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  1. I’m not sure how many of you are familiar with a guy by the name Jason Christoff, but according to his research coffee is basically poison and terrible for your overall health. I believe there’s also research out there that states it’s good for your health. Here’s an article that goes over the damaging effects it has. What do you guys think? Has anyone given it up for health reasons? Maybe this guy just bashes coffee as a part of his own agenda ?‍♂️
  2. Who would you say is the best at actually picking up girls?
  3. Yup, based on my own experience and reading many many recovery stories this is going to be anyone’s best bet. Unfortunately not everyone is physically capable of exercising but I’d say the majority of people are and it should be known by this point that this is where you want to start when seeking recovery. It would have saved me years of torture and trial and error if I knew to try this first. I’ve tried everything from meditation to driving from Las Vegas to Ensenada Mexico (12 hour drive) to smoke Bufo Alvarius and exercising is still the only thing that’s even helped me remotely lol
  4. I already went this route in the past, don’t take psychedelics to try to cure dpdr. It basically just aggravates the disorder and makes it worse. Exercise regularly, eat relatively healthy, process emotions by feeling them whenever you can, and try to stay busy and engaged with life as much as possible. I personally have reached about 98% recovery and I contribute most of my recovery to exercise. Buy a stationary bike or ride an actual bike for at least an hour a day to help your mind/body release the right chemicals and you should start feeling more normal everyday. I had extreme dpdr for the last 14 months and have literally noticed very subtle improvements every single day from doing the things I mentioned above. ps: psychedelics I’ve tried using to cure dpdr. Acid, mushrooms, 2-CB, Bufo Alvarius, 5-meo, ayahuasca, and MDMA. Acid is probably the worst one you can do for this purpose and MDMA was the closest one to being helpful but just don’t take any drugs or medication and let your brain sort itself out naturally without introducing and taking away different chemicals. Exercise exercise exercise that’s all I gotta say. Don’t know why that would help? Doesn’t matter just do it and see for yourself lol. Also too much bread and sugar would temporarily spike my symptoms like crazy so you might want to cut back on those if you’re the same way
  5. How much time do you dedicated towards learning and actualizing per day?
  6. Rumor has it he had 30mg of 5meo up his ass 24/7. F**king legend
  7. This guy made a Live Enlightment video just like Leo. Legit?
  8. Hey Leo could you refer me to the dark entity removal guy in Vegas? I also live in Vegas and have suffered from depersonalization for a few years now. Lack of mental clarity is huge with DPDR and the disorder can overall feel possessive at times. The only thing that has helped me reach a partial recovery is intense daily exercise, in due time it may get me to a full recovery, but I’m open to possibly trying entity removal especially after hearing your experience. Hope you find your cure. I really empathized with your video because I’ve tried everything under the sun for my problem as well. About tired of having some shitty version of enlightenment all the time lol
  9. What happens if you try to speed it up more or go backwards? lol
  10. What are some key insights that come from awakening that can help you be a happier person after you come back down into ego consciousness? I haven't experienced awakening, but here's a list of ideas that I imagine could be takeaways from awakening that would help with your wellbeing as an ego. 1. No guilt or regret. If there's no self than there wasn't really a you that was making decisions that caused you or others harm and it was completely inevitable. 2. Less self consciousness. If there's no self/other then caring what others think is about as silly as caring what others think in a lucid dream. 3. Less worry. If everything happens for the greater good then you can't really make mistakes 4. Less fear. If all fear comes from the fear of death or loss of self, and you realize that death and self are illusions, then stepping outside your comfort zone as an ego becomes easier/less threatening. 5. More self love. Realizing you are self love and your insecurities come from an identity constructed out of delusions and that your self judgments are arbitrary? These are just a few ideas off the top of my mind. Maybe you guys can share some ideas I haven't realized or thought of.
  11. What is conscious suffering exactly? Is it just an attitude of allowing the suffering to take place within you?
  12. How can you suffer in a way that dissolves the ego? Let's say your girlfriend breaks up with you and leaves you heartbroken. Can allowing and fully experiencing the suffering that comes along with that be used as a means to dissolve your ego or burn away impurities? I'd like to know if/how something can be gained from suffering. Thanks
  13. What are your guys thoughts on his newest video? Anyone here experience awakening and can relate to this?
  14. I wouldn’t recommend experimenting w psychedelics if you have DPDR. I’ve tried using just about every psychedelic there is including bufo alvarius and ayahuasca and while the trips werent too bad, it seemed to only aggravate the DPDR which made it even harder to recover from the disorder. I’m pretty sure the only way to cure DPDR is through intense exercise which is explained in this thread if you want to look into it
  15. Sorry I’m just trying to find Leo’s salvia video. Thanks