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  1. Too many here are putting they're entire journey at the responsability of Leo's hands, conceptually speaking. I have to admit, I am not in favor of the use of substances, because I have my own reasons for that, that doesn't mean that is not legit, everything is legit if it suits you. He does what he wants, that should not affect your personal journey. What's the point if he is doing the right or wrong thing, that shouldn't matter, we shoudln't be here expecting a super human to show us the truth, just take the best you can from him and move on.
  2. I can imagine reality being just one identity, everything condesed in one particular unique being
  3. This thread is an example of how a negative mindset can stop you from achieving direct experience. Seriously, maybe it's better to study some belief system and practice some ritual to achieve non duality, at least you would lie to yourself with a more positive mindset, but I know nothing. any belief and mindset is a lie btw. Don't blame the Truth with bad perceptions
  4. I am not a pool, I am the entire ocean: moving, growing, sometimes storm, sometimes sun. The pool never changes and is needy, people need to go inside the pool so it can have a purpose. The ocean doesn't need people to step inside to have purpose, the purpose of the ocean is being the ocean.
  5. Culture is not our friend. Just creat your music for the sake of it, if someone is making music just on the concern to appeal masses you would be faking yourself. There are a lot of small genres out there that doesn't fit the masses but they still have their followers. Dream pop, Freak-Folk, Shoegaze, you name it. my bloody valentine it's a terrific example of this. they are probably one of the most transcendental bands out there, with no interest to appeal masses but still being able to have their Loveless album on several top 10 best albums list of the 90's. you are just having wrong mindsets. or also, take a look on Vampire Weekend's new album, is full of awareness and appeals the masses! Or even, take a look at Sufjan Stevens, the man is an icon and most of his music is spiritual.
  6. do you control the dream, or you surrender to the dream? @Basegodmike anytime i try to control it's G O N E
  7. I also had a cute non dual experience by the age of 5, the problem was not having someone close to me to tell me what was that, very sad indeed. But also sad that we doubt for ourselves for 1 second that we can't get the job done in the natural way without sticking things to our ass. Trust your own guts.
  8. cute, I lived in Barcelona, summer of 2017
  9. @Aakash I am ok with that. It's good to be the authority
  10. Be careful with Solipsism, I'm no puppet inside anyone's dream
  11. Where can I sign for this? This is really a very hard question...
  12. everything is a fallacy, no one should take anything for granted here, whatever it's said. if we don't have our own inner conceptual truth we will just ending up being deluded by someone else teachings (even if they are true) and betray ourselves.
  13. the problem is living in a context that doesnt support your desires, like if you live in a village and there are no clubs there to flirt with cuties
  14. the father of the cult?
  15. I think the question you really want to ask is not if Reincarnation is real, because everyone will say that you are God and all that jazz and so you will manifest forever as god. But I see how much everyone in this forum is explaining this subject in a way that is most of times too simplistic and almost Naïve. Just open yourself a serious book about Occultism (the science, not the hocus pocus) and analize for yourself how complex it is. Just because the true nature is formless, doesn't mean that the rest It's fake and that your conceptual self is worthless... Your conceptual Self contributes for next life conditions.