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  1. People who spend their childhood in a certain environment tend to resemble that environment, and the ghetto is a chaotic environment. Very similar to “you are what you eat”. Were there any entitled pricks or pretentious know-it-alls at the college?
  2. NYC is more energetic, and London is more cultured. What are your goals? Which feels like less of a compromise to meet those goals?
  3. Feelings, perspectives, and beliefs are valid. Validity ≠ truth.
  4. Can the infinite have awareness without finitude? Can the finite exist without infinity?
  5. OMG, I love geography!!! I often wonder what life is like in different locations either as myself or as someone born and raised in the local culture.
  6. Just another opinionated person who’s been given a platform to voice his opinions. I think he’s pretty basic and not that problematic in the grand scheme of things.
  7. As I see it, there already is hatred of Jews as a baseline. So, the only thing that has changed is they prove they are capable of being the “bad guys” for once. The notion of Jews truly being safe in the Middle East seems far-fetched. Nukes and strong support from wealthy Western nations certainly has helped, though.
  8. Same here…
  9. It was a nice abridged, introductory video! Condensed it nicely!
  10. Man…if I was on lockdown for 14 weeks starting now, that would be amazing!