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  1. Why don't you want to masturbate?
  2. Well yeah, the institutional marriage is in a sense outdated. Though I want to get married in a personal way, I'd like to have a ceremony and some kind of ritual as a meaningful expression of love & a shared life and future.
  3. Holding beliefs about solipsism and projecting authority onto others (in this case, probably Leo) even though it feels horrible, is in a sense avoidance of truth. "A you who avoids / fears truth or solipsism" is not. There is really no such thing as avoidance of truth. Do you really know what is truth? If not, how could you know if you avoid it or not? There is avoidance of emotional guidance though. You know thoughts and beliefs about solipsism feel shit, but you still keep thinking / believing those thoughts. This is what is meant by aversion. Solipsism / awakening is thought / belief. Feeling and sensing though, is always available, directly "here", and self-evident. Solipsism feels off because it is off, it's not Who You Are. You are boundless goodness, happiness, freedom and love. Solipsism is a fucking joke compared to your magnificence and boundlessness. There is no need whatsoever to give any more thoughts about solipsism. There is no need whatsoever for listening to Leo. Neither there is a need for taking psychedelics. You are whole and complete, ready and good as you are right now. This is what your emotional wisdom is pointing toward. What comes to taking psychedelics, I'd say don't take em if you feel anxious or scared to do so.
  4. Who are the people shouting you down and gaslighting? Which users? Can you quote the posts and paste links where this has happened, so everyone, along with mods, can see it and make their assessment so that we could have closure. By the way, I understand why you feel the need to make your voice heard, as I had very similar experience as you do, but with Leo. I understand the frustration and anger you feel. What comes to the money you paid for Nahm's sessions, I think it would be reasonable and justified for you to ask your money back, as you clearly feel dissappointed and scammed. Have you asked for refund? And just for the sake of clarity, do you want to make one more post explaining one by one each thing you think Nahm did wrong? As in, each lie you think he told, each charlatan move, each scam... etc. And would you like to tell how you felt before, during and after you worked with him? You can make your own thread for it if you like.
  5. @Raptorsin7 Dude, I already answered to this. I am not about focusing on proving a point to you. I am about feeling good, being aligned and well. Your ways of reasoning and argumenting is nothing to me. It doesn't come even close to this high and clarity of alignment. If you too want this high and goodness of increasing alignment, come and see. I did, and saw. Set how you feel the #1 priority. Put the dreamboard up and running. Start wearing a crystal. Take time at least once a while to sit down on the floor, and write down what you want.
  6. It's not about a "board which works". The board is me, and what I am about so to speak, is written on the board.
  7. This does not resonate. I'm not going to focus on proving a point to someone who is clearly focusing on discordant thoughts and not willing / open for more. I won't be pulling myself down with you, lol. My dear friend don't expect me to sustain for you in grief Don't expect anything from me but happiness intoxication and good times since God created us only for this I wreck logic and fight a sober mind
  8. Many things, actually. Friendships, a more resonant job, mental / emotional wellbeing, sex, hifi-system, and an intimate relationship, which is forming as we speak. Also clarity, inspiration, letting go beliefs that no longer serve etc. Once I wrote "Youtube-videos from Nahm" because I wanted to know what he looks like. A month after that he made his channel! It's not really that I would have personally manifested these things. That way of conceptualizing it is quite heavy / discordant. It's really beyond a me and manifestation, it's Love and Joy, god damn freaking magic and immense energy / alignment and creation.
  9. My dude... About 50% of what Nahm talked about was pointing toward direct awareness and the rest was about creating the life you want. Leo and likes kept theorizing and conceptualizing when this guy heard the message and guided everyone toward being a creator, living as creator, seeing it for yourself in everyday life. The dreamboard / focusing on what you want - advice Nahm gave was more useful and insightful than any video Leo has ever made about god or reality. As the forum guidelines say, walk the talk. Nahm did.
  10. Yeah, it seems he really left the forum. Kinda sad, this place won't be the same without him. Though the guy himself will probably break his ribs laughing. Think about it, a guy gets yeeted from spirituality forum for being too spiritual and Advaitan, "non-dual".
  11. I'm not downplaying your experience at all, and to me the donating money thing sounds indeed weird, but that term "insight" seems interesting to me. Nahm doesn't really talk about insights. I don't think I have ever seen him do that. In fact, most of the forum seems to be talking about insights and whatever, except Nahm. IME he has always kind of steered away from "insights" and "realizations" and "mystical experiences" or "enlightenment" and pointed more towards simplicity, sensation, here and now. Which is already who we are, it's not in some particular insight or realization so to speak.
  12. Nahms advice has always been very helpful for me. More so than any other user on this forum, and perhaps more so than any spiritual book or video I've seen. He has truly changed my life for better, and his presence has given me insight, wisdom and assistance that is nowhere to be found in Leos videos alone. In fact, he has helped me tremendously in sorting out many misconceptions and confusions following Leos work has brought. To be honest, Nahm is really the main reason I come to this forum. @Nahm Though it is also my experience that your expression / use of language is sometimes quite weird. I don't know if it's a neuroatypical / personality trait or something, but sometimes it sucks to try understand what you're saying when the words seems to be all over the place, sometimes just making no sense whatsoever.
  13. "Running from your shoes" as in trying to win/conquer/get rid of fear, rather than hearing the message. "Nonsense" -> "Non-sense". Not sensing. What does a baby do when sensing uncomfortable/painful things? Do they keep doing what hurts, and thinking "I gotta conquer this, I gotta win this fight, I gotta prove my worth, I gotta accept pain and awaken?"