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  1. Yes would love to hear more on this topic too... for example: how much can we change our intelligence? practically I'm more egotistically concerned about IQ scores because it seems to dictate so much about survival in the materialistic world
  2. @Apparition of Jack Thank you so much for your thoughtful reply. I guess I have some blockage in me that stops me from engaging in politics, like "I am not spiritually cleansed enough to make a wise decision". I really feel that there is a lot of devilry in me that has yet to be dealt with, and a lot of insecurities that I face in life. So I am not too convinced about directly engaging myself in political action. Anyway, I really like how you say that "if done well, politics should be inspiring, creative, wholesome and unifying.". Any resources you recommend regarding a more "positive" way of looking at politics? Reading the news is too depressing sometimes and most news narratives don't offer a meta-perspective, which I crave.
  3. I have greatly enjoyed Leo's Spiral Dynamics series, as well as conscious politics. However, I just don't care about the news or current affairs that much to be able to discuss that with other people and to analyse politics in depth (to give a well-informed opinion). I guess I have some resistance to politics - perhaps I identify with stage green values more, and that I have no interests in the hard facts of current issues. Seeing the news usually just triggers me emotionally and I sometimes feel that "I don't want to touch that (current affairs/ politics)". I want to learn more about history and politics though, I just couldn't find an entrance. I usually zone out when people talk about history/ politics. I do enjoy Leo's videos though, so I guess I'm not completely indifferent to current affairs, just that I want some higher consciousness resources (or more meta/ big-picture stuff) that help me understand politics at a higher level. Any advice would be great!
  4. @Leo Gura Thank you. How do I not get egotistical about this? I am comparing with others so much and it's limiting me. Any resources you recommend? I have watched your video on Intelligence twice, still I want to learn more about the "metaphysics of logic", if that makes any sense.
  5. I find myself to be especially drawn to the "meta" level of stuff, while I really just couldn't get myself to care much about the logistics, hard facts of things. I really want to be good at the conventional logic and information processing stuff, and I feel like I have a huge limiting belief that "I could not access the mathematical/ logical thinking" since I was bad at it since I was young. It's like I want to be good at science as an artistic person. I sometimes feel inferior to those who are better in science than I am. What can I do?
  6. @Leo Gura Thank you Leo. That is so beautifully put. You have resources/books to recommend for this type of productivity (bought your booklist)? Or tips on how to keep evolving on this direction? What will green productivity then lead to? I'm curious to know what yellow productivity will look like lol maybe pure integration and flow? I feel like as we progress up the spiral, "the path of least resistance" or flow is more emphasized in work and productivity, so that whatever raw output our tangible result is viewed as just a physical manifestation of the innate desire for expansion. I feel like Simon Sinek's "Find your why" is quite fitting to this orange-transitioning-green mindset. But I'm looking for green/ green-transitioning-yellow resources to keep evolving. I enjoy sadhguru's wisdom too, but I need something closer to my current SD stage to build a more solid foundation. Oh, and if the spiral viewed from turquoise (or above?) perspective is a non 3-D model, but rather a scrambled 10 dimensional time-space model, does that mean from Yellow onwards everything become non-linear, and people can jump between time-space realities? lol
  7. Is it because Leo is still waiting for himself to evolve into Turquoise? Interested to see how turquoise people manage themselves and an organisation
  8. @Leo Gura i'm thinking about something along the lines of consciousness research/ brain studies/ meditation studies. say, studying the brains of people from the buddhism studies department? lol and in term of productivity for SD green, i'm kinda bored of the orange macho productivity, but i'm not finding good spiritual take on productivity yet. is productivity a more subtle form of energy in stage green?
  9. @Leo Gura let's say, how to study properly, do paper work, academic research as a stage green person who has to, unfortunately work under the reductionist paradigm of academia
  10. @Apparation of Jack i think the view of productivity, and the "product", or the goal that which is the ultimate aim of the work itself shifts with SD stages
  11. Advice? How to motivate oneself (most likely stage green) to be consistent and productive?
  12. @LittleMaslow please let us know how your shambhavi is going!
  13. Anyone can do yoga and benefit from the "calming effects". But is shambhavi any different? People are saying that shambhavi helped them out big time, but there is little as to say how shambhavi is different from other 21 minute yoga. I'm just curious
  14. @Derek White Yes, been there. Felt a weird tingling vibration inside the throat/ chest. Maybe the heart chakra doing its stuff? but no idea.