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  1. When I've been doing intense yogic breath I've first filled my belly and then filled my chest, naturally for me the belly sinks in as soon as I breathe into the chest. Not really sure if I'm breathing into the chest in the right way. And on the outbreath I've just relaxed and therefore the outbreath is shorter than the inbreath. Maybe this affects my breathing negatively. Haven't watched the videos yet though, thank you.
  2. Thank you. Yeah I'm having all that in mind. The fatigue is most likely because I've been pushing myself too hard for a long period.
  3. :') Do you know someone good? Feels like it would be better for me to meet someone physically though.
  4. Hi! I struggle with a lot of anxiety daily, fatigue, brainfog and just generally very unstable during the day for a long time now. I'm just longing for a release. To feel more grounded, peaceful, more energy in general and the ability to think clearly. I don't really know how I can become conscious of what I need to face in this situation. But yes, the energy is stuck and this has happened in all my practices lately, not only breathwork, and I always tend to keep on doing one practice without any positive progress thinking that I'm a failure if I move on to something that actually feels good and works better (in this case slower breathing or yoga). I've thought that I'm just doing the practice wrong and I need to keep on for months until I figure it out. I feel like it's hard to become conscious of what I need when something doesn't work for me, I've only listened to what works for other people or what they need, thinking that I work in the same way as them and that I should live up to it. Maybe it's necessary to listen more to what one individually need in spiritual practice? And that maybe what I need is something I resist or fear doing. Thank you, your words were helpful!
  5. I've been trying out different kinds of breathwork for maybe 2 years. Mostly shamanic breathing and strong yogic breath/wim hof. I've also done breathwork in groups with people a few times. When I do it alone, most of the time, I don't feel any effects at all and I don't feel that I get any "results" from it afterwards. Except for maybe a few times where it just clicked for some reason. With results I mean, at least becoming calmer and more relaxed in the body during the day compared to the levels of anxiety that I usually feel. When I've done it with a group of people it always works, usually I've been crying for almost the whole session as I've released a lot of emotions. Doing a slower full body breathing works great for me, but the problem is with the more intense and circular breathing techniques. I've tried to breathe in different ways, I've tried to relax, trying to be softer and finally the last month or so I've just tried to breathe despite feeling as if I'm breathing in the "wrong" way, just going with it. At first I thought that I have a hard time relaxing, which is true, but I can also see that I'm too much in my thoughts, thinking of how I Should breathe and being super critical. I'm an extreme perfectionist and I'm pushing myself too much. I've tried to just let it be and be mindful, but I wonder for how long I should keep on practicing with no results? Maybe I should just keep on and surrender to the anxiety of No results. I can also see that when I've done it in a group of people it's been easier to find a rythm and to enter a flow. Somehow in a group it's easier to surrender and trust. I've had a strong urge to take a break from it and just focus on slower breathing techniques and yoga, thinking that maybe that's what my body needs. But I can see that there is a lot of experienced breathers in here and I would like to see if someone can enlighten me with some breath-wisdom or share your own breathwork journey. Maybe a new perspective can support the shift in my journey. Thank you.