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  1. Sounds like an existential crisis to me, I took just one gram of penis envy before and got my ass tore apart lol. I would start lower but that's just me
  2. How would Ayahuasca pills be much better or different than say taking shrooms? I feel like they are pretty similar and could be used for the same thing in my experience unless maybe we’re talking about having a breakthrough
  3. I take Tadafinil and it does nothing but help with my erections 🤔 Since when does it make you feel different
  4. I’m also interested in this, hoping more people can chime in
  5. How do you ultimately decide what to learn about from moment to moment to improve yourself efficiently? If you’re someone like Leo how do you know whether to be reading spiral dynamics, learning about heavy metal toxicity, politics, game, a new psychedelic, or some other topic in each moment? Do you just follow your curiosity and what’s most relevant to your life at that time? Just kinda feel it out and always be seeking to learn and grow in ways that seem to make the most sense for you to live your best life
  6. Does Kriya yoga actually work? I feel so skeptical probably because I did Kundalini yoga for months and couldn’t tell if it did anything
  7. I watched this video where this guy talks about how putting energy into the universe is how you receive from the universe. Essentially the more action you take the more the world gives back. I mean it sounds like common sense on a practically level (nothing just happens on its own) but it also seems true on a deeper more universal level. Is there any teachers or books that talk about the importance of putting energy into the universe?
  8. Anyone here follow Joe Dispenzas and have success manifesting positive changes in their life? I’m super skeptical about this sort of thing
  9. I seem to have a problem with neediness even while seeing girls in my life. During this month I’ve slept with 2 new girls (that were pretty attractive) and have been seeing my main girl about once or twice a week. Despite that I still feel like I’m starving for more love, affection, and just sex. If I’m not having sex everyday I feel like I can’t be happy. What’s this all about and what should I do? I would see my main girl more often but she works two jobs and is busy most of the time so I’m trying to find someone else who can meet my needs
  10. I’ve suffered an inconceivable amount in my life and I’m at this point where the story in my head about my life is telling me that my life wasn’t “worth it” and that I would’ve been better off not born. This is still the case even if I woke up tomorrow and everything went perfectly for the rest of my life. It feels like nothing could ever make up for the pain I’ve been through. I feel like this is such a scary place to reach in your mind, it’s like nothing makes sense anymore. All I’ve known is suffering and it makes no sense as to why. How can I stay positive or at least be at peace with all the pain? Maybe if I somehow knew that I was paying off a karmic debt or something then I would have a context that allows me to just accept and be at peace with all the suffering but instead nothing makes sense and all this thinking about it makes me want to end it
  11. Seems like it could be posted on the blog or something. Some people might not be able to experience awakening on their own due to mental health or some other type of limitation
  12. I'd like to commit to a regular meditation practice but I struggle to find the motivation because I have some doubt that I will achieve any noticeable improvements in my mental health and well being. I'm curious about other peoples experience who have committed to a daily meditation practice for over a year. I'd like to know if they found it worthwhile and what kind of results they got out of it. This would greatly help me believe in it and commit to it long term. Hopefully this post will also help others who struggle to meditate regularly to become more committed as well
  13. How did you experience both? Did you recover from DPDR and then take a psychedelic without having any issues? I'm mostly recovered from DPDR but I'm afraid to take a substance that could potentially make it worse or even bring it back if I wait until im fully recovered
  14. Which psychedelics would be the most powerful for increasing a persons baseline level of self love? I’m assuming a full breakthrough on a substance like 5meo would be the most helpful but given my mental health I don’t think I’m ready to go that extreme so I’m hoping I could benefit from mediating after taking something more mild like mdma or lsd
  15. Did you pull her straight from the club?