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  1. You say you poured love out to all of the people at the fair but your judgements about them do not scream love?
  2. The sound of a mountain lion isn't a mountain lion.
  3. How do you know bacteria don't feel anything? And to constrast, how do you know animals feel anything? Is it still wrong to kill if they feel nothing? What constitutes as 'feeling'?
  4. Go beyond Leo's videos, if you want it enough you'll do some digging. Or maybe if you do some digging you'll want it enough. Either way it's gonna happen or its gonna not happen.
  5. A thought now could result in an emotion later, related to that thought. And the timings can be so perfect that it will not even be perceived that is the case. There may just be emotion with no story. Anything being projected onto a self image such as emotions, relationships, thoughts, judgements, stories; can effect later emotions and how they are dealt with and interpreted.
  6. It isn't suppose to be practical. It's not necessarily to be used, but it's true for certain.
  7. That's all conceptualising, you'd be much more successful in reaching a direct understanding by leaving your expectations and beliefs at the doorstep then leaving out the backdoor.
  8. You can only shift blame if there was any there to begin with.
  9. I'm pretty sure vulnerability exists as a thought. And that thought may relate to other egos and your own ego in order to be perpetuated and survive. I wouldn't bind the two, in my own experience I've been authentic and invulnerable simultaneously. It may effect your future experiences to hold this assumption, the two may be mutually brought forward.
  10. A partial perspective might include the idea that language represents things that is isn't, your mind takes an arrangement of squiggles and lines, transforming it into comprehensible language that refers to something. So to read and understand do you not have to be in a state of referring to things that are not present right now? Although I suppose you can always argue that all this is occurring in the now anyway.
  11. If you believe he is dreaming all that means is that what he has embodied and become conscious of is beyond that of which you identify with and believe is possible in this very moment. If that doesn't make you wanna do some consciousness work then idk what will buddy.
  12. But that may do more harm than good as you may be misinforming them and arming them with knowledge they may use for the wrong reasons. *Just a perspective
  13. Leo most of the tips for building rapport seem to be oriented toward those without a significant other (which I fully understand), are there any fundamental tips for building rapport with females whilst in a relationship without overstepping boundaries? Or does my question already assume something wrongly? I've had successful rapports and have learned and am still learning from past and current experiences. However I always encounter 'blocks' so to say, such as judging myself as being too flirty and this disrupts my flow. I am just wondering if there are ways to build genuine rapport without the sexual energy I guess. Any help would be appreciated
  14. You may want to check out a similar instrument; the muse headband on AMAZON. In the UK its around £240. Not too bad but definitely not as advanced.