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  1. Pretty sure this is due to the differences in developmental stages. The people who disagree with you are thinking in completely different states of consciousness. Especially on forum. Try to be more aware about it than just calling others underdeveloped or focusing on who's right and who's wrong. There is something far bigger going on here than just some debates.
  2. @Dutch guy You are literally creating "the white culture" out of thin air. You are creating it by dividing between yourself and other, white and black, this and that. There is no fucking white culture if you don't differentiate it from "other" cultures. If you truly love your culture, you should be as grateful for those other cultures for making this even possible for you. You actually love all cultures as much as you love your own, but you're just not conscious of it. Because of that, your love for your culture is showing up as a need to defend "your own" and blame "the other". Stop doing that. There is a better way to love yourself.
  3. @Dutch guy Big chunk of western culture is still based on a story of slaves in Egypt over 3000 years ago. Slavery in America happened almost yesterday compared to that. Do you seriously believe that it is not affecting peoples emotions anymore?
  4. That kind of makes sense from Spiral Dynamics perspective. In the end, the dictators and terrorist groups have the same kind of ideology. Maybe it's better to let the dictators rule and that way let them dismantle the terrorist groups by themselves. Even if it sucks to live under some dictators rule, is it not better than having a bunch of different groups in war with each other all the time? Later, when the society gets stronger, they can make their progress towards democracy by their own accord.
  5. All cultures willl eventually collide. You are holding onto nothing. Keep in mind that you only think that The West is best because you are born here. If you were asian, you would think that The East is the best.
  6. @Rilles It's not just a simple restructuring. Watch the video, it explains the situation pretty well.
  7. Watch this:
  8. I am just trying to save your time. What you are thinking here is only holding you back. I was stating a fact. What you are talking here is literally nonsense. I'm sorry if I hurt your feelings. I'll leave then.
  9. God, Self, Dao, Brahman, The Absolute... they all mean the same thing. God/Self/Dao/Brahman/Absolute is what Buddha found. Traditions don't mean shit. Go within. You are thinking nonsense.
  10. Psychedelics is the answer.
  11. @Kalki Avatar Your question does not make sense. You won't get the kind of an answer you are looking for.
  12. In the upcoming years, clinical psychology will need more understanding of spiritual awakening in general. There will be a lot of people who take psychedelics irresponsibly. There will be a lot of people who become deluded in weird ways. Find a way to help these people to get through their awakening safely.
  13. @Nak Khid Dude, look. Forget about understanding Love. You won't get it by debating at the forum. You are not yet at the level of consciousness that makes it possible to understand why reality is Love. You still think that this is some philosophical idea that you can disprove by logical thinking. It is not. When you become conscious of Love, it will be as obvious as Oneness. There is nothing to debate about. It's just how things are. Go on with your life and keep doing the spiritual work. One day you will get it. I promise. ❤