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  1. He's not driving down the highway in his underwear though, this is exaggerating what he is doing to suit your own emotional reaction. (Imo). This isn't a judgement, i just think this is what tends to happen with these things. I do see the other side, and yes I don't know leo but i am not trying to explain his behaviour or posts. I am letting the man be. I dont think he cares for retaining people that would leave because of silly reasons. As this work is more serious than that and the work can be separated from him as a person. I do see the other side but nothing on his insta seemed like repulsive craziness to me. In fact the repulsive craziness, to me, is the backlash he has had / is having. This backlash isnt really repulsive though, i think it was pretty expected, and very telling ?
  2. The guy who teaches you how to overcome procrastination is the guy who still sometimes succumbs to procrastination.
  3. Then maybe your idea of an actualized person needs some work. He's just posting on instagram and expressing himself. An Actualized person may not care to censor themselves regardless of which position you think they may hold. If he wished to post these things what is wrong with that, I dont understand? If you need a nice, cookie-cut, role model then there are many you could find! Leo is definitely not that and never pretends to be. I think so anyways
  4. I thought Leo's posts were more authentic than most of the shit i see posted on Instagram? I don't know why people think he has gone crazy, just seems like the social matrix gone crazy ahaha. How can you judge Leo without knowing him? All this outrage about his insta posts seems crazy to me. ?
  5. The placebo effect is nonsense also. But plausible nonsense nonetheless.
  6. Thanks for the advice, i probably wouldn't ever use a trip killer. My most healing trips have been from being able to exert control and 'land the plane' if you get my metaphor. Just controlled breathing and reassurance from myself that the experience is temporary even if the experience of time has gone haywire.
  7. Thanks everyone who replied. Really will take into consideration what you've all said! love ya's! Thanks for your compassion & amazing answers.
  8. O Thank you for clearly articulating this! I think this is what I needed to hear. Really useful information ?! Such a nice way to explain the ideas. ❤️
  9. I have been researching the safety of MDMA in humans, short-term & long-term. And there isn't too much solid consenus. I've just basically done a lot of googling, reddit, trip-reports. The basics I've worked out to keep health optimal are: Ensure you're taking supplements to minimise comedown symptoms. Take a minimal dose, but effective, i.e. in the 80/90/100mg range. Don't fall into repeat usage under any circumstances. (At most once a year). Ensure your stuff is clean and tested. I don't plan on using this substance purely recreationally and will probably do this in a controlled apartment setting focusing on areas I feel I am blocked emotionally, mentally, psychologically. My main intention is to access states of healing that I've not yet experienced using LSD, shrooms, or other psychedelics. I did have one experience a few years back in a non-optimal setting & uncontrolled dosage due to a friend 'wanting me to have a good time'. This resulted in a couple weeks long imbalance, chemically induced feelings of sadness, and small amounts of anxiety. I have never experienced any negative longer-term effects since the comedown had worn off. And it had definitely been a larger dose as I had found out from my friend afterwards. This was incredibly teaching and while I did learn a lot from the mdma-induced 2 week long comedown; I would not like to repeat this. I know there are posts about MDMA but nothing too recent and up to date. Can anyone provide any info on how to take this more safely or is it pretty Impossible to judge? I'm a newbie when it comes to MDMA. Just don't want to do any long term damage to myself as that would contradict the self-actualisation aspect to the point of this whole experiment. Literally any help will be appreciated if you're willing.
  10. Confusion is good, sit with the confusion for a while ? from confusion comes clarity.
  11. I think the phrase 'God is an infinitely reincarnating sentient being'; more refers to God being every living thing (everything) at once. Not sure if you'd reincarnate literally if you are being it all at once. My understanding is that you won't reincarnate because you aren't even really in this incarnation. There aren't any other incarnations to re-incarnate. Just you. If it's all you anyway who are you going to re-incarnate into? Hahahaha.
  12. Not really a solid rule but Leo mentioned it in another thread somewhere.
  13. Sorry just seen that conceptually talking about solipsism in isn't allowed in here so can be locked / deleted.
  14. When you say "There is NO NEED to rob them of their lives and perception as Leo has been teaching", what teachings of Leo are you talking about? I understand & appreciate your reply!