, by focusing on something else.
  7. The problem is that Leo has little to none insight as to where suicidal ideation actually comes from, why, and what "death" or "life" is. Not a death cult, just blind leading the blind. A video about how spirituality is dangerous etc. is just more blind leadership.
  8. It's not necessarily that women choose high status men but that men often believe that's what women do. Conditioning. It's the "you're never good enough for the world" belief. Not motivation perhaps. Inspiration is more aligned. Why is sex and intimacy sought? It's the belief that happiness or good feeling comes from these things. So happiness is what's always really looked for.
  9. It's just a movie playing out. There isn't a self (a separate doer, chooser) somewhere "inside Andrew Tate". That's the illusion. If we would have to say that there are enlightened people, IMO it would be far more on point to say that everyone is equally enlightened, Andrew Tate, Sadhguru, Ramana Maharshi.
  10. No. It is not possible for any person, sociopath or not, to be enlightened. "Andrew Tate", like every person, is a veil pulled over "The Enlightened One", or the true self.
  11. You are already happiness. Though happiness cannot "join" thoughts and beliefs that are contrary to the happiness you are.
  12. Except those that are not. ? You can find test results from quality brands.
  13. I don't understand what's the problem here. Can't you just say "When I work, I need to focus on it. Do not distract me at all during work time."
  14. I speak of truth vs. illusion. It's not that the duality of good and bad exists in the relative but not in absolute. Good and bad does not exist, and that's it. The world is an illusion. All things are an illusion. Illusion means 'that which is not'; God does not create the world or allow anything in the world. Cause the world never even happens. There just is no such thing. Saying that there is no Santa Claus is not "dodging the question". This is not "bypassing" or "Neo Advaita" etc. It's the truth. The Enlightened One.