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  1. If you read his comment back it will actually read that his opinion is that the correct wording is attributed to the US killing the Iran top leader. And in reference to Trump he only said that the concerns about him had come to fruition. Where was the suggestion that Trump was the worst?? And have you even heard any other statements by Leo except the ones that perpetuate this idea? Lol!
  2. I don't think the intention would be to simply please young girls. I'm sure a lot of females have this kind of self esteem problem without finding these depictions unpleasant (although soee obviously do too). And secondly, I'm sure they're not feeling simply sad about it. I think it's far more complex than that. And letting your daughter just be sad about it probably won't solve anything. Also, some girls have self esteem issues and do not even feel an appropriate emotionsl towards it.
  3. Where did you get these statistics and how can you be sure they are accurate and not manipulated in any way?
  4. What would be the main theoretical foundation to begin touching on for people who are receptive to green ideas yet haven't had much exposure to green ideas due to being submerged in what feels like a stage Blue / Orange local community?
  5. What is an egg and what is a chicken? At what point does an egg become a chicken or a chicken become an egg. Were they ever separate in the first place?
  6. I think in order to survive, the eternal nature of things is forgotten and passed up. The perception of time is benefitial for survival, and so occurs. But it can be dropped.
  7. You may one day find yourself in a life you thought you'd be dead for. Assume you're infinite, whats the worst that can happen?
  8. Sounds like a really good story 😊 but this can also be uttered by someone thoroughly self-deceived, and with masses of self-bias. I'm pretty sure it could also serve as a defense. I used to believe that about myself too, but it was just a belief I was holding. Once I stopped holding the belief that I was unbias, self-bias revealed itself to me. Probably a lot more work to do too.
  9. Does Love get you nothing, or does it transform you? I feel like I was transformed by Love. And if so, if Love=Truth=Nothing How did this change occur? Or is the 'how' irrelevant? Miracle?
  10. I can't say this very cleanly, but I think he's pointing to the fact that romantic love isn't objectively real, it's something we are generating and projecting. We are the creators of such romantic love. In fact, take a look at this, although these guys are on the autistic spectrum, I think it displayed this phenomena perfectly; they have strong romantic and sexual relationships with objects. Short clip: Full documentary:
  11. From what I've understood from past conversations is that being at a stage (for example; blue) and becoming enlightened, means you are an enlightened stage blue. Then another enlightenment may be had once you transition up the spiral and once again have another enlightenment experience. Enlightenment has nothing to do with your book. From the point of view of the Zen Monks' book at that time you may not be enlightened either! I don't think Leo is vague in his crediting people with enlightenment. I'm sure that Leo has done his research considering he fucking loves this shit out of this stuff. Use it as a guideline at most if you don't agree with him then I guess? You and I both know he's not budging for a couple of forum dwellers. 😂. And plus, isn't enlightenment separate from actual transformation. For anything to change, it needs to be changed. All enlightenment gets you is nothing... right? So Osho can still be materialistic and enlightened, even if it does make for an odd combination. Right? The only thing enlightenment gets you is the truth:
  12. Do you have any idea as to why psychedelics are able to cure a pre-existing mental illness? Is it the power of Recontextualisation? Or is the why completely irrelevant following the 'curing'.
  13. If you would really like to know, I would go directly to the source of the information. Leo's videos!
  14. These words mean nothing substantial on a conceptual basis, if you want to understand, you must understand the words on an experiential basis. Good luck 🤞
  15. Are your depressed feelings at all related to an imagination of a future which is hopeless??? 🤔
  16. China has been accused of imprisoning a huge amount of Muslims (ranging in the millions according to some sources) in what have been described as concentration camps dressed up as re-education facilities in news outlets whilst trying to heavily deceive and keep outsiders away that are seeking information. Some of the reasons for such imprisonment has said to be things such as learning the Quaran, learning Arabic, or possibly anything supporting a radical cultural alternative. Along with the imprisonment, they are allegedly being made to eat pork, recite chinese and communist propoganda / values, and being subjected to violence / torture. Possibly an attempt at aligning prisoners with the '3 Togethers', live together, work together, eat together. The Muslims spoken about here have been labelled as terrorists and this seems to be a justification for the treatment they are receiving. It seems as though anything threatening to Chinas communist values is to be wiped out. Extrapolating from what I've seen, I've been wondering about the rest of China, with their social credit rating system being rolled out soon also, what might the effect be of giving authority away on such a mass scale as this?
  17. My bad, let me edit that, I don't think it's been rolled out yet.
  18. I would think that if you're consciously a devil then you would be consciously creating suffering and therefore would be able to enjoy it. Which would render it no longer suffering. I'm pretty sure.
  19. Thats true, on the other hand in my experience right now, the concept of a mistake only exists in relation to correctness. There's no correct or incorrect. So mistakes are relative. And don't actually exist. My question ate itself. 😁
  20. God can experience making mistakes, but this is no mistake. Right?
  21. All I see is Leo's expressed truths being attached to some kind of emotions or beliefs you have about what his claims mean to you. Can you elaborate on why it is so harmful?
  22. You can probably expect as much as you put into it, as long as you're doing it correctly. Try searching the forum bar for keywords, there's a few books on Leo's booklist that will probably accelerate your growth in some of those areas.
  23. Yeah Leo has talked about this a lot, you can take small amounts of ANY psychedelic and you should be able to handle it 😁. The problem is dosing too high, too quickly. Try searching the forum bar for keywords in your question. Should be able to find a lot more info.