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  1. A good thing indeed. Yesterday I cried when I spotted my mind and saw it as a mirror. Shit, I´m crazy. Always talking to myself :D.
  2. Yep. One needs to suffer.. a lot. God is the greatest asshole
  3. Live in the present moment. Then there is no fear. Then you are ready. Butt, make sure you are not living in the idea of the present moment.
  4. @Shin Don´t worry. I´m not going to do anything harmful to this body
  5. @Mikael89 Yea. Actually, you made me realize that what I said (and everyone has ever said) is false and pure bullshit. I´ll not speak anymore and let myself die and start experience what is. Thank You. Adios!
  6. True. Even you can´t help yourself. You can only delude yourself. True. You should not be even attached to life. But don´t get me wrong. Sure, you can create your dream dream where you think you are happy.
  7. Lately, I have become more sensitive to my inner body. When I get relaxed I sense this subtle vibration on every part of my body and my palms get sweaty. And after a cup of Chaga mushroom tea, this feeling is 10x powerful. Is this a process of body healing or something else? Do you guys have similar experiences? anyway, it feels quite comfortable.
  8. The Tao for me is meaningless, but I point to absolute infinity Without thoughts there are no problems and when a thought arises, wait a moment and it will disappear until a new thought is never ending process but do not identify with them. In other words, learn to meditate. If you don´t like sitting still like a statue then try something else. I personally love doing Tai Chi and maybe you would love to do so too.
  9. Get out of your mind and start dating with the Tao
  10. Practice the practice of no practice. You don't have to sit in the lotus pose in order to meditate. You can meditate while doing your daily chores, creating your business..etc. Of course, this is easier said than done but if you start today you may be enlightened at the same time when you get your financial independence.