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  1. But that may do more harm than good as you may be misinforming them and arming them with knowledge they may use for the wrong reasons. *Just a perspective
  2. Leo most of the tips for building rapport seem to be oriented toward those without a significant other (which I fully understand), are there any fundamental tips for building rapport with females whilst in a relationship without overstepping boundaries? Or does my question already assume something wrongly? I've had successful rapports and have learned and am still learning from past and current experiences. However I always encounter 'blocks' so to say, such as judging myself as being too flirty and this disrupts my flow. I am just wondering if there are ways to build genuine rapport without the sexual energy I guess. Any help would be appreciated
  3. You may want to check out a similar instrument; the muse headband on AMAZON. In the UK its around £240. Not too bad but definitely not as advanced.
  4. I have found CBD to be a really nice addition to trips, bearing in mind my combination is with LSD. It reduces body load and anxiety related thoughts whilst adding a calmness that isn't there when taking lsd alone. You may not be able to go as deep as you may want to. Also, CBD has been found to bind to the same receptors as LSD (maybe applies to mushrooms too). So may weaken to trip by stopping the receptors being binded to.
  5. I keep consistently entering some sort of state just before my waking hours it seems as I have been waking up with these specific mental mutterings constantly. "This is it" "oh my god" "it's so easy". From what I can remember in these states conceptualisation is ignored, or doesn't have the same influence over my attention as in the waking state. My mind falls back into conceptualisation as I wake up. And I find myself conceptualisating right now while recalling the event. My memory isn't very stable, I can only fully remember vividly from the point I started conceptualising. Any idea what this is or similar experiences? Thanks guys!
  6. Is there any way you'd elaborate on that please Leo? I've been searching for stage Yellow resources and tools but I'm in murky territory.
  7. You're still participating heavily in ego talk to yourself (inside your head). I would try to become mindfully conscious of any judgements that arise involving self-referential concepts. I've experienced periods of physical and mental anxiousness, even toward strangers like you mentioned. Irrational thoughts followed, exaggerated motions etc. I would say the main things that lessened my anxiety a GREAT deal was: CBD Products (use with caution). Becoming familiar with the cyclical nature of anxiety. Practicing intense mindful awareness during anxious moments. Realising consciously that my ideas and thoughts are wholly private and unknowable by others.
  8. I've recently been reading an article by the name of Psychedelics, Meditation, and Self-consciousness (will update later with the link and citation). It includes the table attached here, and also comments on 5-MeO-DMT; stating that it involves the loss of all three categories on the horizontal axis shown in the table. (Loss of body ownership, loss of bodily awareness, loss of self-location). It also gives information on a milultidimensional model of Consciousness. I've found links between the information discussed here and the information conveyed in Leo's videos. Thought this was pretty interesting. I'm pretty sure bodily awareness may be worked on through a Kriya yoga type technique, self-location may be slowly dissolved through identification with consciousness, and the same with body ownership. What would the striving towards simultaneous multisensory self-loss and narrative self-loss be called? A very interesting point I noticed is that with 5-MeO-DMT compared to self-loss in other psychedelic states has a phenomenal richness. And is extremely similar to that of self-loss in meditation.
  9. I find practicing in my daily life with busy and distracting environments occupying the city space really help me to strengthen my focus. Then when it comes to quiet meditation for longer periods I find it easier to sit for longer, and to relax quicker. I've noticed an increased ability to go deeper during meditation after daily use of techniques long-term. I think it's like doing reps with your consciousness. Long story short: Do both?
  10. During experimentation in daily waking life using meditative techniques, I've found myself having a decreased sensitivity of pain. Example: I skate around a fair bit and fall over every now and then, and in the past when I've not been too accepting of it, it's hurt like a motherfucker. But applying meditative techniques at the time, before, or after seems to consciously absorb the pain and vanish it from my awareness almost. This is what I had experienced yesterday as I fell. I became aware and alert as I was falling, became aware of the space the pain was occuring in, the pain occured and vanished without being 'stuck'. I just thought this was a cool insight or feature? Not sure of anything it could be linked to specifically at the moment. If anyone has any ideas or similar experiences please let me know! Would be perspective enhancing if anyone can offer any other similar occurrences which are possible through meditation techniques in daily life.
  11. I would try to mentally re-create an experience in your past in which you judged someone, something, or yourself. Or put yourself into a situation where you are likely to judge (and where you possibly KNOW that you judge). Approach this with self-honesty, equanimity, and consciously. This should help you to gain some perspective. Judgement can be experienced. Experience can bring clarity.
  12. I think in a very short answer. Personal Development is a general area in a specific field. Spirituality is one of the many subsections of personal development. And its own entire thing. *From what I'm aware of. Take caution in the technicalities 😁.
  13. It might help in the moment to experiment with breaking down the conceptual distinctions between what you consider opening up and being closed.
  14. Mysterious, unknowable, unspeakable, ineffable, and paradoxical... Sounds familiar! Those 5 keep cropping up. Testing my patience again and again