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  1. Well you will remember the where you hid the key, and just go into the car when high on psychedelics. Its maybe better to jus ask a friend to hide the key for you.
  2. I thought you didn't have a lot of money. Is it not expensive to travel a lot? Also how can you travel that much if you have a job? Can you take vacation whenever you feel like?
  3. If psychedelics are not addictive comparison to weed and MDMA than what is wrong with recreational use of psychedelics? My brother use recreational LSD. I think that is way more healthier then for him to use weed, MDMA, adderall and ketamine for recreational puropse. If people want to use recrational drugs, why not just use psychedelics, instead of MDMA, adderall, coke, opiod, alcohol and weed.
  4. If you took 5 meo-dmt every 24 hours and increase dosage every day for 200 days. You will have taken 200 trips, that would way faster then meditation or yoga for 20 years.
  5. Imagine going to school or job, lol. The teacher ask you a question while tripping the fuck out on 5 Meo dmt. Imagine trying to stay sober as much as possible, while you realise innfinity, god and everything else.
  6. Would it be dangerous and reckless to take more DMT to experience and understand love, even if you died of love and may never return?
  7. Is it safe to combine LSD and DMT? It seems like a very powerful combination tho.
  8. If you are gone use MDMA for consciousness work, why not try candyflipping (combine LSD and MDMA). Although i think candyflipping is NOT for newbies. You would at least to have tried both LSD and MDMA without combine them with other drugs some few times. I will definitely try it one day.
  9. What do you think about legalizing other drugs then traditional psychedelics like for example cocain, MDMA and weed? I think all drugs should be at least decriminalize, although i think only specific drugs should be legalized like traditional psychedelics and weed. But i am willing to say that even drugs like MDMA and cocain should be legalized for recreational use over the age of 18 or 21. MDMA and Cocain is the most common and popular use of drugs after weed. They are so poplar that we dont really have any choice but to just legalized it. If MDMA and cocain would be sold legal it would maybe be sold at much higher quality then poop black market. Higher quality drugs is much safer. I think it would lead to more harm then good to keep these drugs illegal. What do you guys think about legalizing other drugs then traditional psychedelics?
  10. Take some MDMA and love yourself, lol (just kidding).
  11. Then how did humanity survive for 200 000 years? How were we able to produce the next generation of humans if we women and men dont get along? We men and women are still part of humanity.
  12. Just wait with dating untill you can take the covid 19 vaccine. It wont be long now. It will probably come in april. I bet this pandemic will come to an end the summer 2021.
  13. @Villager Albert Why not try to increase dose to 75 and if nothing then maybe try 100 mcg. Maybe you have higher tolerance to psychedelics then other people. Everyone is different.
  14. What did you take the time you tripped and how much did you take?
  15. Almost no tolerance to these psychedelics: - 2C-B - 2C-C - DPT - MET (Methylethyltryptamine) - Salvia divinorum - Bufotenin - DMT - 5 Meo DMT
  16. I researched many psychedelics and found many interesting psychedelics like DOx family: - - - - These are maybe the longest duration psychedelics ever created, in exception to Dragon-Bromo-Fly (Never try this psychedelic, it can kill you). DOx psychedelics can last up to 12-24 hours. Although you can overdose on these psychedelics on heavy or past heavy dose. Overdose can lead to servere vasoconstriction and organ failure. It does not seem to be any danger at low or common dose. Although dont trust me this innformation can be changed in the future. I think only people with a ton of experience with hallucinogens are able to use them in a safe way. What do you guys think about using these psychedelics for spirtuality? Do you guys think these psychedelics can be used in a safe manner? It would be kinda cool to trip your balls off in 24 hours.
  17. The method sounds a bit too op. I think society needs to nerf it in the next patch. It also looks a bit of an toxic one too.
  18. What about Lucid dream. Try to spawn her in your dreams and have sex with her in your lucid dream. Lucid dream is almost as real as real life. Although it will require many nights of pratice.
  19. I think most popular psychedelics to do pickup with would be 2C-B on a party and talk to girls.
  20. Is weed+DMT safe? If so, i would love to try it out someday?