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  1. My biggest goal in life is to one day be able to cure aging for myself, meaning i would look like a 25 year old boy, but in reality being some few centuries old. As old as 13 years old i have kept my self updated when it comes to science progress towards increasing human life expectancy. I actually long thought this would be my LP, but it was something else. It would actually see how far you could get in life with self-improvment and spirituality if you could live for thousand years. I did consider to just become a scientist and pursue the cure to aging, but i would just cause a lot of suffering for myself, when i have a passion for something else then doing science. Although i have faith that science will be able to find a cure for aging in 40 years, and as long as people have the money to buy some few centuries of time. I have never been interested in being rich, but the only real reason i would want to become rich is so i can live a long life. I bet that in the future it will be your money that decieds how long you will live and not your diet or genetic. Meaning rich people would be maybe die 600 years old and poor people would die at 80-90 year old. So right now i want take diet and exercising more seriously to slow down aging prossess and hope that i can cure aging at some time in the future. What are your thoughts about my goal? It is a pretty crazy goal i have, i know. Just imagine how awake and wise you could be as a 1000 years old human and one day be able to see for your own eyes human society at stage turquoise SD.
  2. Yeah that also would be a problem, if they never develop themself. That might also be one of the consequences giving the cure to aging to someone like a Trump. We would basically have a bunch of old conservative ruling the world.
  3. @RendHeaven It is a matter of perspective, if you look at aging as something natural of life, then it would not be a problem. Although if you look at as a disease, then you can say you want to cure it. Would you not want to live longer then only 80 years?
  4. Imagine putting this poster up at school. It would be so funny to see how they would react.
  5. I wonder what abusive realtionship is like for a man, where the women abuse man. Is the abuse more psychological then physical for a man?
  6. Just to correct you Leo. MDMA is a entactogen/Simulant, not a psychedelic.
  7. I think might face legal consequences if Leo allowed people to ask scorce for drugs. This is why you cant search for "how to get LSD" on the normal web. I think this website would just been shutdown if the goverment saw people used this website as scorce for drugs.
  8. I don't think we can help you with this, that is something you need to find out for yourself. You will not find anything on the normal web. We have 3 type of internett: deep web, dark web and normal web.
  9. Well you will remember the where you hid the key, and just go into the car when high on psychedelics. Its maybe better to jus ask a friend to hide the key for you.
  10. Well that is a good question tho.
  11. Did you not say you dont have any addictive-personality. I dont understand how people can get addicted to food. I dont eat bad food. I hate bad and unhealthy food.
  12. I thought you didn't have a lot of money. Is it not expensive to travel a lot? Also how can you travel that much if you have a job? Can you take vacation whenever you feel like?
  13. If psychedelics are not addictive comparison to weed and MDMA than what is wrong with recreational use of psychedelics? My brother use recreational LSD. I think that is way more healthier then for him to use weed, MDMA, adderall and ketamine for recreational puropse. If people want to use recrational drugs, why not just use psychedelics, instead of MDMA, adderall, coke, opiod, alcohol and weed.
  14. If you took 5 meo-dmt every 24 hours and increase dosage every day for 200 days. You will have taken 200 trips, that would way faster then meditation or yoga for 20 years.
  15. Imagine going to school or job, lol. The teacher ask you a question while tripping the fuck out on 5 Meo dmt. Imagine trying to stay sober as much as possible, while you realise innfinity, god and everything else.
  16. Some people both men and women can have low tolorance when it comes with jokes. They juste take everything serious. For example saying you hate her or telling her she sucks at cooking.
  17. Would it be dangerous and reckless to take more DMT to experience and understand love, even if you died of love and may never return?
  18. Is it safe to combine LSD and DMT? It seems like a very powerful combination tho.
  19. If you are gone use MDMA for consciousness work, why not try candyflipping (combine LSD and MDMA). Although i think candyflipping is NOT for newbies. You would at least to have tried both LSD and MDMA without combine them with other drugs some few times. I will definitely try it one day.
  20. What do you think about legalizing other drugs then traditional psychedelics like for example cocain, MDMA and weed? I think all drugs should be at least decriminalize, although i think only specific drugs should be legalized like traditional psychedelics and weed. But i am willing to say that even drugs like MDMA and cocain should be legalized for recreational use over the age of 18 or 21. MDMA and Cocain is the most common and popular use of drugs after weed. They are so poplar that we dont really have any choice but to just legalized it. If MDMA and cocain would be sold legal it would maybe be sold at much higher quality then poop black market. Higher quality drugs is much safer. I think it would lead to more harm then good to keep these drugs illegal. What do you guys think about legalizing other drugs then traditional psychedelics?
  21. Take some MDMA and love yourself, lol (just kidding).
  22. Then how did humanity survive for 200 000 years? How were we able to produce the next generation of humans if we women and men dont get along? We men and women are still part of humanity.
  23. Just wait with dating untill you can take the covid 19 vaccine. It wont be long now. It will probably come in april. I bet this pandemic will come to an end the summer 2021.