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  1. @bejapuskas BUT. HOW. There is a winner because there is a loser. The distinction of what is desirable and undesirable is what brings you closer to a end goal. People generally want someone who has money and is strong because it means protection; and more protection means increased chances of survival and the more care free you can be to enjoy life. And what if you're not any of that? Humans are cold and apathetic towards anything that doesn't concern them. (How many people are really going to take action against the amazon wild fires? Let alone problems that have existed since our genesis such as homelessness and hunger.) This something all throughout the animal kingdom, where everyone competes for survival, and the "undesirable" are pushed away and left to die. And in this world of "survival of the fittest" and "natural selection" the only options are be the "best" or die. And for years I'm just left wondering what is the point of living in this existence if those are the only options. What is the point if you're not the most attractive, richest and strongest if you're going to get trampled on anyway?
  2. @tsuki and you never answered how a person could know if they were any good if they didn't compare themselves to other people. Do you compete against your self in the olympics? Do you compete against your self in the market place?
  3. @tsuki Okay... but humans are constantly putting each other down and seeking out those that they deem that maximizes their survival; the richest, the strongest and whatever. "Those that are the best" like those who went to the best university, have the best income, can feel protected around, has attractive "features" and whatever, but those are generally the "requirements." That is why there is an "alpha" that humans strive to be. The 2nd part, what? The 3rd part, okay, and how that stopped anyone from putting another person down? There is still plenty to "worry" about even when basic needs are taken care of. It isn't enough for someone just to have the basic needs met. I mean, *generally* it is the "desirable" thing to want is someone who has a lot of money, is strong, has some "unique" talent, In this world run by natural selection, where "undesirable traits" are pushed out of the gene pool, you are left to die.
  4. @ajasatya Didn't Leo say in his videos that survival is a zero sum game, what is good for you isn't good for someone else :-/ ? sorry @tsuki That is a lot to comprehend. I will have to get back to you on it. I do journal in a way, I text a trusted friend about my insights.
  5. @Fishy Just normal meditation, clearing out thoughts. And a little bit of focusing on chakras. @tsuki but isn't survival a zero sum game? What's good for you isn't good for another? Even if we will disappear even in memory, it still doesn't stop people from discriminating against those they deem "not good enough." I mean, who wants to be with someone who has money problems, looks "ugly" and can't feel safe with? Isn't that what we're all doing each day? maximizing our survival? Something Leo said it the fiber of our being? Okay, I kinda got what you were saying there... But who is really willing to be with a person that is skinny, weak, money problems, doesn't seem to have any unique talents, all the things that would make a person undesirable?
  6. @tsuki Then why do humans constantly put each other down and always want to feel like they are on top? "Natural Selection?" What about all the other writers, inventors, artists etc. through out history that have been forgotten throughout history because they weren't like Shakespeare and Da Vinci? I'm not trying to argue with you. I am genuinely convinced this is how existence works. Survival is a zero sum game How would could you know you were any "good" if you never compared yourself to anyone? We know what good is because we make a distinction of bad. How are winners determined then? What makes comparing people any different? @Raptorsin7 6 months. I still don't see how I would know I would be "good enough" if I dont compare my self to others
  7. @Raptorsin7 I already meditate for 1 hour straight a day, and still bumping it up. The effects are barely taking place. @tsuki expectations are too high? The world we live in is survival of the fittest. If you're not good enough you are deemed unwanted and pretty much left to die. I don't want to be a playboy, and chad isn't necessarily interchangeable with a playboy who bangs left and right. It could mean someone like (I know he is a fiction) like Bruce Wayne, peak personal development. If one is not rich, then what? All the best things this world has to offer need towers high worth of money. What about the alternative? Living in a boring house/apartment with little to no views, eating bland food etc? @BjarkeT I hope so to @ajasatya Is it really a parenting thing to do to tell your kid that he's a worthless piece of shit, hellbound and hideous like the devil? Idk about that guy, if that's what he envisions for himself I guess. It's a survival of the fittest world. If you're not "good enough" you're left to die.
  8. I've been battling my depression for 5 years, with ups and downs. To make the long story short: In 2011, I had 2 amazing consecutive school years. I wondered what better things had to come. They didn't. 2012, my life seemed to go down hill. My high school got worse. My 10th grade year was full of drama, and I would stop having xbox live for good. My 11th grade year I was duped into taking AP courses that bombarded me with work that would make me stay up until 3am. The next day, I would sleep in class, embarrassingly. Because I was duped into taking 3 AP classes, it destroyed my GPA. I barely made it from being held back. My beloved Crysis would release it's 3rd and final chapter, to be a colossal failure, and the xbox one would make an embarrassing debut. 12th grade year rolls around and I don't make it into any universities. I had to go to community college. Fall 2014 rolls around, Call of Duty Advanced Warfare rolls around and I couldn't get enough money to buy it. I really wanted it because it reminded me of Crysis. I start looking at my life and how I am not a chad, how I am not in Ivy league, and how I don't even have a measly fast food/retail job. I decided to kill my self December 2014, but at new years, I decided not to. Nothing really got better. At 22 did I finally get a part time job at amazon. I never got closure with a cherished childhood buddy of mine. I'm still stuck at community college. My beloved Crysis and Metal Gear Rising are gone. The xbox only gets worse with a stupid business team. I let my self believe things could get better, but they don't. I look at my social media and all I see is the people I know with their BFs/GFs or going somewhere. On top of all this, I have a crippling fear and trauma with women I am so ashamed and embarrassed about. There is no point to living if you can't be rich and attractive. I try to be good at things like singing and drawing but no matter how much I try I'm never good enough. I am not even good at the video games that used to bring me happiness anymore. My parents never tell me they love me and tell me to go to hell and that I have the face of Satan. There is nothing more I want than to disappear.
  9. @Shiva so channels like those thrive off of making people feel inadequate?
  10. So what can one do when they feel inadequate? Like they feel like they don't fit the ideal "trope" like being jacked and being mega rich?
  11. So I came across this video Alux is the pinnacle stage orange. They glorify being rich yet look away from the evils that come from giant corporations that pollute the planet and don't care that Jeff Bezos breaks labor laws. I watch them occasionally, when some titles catch my eye. And this had me thinking a question I have for a long time. How would we know what was good if we never knew what was bad? There are some things about reality can't change. Women want a provider and protector. Their biological clock goes faster and they have to get a partner faster than men. We all can't be handsome like (insert attractive male)? We all can't be rich like Jeff Bezos? Isn't this a zero sum game; survival, like Leo said it is? I mean, if we are praising one quality, aren't we putting one down? I am still stuck in stage orange, and not advanced like Leo, so talk at a stage orange level
  12. @Shin I'm quoting Leo from the from the video. He said that you have to observe your self being a devil. It's not something that happens in 5 minutes, after watching the episode, but years. at 1:04:53 in the video. Oh wait lol he did say what to do after that. Well, I have my answer now ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  13. @Nahm @bejapuskas The ego. The life story "I" identify with is the devil. Stop playing word games and semantics. You're not looking smart. @Amun It be like that @Highest What do you do after becoming conscious of how you are the devil? @TheAvatarState Good to know, Internet Guru