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  1. @MTR chose to use "our" own language limits.Hence it is said it cannot be described in words.Words cannot capture it.It is ever pure bcoz it is untouched by tounge - words.Tao cannot be said.What ever said is not Truth.Etc. ???
  2. @MTR Lol what ever "You" want to describe ??? Brain vibrational ??? Destructive process ? Lower Negative self ??? Darkness of core of "Your" soul.??? The lower frequency ??? not higher frequency ??? Deep vibration of Nothingness ??? Negative mother nature ??? lol why not possitive father nature ??? Not wake up and dream ??? Jungian literature ??? How replacing the possitive words with negative words will help ? ????
  3. @Vaishnavi @Vaishnavi @Vaishnavi Dharma as we prefer to call is very very subtle and to understand Dharma Self Realisation is the key focus on that.Then everything will become clear. All spiritual books,Bhagavadh Gita,Mahabaratham,Ramayanam,Thirukural,Purushartham everything will make sense.
  4. @Vaishnavi Yes morality is responsibility.Morality is love.Morality is freedom. Treat others like the way you want to be treated. Life is one interconnected and interdependent. At the same time should be a balance between independence and interdependence. Morality cannot be forced upon but has to happen come from with in. Why I should be moral ? - self realisation will give the answers. Self realisation is the key. Truth,honesty,integrity,transperancy,love,peace,courage (fearlessness),humilityand lot more.
  5. @Tanz No body can give that.No system can be perfect.one is enlightened doesnt mean he can be an all knowing great econimist or scientist or social xyz. Can sadhguru create a new simple seed of a plant or tree ? Or can create new species ? Or a planet ? Or how nature works ??? By nature creation is like that.we dont know the intelligence behind the creation and creative powers ? We are not seperate from creation but we dont have access to the mystery of creation. Equality is a myth a utopian idea. All are unique but all are not equal. Only at the conciousness level its shared like water heat earth air and all other resources. Body/mind is still seperate.
  6. @Pernani Dont drop your intellect. Dont blindly believe in what you read. What suffers - that is a very important question to ponder enquire. What causes suffering. Eckhart tolle suffered from depression doesnt mean all in the world has to undergo severe depression and Ramana Maharishi happpened to get enlightenment due to intense fear of death doesnt mean all must try to imagine and try to create intense fear of death. There is no need of hellish path.Nothing serious. Take care of the body.Healthy food.Healthy excercise breathing excercise.Try to be mindful.Patanjali can be helpful.self enquiry.Nature.Prayer.Mantra chanting.All can be helpful.
  7. @Nahm At the functional level one requires sharp memory mindfulness alertness free from unconcious behaviour or absent mindedness ? The detached concentrated mind while in action ? requires discipline and effort ? Or in otherwords attention + memory + intellect is used when required and put to rest when not required ? Pls clarify.???
  8. @whatthefucksgoinon @whatthefucksgoinon Yes bhakthi yoga is devotion or love is essential for awakening of love and purification. With out bhakthi or love the Gnana is said to be dry - it wouldnt taste.Something like bhuddist - nihilism. Gnana will question enquire everything bhakthi will attempt to see love everything as god gods action.It will be very difficult clash as Gnana is knowledge and bhakthi is love. Bhakthi will give insights dissolve the rigid mind hidden emotional blocks which Gnana wouldnt and Gnana will crush the blind spots blind beliefs of bhakthi. The four components karma yoga + bhakthi + raja yoga + Gnana yoga --- all four are important dont neglect any of them. Dont fall for the shortest route trap by by passing the practices which is best etc. Gnana,bhakthi,karma yoga will not speak about the body subtle body prana energies food. Karma yoga will not speak about gnana bhakthi raja yoga.It is about duties,mindfulness,concentration,dedication,sincerity,integrity in work action.Work as worship.Selfless action,service. Problem is traditionally all the pre-requisites of Karma,bhakthi,Raja yoga was part of daily routine practices and Vedanta or Gnana is the final leap given. Integerate the 4 for the best and And all paths will not lead to truth. Bhakthi by itself will never lead to truth. Karma yoga by itself will never lead to truth. Asana pranayama prathyagara dharana will not lead to truth - but pls dont ignore them. Modern Raja yogis will put down bhakthi. Modern Gnana yogis will put down bakthi,raja yoga. Modern Bhakthas will put down raja yoga - gnana. Dont fall for those traps. Integerate them for the best. Enjoy the path as well. ???
  9. @Raptorsin7 I guess a drug addict - heroine as stated will not have the discipline,patience,concentration,mindfulness etc there will be a constant craving and addiction to be high on drugs so its unlikely he will be enlightened. Again I guess Yogic enlightenment - where one is very clear about of all aspects of Truth-Reality insights intutions cosmic intelligence which may be lacking in other paths. Yoga emphasizes the importance of healthy body prana chakras Kundalini concentration mindfulness purification etc which other paths neglect - ignore which is of great ignorance - I guess. I dont have a clear understanding on this difference between Yogic enlightenment and other enlightenment by self enquiry or others which doesnt emphasize other yogic practices. May be @Leo Gura @Nahm Can elaborte on this difference in insights . Its just not about being,peace but much more than that I guess - wonder ?
  10. @Conscious life For John it was Jesus came to save humanity? For colossians - some other words. Why we "must" believe the words of john or colossians ? What is the sin ? What is sin ? And what sin you commited to take birth ? Why to create first and then punish for so called gods idea of sin humans with birth and then take birth to save the humanity ? And could he save the humanity ? Could he first save himself from the humans ?
  11. @Schahin You know for sure All appearences are illusions and appearence in conciousness.You saw an image and you assumed imagined it to be Jesus.How do you know it was jesus ? Or you imagined the picture that is portrayed as Jesus ? Even if you get vision of Shiva - enquire to whom it is appearing ? - Ramana Maharishi
  12. @ethanb121 Chakras are pointers positions locations where the kundalini is experienced. How can they show proof that has to be experienced by yourself. You cannot imagine meditate about third eye - in meditation you will enter in to the third eye it will be a different experience.
  13. @The Don Yes I have gone through major depression episode hence the questions. But can you even medidate during depression ? Do you even have that inclination energy to meditate mindful of it ? Hence the questions.
  14. @The Don Guess you have Just posted your projections about your (meditatation and depression). What is depression in your own experience ? How do you know others think that the depression will not go ? Accept depression ? Why should you accept depression ? Why should you meditate if it is causing depression ? Why should you be mindful of depression ? How do you know if the depression is caused by meditation or other repeated worldly worries,frustrations and inability to get past over that problem or intense shame or guilt or inferiority complex,self esteem issues or imbalance of serotinin ? What are your daily routines food habits addictions - smoking drinking - excercise ? Whats the nature of your job - stressful high pressure high tension job ? You say even depression is there it will not bother you ? So how can you function when there is no energy no interest to do anything?lack of motivation ? Kind of depressive irritation ? Unable to focus ? Suicidal thoughts ? Sleeplessness? What ever you are mindful - it persists or grows or drops ? Whats your method of meditation ?
  15. @VeganAwake That's beautiful. The illusion of knowledge and the illusion of knowing about the path and the illusion of practice. The very knowledge acts as obstacle.Creates confusion suffering.on one hand it is clear the very thought intention to meditate intention to do the practice is an illusion.But the sense of me is yet to go and hasn't reached the goal is real. Even worse knowing the self is just in front of my eyes,nose.There is nothing to do.No need to do anything.It is effortless.No need to meditate. Yet the illusion is there. But like @Leo Gura says do the work like @Nahm says please meditate have a routine .@zeroISinfinity says please meditate. Like you and other master's says.Its enough no need to learn anything about practice path enlightenment.Now the very knowledge is obstacle.Drop it and do the work. The same reason why ashtavakra Gita is acknowledged by every master but yet they ask don't stop till goal is reached. ????
  16. @Aaron p Bodys mind exists but they are not that. 99.99% acts are done assuming its me while it is not - Ralston. I was assuming thinking i was born to so and so.My age is this.I am this and that.Its utter nonsense - I am the changeless Imortal Reality I was never born - Nisargadatta Maharaj (Not exact words but thats the meaning)
  17. @kieranperez Lol he is not a Guru at all.But Criminal.But any how gullible people believe only such phonies.
  18. @28 cm unbuffed Read the post by Jaggi vasudev on Tanra Yoga. (Even jaggi is not totally honest here). You cannot trascend anything by indulgence with awareness or with out awareness.Or suppression. Awareness is innocent - awareness is not curative by itself. Dont take this words of Tantra - awareness is curative. Yoga doesnt ask you suppression thats how Tantra sellers will put down other paths practices. Tantra means technique Yoga means union. But by Tantra if it is left hand Tantra unconventional indulgence rituals.Modern Tantra teachers may not be aware of the rituals practices nor wont share tell them in public. Gnana Yoga,Bakthi Yoga,Karma Yoga,Kriya yoga,Kundalini Yoga,Japa Yoga,Dhyana Yoga,Hatha Yoga,Tantra Yoga. An answer given to Vedantic student will differ to Bhakthi yoga student or Raja Yoga seeker according to the seeker. Dont take the words of the Some one words as absolute truth. There is difference between information and wisdom. You cannot gain wisdom from anyone from Internet books Guru. A true Guru will caution you point you share his insights but unfortunately cannot impart the wisdom. Wisdom has to come from with in. Wisdom is not for the awareness-absolute. Wisdom dawns in the mind. Regarding awareness is curative - A baby is aware but doesnt know what a poisonous snake is.It will try to grab a snake like anyother toy - it doesnt know the danger poisonous nature of the snake.It doesnt have any fear. But later when the knowledge of snake,poison,death comes at later stage as a boy he moves away from the snake. Sri Ramakrishna Paramahamsa cautions seekers not to go for Tantra. Tantra seems attractive to many because it gives license for indulgence. Dont take Rajneesh views words interpretations on anything I repeat anything as absolute Truth. Beware of phony gurus beware of phony spirituality business.Dont take all the words in the internet books words of Gurus as wisdom. Choose the safer paths. But thats again my words.I am just some one.I am just telling something.
  19. @Alex bliss You will never know.We have a solipstic mind. Can you ever feel if a psychopath suffers or not ever feels guilty or fear shame guilt or moral remorse ? All we know from their statements is that they derive sadistic sense of pleasure of others suffering.They are addicted to that craving of sadistic pleasure.They don't feel guilt remorse.Its a thrill.Not sure if they even have fear of death or punishments. It's just the same question of why evil exist and why it's not punished annihilated then and there. It is again pointing to the same - purpose of creation. Just accept the fact that we cannot have answers to all our infinite questions about Infinity. Good people can suffer too miserably with disease,accidents,poor inspite of all their good deeds. Bad people can live long rich powerful with name and fame inspite of their evil deeds. We don't know why ? All we know is It is God's play-Game.We don't have any control over external events. It is the very same God's manifestation acting as psychopath. Blind,dumb,deaf,physically challenged,mentally challenged,drug addicts.Many more. Children die of disease many die due to malnutrition.Violence,murder,attrocities,cheating,theft,corruption. By awakening people to Reality Truth Enlightened saints try to help people transform the mind to make the world a better place. So we all have very great responsibility on our shoulders.Lets awaken,Actualize and serve the humanity and all living beings to what ever extent possible ???