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  1. You can do it alone.
  2. The most common abusive from females is psychological or emotional abuse, but usually people will blame the men because he is unable to take a position and taking care of put her in place, that is, the men is blamed for being weak. A man being raped by women is seen as a joke by men and women aswell in general. Men = Active Woman = Passive nothing less, nothing more
  3. The teaching : You are Yourself
  4. Forget whatever someone ever said about shadow work. Get yourself a pen and start to write whatever comes to your mind, pure self expression, don't let yourself hide anything, just keep writing.
  5. Like my PlayStation, girl, let me console you (yeah, yeah, yeah)
  6. I would say you are avoiding something, or that is missing smthg, and that is triggering the anxiety, the effects on body and mind just come as a secondary effect, what could be triggering it? Explore that, no regular doctor will help with that, existential conflicts might take a while to get rid of. I've been experiencing a pressure on my head for awhile, no medic or doctors can help me, I take a magnesium liquid everynight and some natural pills special for head pressure. And also I've noticed it calms down if I get my sleep schedule just right, sleeping all night at least 9 hours, and then if I have the chance I lay down on the grass and catch some sun at least 30 minutes. Right now I am also drinking 1 time per day natural and biological coffee. My advice is, try not get to intellectual about it, there is no miracle explanation for what is happening, just live life as you want to, change your belief systems, no one will help you with this. Also, take a break from everything you feel is taking your energy out, could be internet or reading, just give yourself a full 24h abstinence day.
  7. I'll just make it way more simple for you, and for all: Is all about ecstasy.
  8. Maybe the answer is it wouldn't exist, because someone needs to be dreaming it to exist?
  9. read this book
  10. @levani Have you ever watched "It's a Wonderful Life", the 1946 classic with James Stewart? If not, give it a try. Happiness can also make you cry, remember that.
  11. @BipolarGrowth I am certain of the impossibility of knowing it. I think my mother is also dreaming herself from the same source I am dreaming myself. And you will never be "there" to confirm that your family still exists, you can only see your direct experience, no escape. But, have you ever saw people claiming to know who they were in their past lifes? Maybe we have a clue right there. And once again, Leo never said he has no beliefs, he himself has already said is impossible to not be biased as long as you live. You need to see solplisism as some sort of idea that is originated by realizing one's nature as the spectator of everything, but you can't really put it into words, solpslisim is a concept on its own.
  12. art cannot be limited by standards, it is foremost an expression of consciousness, therefore must be unlimited and free