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  1. Not really anyone to accept anything. More like observe present as it is. The Four Noble Truths are about acknowledging that there is suffering and choosing to take the path of liberation. If that's not taking responsibility, I don't know what is. Power over others is not what buddhists mean by ego. Ego is thought-attachment and the belief in separate self(s). Also, not the source of evil but the source of suffering and ignorance. The separate self and the world, like Buddha famously said, is suffering. It might seem like fun times for some but it really isn't for anyone. It's just coped with, swept under the rug and suppressed until it gets unbearable. And then the Four Truths and the Path starts to make hella sense.
  2. For anyone interested and looking to feel better and liberate, what Leo has said in this thread is complete nonsense, ignorance, misinformation and just generally so misleading and confused I really recommend you to take pause and explore what your intuition and gut is saying. If you're feeling that something is off, and you want to gain clarity, take time off of all content at least for a few months. I did so myself and it is blatantly clear I was fed misinfo and lies. You don't need Leo or anything he says for your completeness. You could as well be listening to a fundamentalist pastor preaching Christian dogma. Listen to how you feel. Acknowledge the suffering. You are already whole and complete. There is nothing you need to do or to become.
  3. Enlightenment is not a state of consciousness. Enlightenment is consciousness. No-one becomes awakened, no-one becomes conscious of truth. Yeah, cause your awakenings and realizations are thought-stories, thought-attachment. 🙏 Also, are you open to acknowledge how you're really feeling in every moment? Are you open to acknowledge suffering? Everyone is waiting for eternity but the Shaman asks: "how about today?"
  4. How'd you come to this conclusion? 😂 Sometimes we're so deep in the hamster wheel that everything is starting to look like a wheel. What I'm talking about here is the endless conceptualization and thought-attachment, especially rampant on this forum. Hopping out the wheel is to let go the beliefs and tasting true liberation and Rest.
  5. I was saying yeah, you're right. 😂
  6. Yeah. "Understanding is under standing."
  7. When you get tired of the hamster wheel of conceptualization and suffering, and want to taste true liberation, the path is clear.
  8. This forum. Spirituality and the path is deeply distorted here. It's nothing like the true path and message. Very misleading, very confusing.
  9. Yeah, paying money is a form of conscious intent and focus. Did you start feeling something immediately after paying? 😄
  10. I'd challenge this belief. What is "hardcore spirituality"? What does "pursuing hardcore spirituality" look, feel, sound, taste like? Sitting your spine against a tree, listening/playing sound bowls, wearing crystals, drawing sacred geometry, oracle card readings, stretching, yoga, having a massage, reiki or angel therapy session, journaling, watching inspiring movies... Doing what feels good to you. Gladiator movie comes to mind. Everyone is waiting for eternity but the Shaman asks: "how about today?"
  11. Why don't you want to masturbate?
  12. Well yeah, the institutional marriage is in a sense outdated. Though I want to get married in a personal way, I'd like to have a ceremony and some kind of ritual as a meaningful expression of love & a shared life and future.