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  1. If you seek, you shall find ☺️🍄🌵💖
  2. Or microdose San Pedro cactus powder. Like MDMA, the active ingredient Mescaline is a Phenylethlamine. Very social, euphoria boosting, consciousness increasing, present moment awareness. There is definitely a more social aspect compared to shrooms or LSD I find. Without the negative effects that MDMA can produce too! No bad comes downs (San Pedro or just Mescaline)
  3. I think 'stupid and fun' is just refering to being silly & not taking yourself too seriously.
  4. What does that feel like??? I've been sitting in the dream-like nature of reality for a few years now. It's just pretty obvious & peaceful now. At first it was terrifying and awful but it's more freeing than anything but that took a perspective shift & a leap. I'm still sitting in it & contemplating in it regularly but I can't see where the road will go? (roads in dreams don't have to lead anywhere ). Even acquiring more in this dream doesn't make me fear the 'dreamness'. It's just fun in the dream! Do you have any pointers that could guide me to investigate further? Or maybe you can tell I'm missing something by what I've said? Would be appreciated . I understand that the whole of reality is a dream. It is not physical. It is not mental. It is pure dream stuff. No atoms. No particles. No conscious entities. No cups. No night & day. All dream. Not sure how to put into words my understanding of it. Even understanding is a dream, nevertheless a useful one in the relative domain. Am I speaking out my ass? I get nobody can validate this but myself & I know I have, but I could be self-decieved. Feedback helps a great deal sometimes . Even if it is dream feedback.
  5. Just clarifying! I feel like I've had direct experiences of the dream nature of reality. That's not too much of a shocker! Thank you for responding though .
  6. So the Relative here is that they have their own perspective and are creating you; & the Absolute is that I am/ have creating/created them?
  7. It's multifaceted! Theres no contradiction. And even if there were, that don't mean shit? You never experienced a paradox in your life???
  8. Dude! You are going to have to cringe at yourself. Its going to happen! Cringe is the best medicine; if reflected on or experienced consciously!
  9. Then you'll be operating from survival. As long as you're operating through survival then you will not know Peace. 'so bad' is just resistance. Remove the resistance and then the thing is not 'so bad'. The resistance is what is causing the perception of 'so bad'.
  10. Didn't someone just do that? ?... Leo?
  11. Was in the same boat over here in UK. Applied to hundreds of positions only to have none even reply to say I was refused, or not given the position. Just shooting off CVs and resumes into the void. The only thing that turned my situation around was a government funded scheme paying businesses to create a role for individuals out of work due to the pandemic. Youre not the only one, things will look up soon. Rough times.
  12. As an observation from the point of view of someone who has had individuals in my family and around my abuse hard drugs a lot in my early life and for prolonged periods of time; I think hard drugs increase self-deception by a huge amount in some people. Sometimes uncontrollably. Bliss isn't always a given with these drugs, I think it perpetuates the notion that you as yourself have something missing and that you need something to fill an emptiness. And from my perspective I would say permanently. (even my sister has become deluded via hard drugs). She doesn't aspire to anything. In the UK we have qualifications in school that are taken by 15-16 year old called GCSEs. She's 29 with none of those. Doesn't want a job, doesn't want any form of education, wouldn't want to return, feeds off of the welfare and benefits we have here in UK. Just a 'need' to do hard drugs. Alcohol, cocaine, heroin, pretty much anything, sometimes putting her young childrens' mental health on the line. The use of drugs lead her to create issues in the community and within other individuals. She is also not blissed out constantly. She comes down to a level of 'bliss' that is precisely the reverse of what she had felt on the drugs. With psychedelics I'm much more certain the 'bliss' and lessons learned from the trip can be integrated and slowly coaxed into being revealed to the sober mind.
  13. Very true actually. The original post in itself can be considered as not high consciousness. And so may even be contributing to the problem OP has stated in the first place. Become the change OP. If you're really not a troll. ??