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  1. Where’s a practical guide for increasing self love?
  2. I believe I heard Leo say that the past and future exist in the present moment or something like that. What does that mean? If my dog died a year ago does he exist in the present somehow?
  3. Thanks man great advice!
  4. I have been wanting to practice dancing for a few years now but for some reason my mind always comes up with excuses and reasons to put it off. I know there will be a pretty slow learning curve and I’ll probably get impatient when judging my progress but why does starting seem like such a big deal? Lol. I feel like it has something to do with my identity being challenged. Like I’m afraid to catch myself practicing and ask myself what the hell am I doing with my life lol. All I have to do is accept the resistance and do it anyway but my ego wants to figure out why the resistance is there so it can get rid of it. What’s the best strategy? Accept resistance and do it anyway? I feel like I should dance because I watch “les twins” videos online all the time and get inspired but I know it will take a lot of effort to get as good as I aspire to be.... thanks
  5. I’m sick of life feeling like a nightmare why does this place called earth got to suck so bad?
  6. Nice one
  7. What are some common weaknesses that people confuse for strengths? Here’s a short list I came up with maybe you guys can help me add a few that I missed. The overarching theme will look like this Love > Fear (I’m assuming) Humility > pride Kindness > unkindness Compassion > judgement Acceptance > resistance (letting go > hanging on) Forgiveness > resentment Not knowing > knowing Selfless > selfish Unattachment > attachment Patience > impatience
  8. Thought this was a good question
  9. Is it possible to think your own thoughts? I was asking myself in my head “am I thinking this thought?” and it feels like “i” have something to do with this thought coming into existence. It doesn’t feel like I’m only the awareness that is “hearing” the thought. Am I only the awareness that is aware of thoughts that come out of nowhere? It’s hard to believe that there’s no thinker at all.
  10. How did I end up in my body and not someone elses? Did I randomly choose to be me before I was born? Why didn't I choose to be someone else? Is there just some random unknowable process for how we choose to be ourselves and not another person for instance or even a cat or a flea?
  11. I’m 26 and have no interest or knowledge in politics whatsoever. From my point of view it’s incredibly uninteresting and wouldn’t be beneficial to my life or anyone else’s if started to become more competent in the subject. I realize my outlook could be flawed and would like to know if this is a problem that should be addressed. A few years ago I studied the difference between a democrat, republican, liberal and conservative just to feel like I knew at least something but I did it from a place of insecurity and now I can’t even remember what the differences were exactly. What do you do in this situation? Learn the basics just to satisfy my ego or allow myself to be totally ignorant in politics and only focus on things that will actually make me happy? I don’t want to be stupid but I also don’t want to be distracted by anything irrelevant to mine or anyone else’s wellbeing. Maybe learning the basics of politics will improve my sense of self and actually allow me to be happier? It seems like everyone would feel this way about politics lol what does it matter if I know what Trumps doing or saying, now I can be another person with opinions that are biased and lack context?
  12. How is everything done is the name of love? It makes sense when Leo said a terrorist kills people for the love of his God, country, or religion but what about trolls that leave mean comments for seemingly no reason or a bully picking on a kid at school, where is the love in that? I'm also interested in book recommendations for how everything is love, including hate, because I struggle to grasp this. Thanks
  13. Can one expect a raise in consciousness and inner transformation from just staying present to the moment throughout daily life? I often forget to stay present when driving or doing mundane tasks and wonder how much different I would be as a person if I always took advantage of opportunities to stay present. I'll be testing this out more for myself but was wondering what other peoples experience has been when using presence as a tool for brain function, equanimity, peace of mind, consciousness, inner growth, happiness and other benefits. Thanks
  14. I'm not sure which stage she is at but I'm usually pretty impressed with her insight and ability to go deep on unconventional topics.
  15. Is it fair to say that there’s nothing to lose in this life except delusion? If so this seems to be a helpful pointer to get past irrational fears.