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  1. It’s a matter of perspective, and changes depending on the context. Ignorance can be blissful, and ignorance can be severely damaging.
  2. Owning and maintaining a home/property is a separate part-time job you take on and pay out the ass for. No thank you.
  3. Is it the fact that he talks about God, or something else?
  4. The UN and the EU are the closest we have right now. Would either of them be here without WWII happening first? Selfishness and fighting come before selflessness and cooperation. And the UK still left the EU for selfish reasons anyhow!
  5. Every tree that has ever fallen with people near enough to hear it has made a sound. No people means no perception of sound from the tree falling, but it doesn’t mean no sound is made.
  6. Well, I mostly agree with you. Most people are tedious and have no idea of the importance of spirituality. However, it sounds to me like you’ve attached your ego to spirituality. I still try to make connections and maintain existing friendships while recognizing that spirituality is one aspect of my experience of life. It’s important to me, but there are many other aspects and, as stated before, most people are ignorant of it. And that’s all okay.
  7. @Javfly33 I switched to this shift January last year.
  8. Having a social life outside of a night shift work schedule is a fucking struggle. Even without a lockdown and social distancing restrictions. Everything feels so forced, because it won’t happen unless you make it happen.
  9. Hedonism is just a concept. Afterlife is just a concept. Nobody can tell you how to live. What feels true to you?
  10. Given the axiom that life is suffering, the root cause is God. Not God in any confined religious context, but infinite consciousness.
  11. Ok, Jewish Space Laser Girl...
  12. DDLG is definitely a thing. It’s not figurative language. It’s the actual relationship dynamic.