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  1. Very true actually. The original post in itself can be considered as not high consciousness. And so may even be contributing to the problem OP has stated in the first place. Become the change OP. If you're really not a troll. 🤔😊
  2. Can you do this?????
  3. Ultimately dmt beings are a projection as they would be classed as 'other'. This is us. We are creating other. And so to focus on these beings would be a distraction I think. Maybe something useful there but also could be looked at for a few lifetimes maybe 🤔. Also I think there are an infinite amount of realms. So where do you stop? Do you make a video about every single possible realm?
  4. I think insane people are still surviving by drawing maps, just radically different maps. Also your point about intellect not preventing death... Intellect does maintain the sense of self in a way. Leo has previously stated that from the egos POV it does survive even if the 'physical body' does not. I can see this to be true from the egos perspective. The ego is not the 'physical body'. Survival is not merely 'physical'. Sorry if I misunderstood your points, but this could be some food for thought.
  5. You've definitely got some assumptions there, it's not impossible, and the biological forces, I think its an excuse, even if it does feel like something real. The reason it feels impossible is because you're looking at it through this biological forces paradigm?
  6. You could eat a basketball but you wouldn't due to survival reasons. And it would be a little rubbery and might not go down too well. Lol.
  7. Making videos require that words be spoken in a way that conveys specific words for a very specific finite communication. This doesn't say much about the Truth / what Leo is referring to (I'm pretty sure). All videos made are relative and nothing that is done for the purpose of creating a video would conflict with the assertion. 😁 Why does it seem like an abstract idea to you? For me I can locate this truth in my direct experience.
  8. Do neurotransmitters play any sort of role in the realisation of Love? I understand that Nothing/Everything is Love, including the neurotransmitters I mention. So not sure if the question still makes full sense when this is alluded to.
  9. Might be a throwaway comment, but if it is London Real, do not hand over your money.
  10. Any benefits with this? I've been taking it in pill form and all I notice is more emotional control / calmness. And a very subtle relaxing and anti-anxiety effect.
  11. Pretty sure I read that Leo finds it hard to study etc on a microdose. Forget the reason why. I can relate though as my mind is much more focused on the immediate presence of things rather than tasks I'm suppose to be doing. Even on small doses. Maybe I'm just really sensitive though. Modafinil has actually allowed me to have more productivity than mircrodosing lsd. There is a note able difference. Modafinil has sometimes effected me in a way where I feel like it has put me in states where I found it slightly hard to stay still; and wanted to keep tapping my foot, or be busy with something. Almost like ADHD but without the AD. Alternatively, I've also created states whilst on modafinil where I've been 100% focused, relaxed, and open. So its a strange one.
  12. What do you think Leo should talk about if he were awake? And also the 'horror' of reality you speak of is also a story. Horror is entirely subjective. Why is reality filled with 'horror', in your view?
  13. God-realisation and having powers are seperate things. God-realisation is exactly that distinction and not another distinction. As far as I am concerned God-realisation is a power. Why are we not including this as a power - to everyone wondering where the powers are or why we don't now have powers - why is God-realisation not a power. If a Mule did become God-realised in front of your eyes and you knew this to be the case, would you not say the Mule has powers? 🤔 What powers do you want and why? What would those powers allow you to do that is not already possible?