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  1. Here’s the before and after for my recent hair donation.
  2. Can someone with a vagina be a good man?
  3. 1. Have a penis. 2. Be a good person. .......3? Identify as a man. What makes a good person? Well-developed spiritually, mentally, and emotionally. No denial or repression of “undesirable” characteristics. Physically well-developed is a bonus. Has a good balance of masculine and feminine energies and knows when a situation calls for more of one or the other.
  4. It’s entirely up to you whether or not this is a problem that needs fixing. I had a similar issue when the pandemic hit and we had the lockdown. I left work and stayed almost entirely alone for months, and it was great! People were getting pissed off and protesting the lockdown, and getting sick all over the place. I felt so secure with myself and society at large felt so cringey and inept as I looked at what was going on. So I saw that as a problem. Why should I be happy while people get so mad or sick and dying? I’ve been working on meeting people slowly since then after I got the vaccine and booster. I’m trying to have a social life that’s not so barren it’s unaffected by a global pandemic and subsequent isolation. I’m trying to not just be happy with myself, but also other people. I’ve been very misanthropic and I’m trying to correct that. But maybe you don’t have that problem!
  5. Yeah, true. We could end up with a de facto female president yet.
  6. @Phil King Well, that’s a shame if so. I’d rather see someone else nominated as the Democratic candidate. I’m kinda surprised he got through 4 years. I was mainly voting against Trump in 2020 and was really hopeful that the 2024 election wouldn’t be the same “lesser of 2 evils” it’s been twice in a row now. I was looking forward to something different. So I hope you’re wrong.
  7. An example of someone who wants guarantees of a consistent reality: ”Hello, I have found my reality to be defective and I’d like a refund or to see if it’s covered under warrantee. Can I have a word with your manager?” Oh, Karen.............
  8. Californians have already moved to Texas in droves this past decade. Give it another decade of the same, and Texas may go purple.
  9. Jihad Rehab is a documentary about Muslim extremists going through the process of re-entering society in Saudi Arabia. It was shown in a couple film festivals and then scrapped due to the cancel culture. Apparently, since the filmmaker is a white American woman, it is automatically a dishonest and dehumanizing representation of these men according to those on the left. https://www.samharris.org/podcasts/making-sense-episodes/300-a-tale-of-cancellation
  10. That’s the year I had my skater phase. And I appreciated my PS2 more than life itself. I met my dad’s new girlfriend and her son, which was cool and I was happy for my dad. I had moved the previous year from his apartment to live with my mom, step-dad, and his daughter. I was most of the way through 8th grade when I turned 14, and it was the 8th different school I’d attended. I liked it better than either of the schools I attended while I lived with my dad. I made a few friends, mostly from band. It was the first year of my most stable period growing up. Not a bad year, aside from the massive flood. Our house was ok, but the surrounding area was hit hard. We got a massive rock that washed up from the nearby creek as a lawn decoration. I wasn’t much help.........never had much upper body strength.
  11. Mathematics is very useful for modeling how things in reality work. It’s just a map vs. territory thing. The blog post is saying it’s not the territory.