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  1. @Shiva so channels like those thrive off of making people feel inadequate?
  2. So I came across this video Alux is the pinnacle stage orange. They glorify being rich yet look away from the evils that come from giant corporations that pollute the planet and don't care that Jeff Bezos breaks labor laws. I watch them occasionally, when some titles catch my eye. And this had me thinking a question I have for a long time. How would we know what was good if we never knew what was bad? There are some things about reality can't change. Women want a provider and protector. Their biological clock goes faster and they have to get a partner faster than men. We all can't be handsome like (insert attractive male)? We all can't be rich like Jeff Bezos? Isn't this a zero sum game; survival, like Leo said it is? I mean, if we are praising one quality, aren't we putting one down? I am still stuck in stage orange, and not advanced like Leo, so talk at a stage orange level
  3. So what can one do when they feel inadequate? Like they feel like they don't fit the ideal "trope" like being jacked and being mega rich?
  4. So I just think that this is one of the most important videos out there. And in it, Leo says, you have to carefully observe you are behaving like a devil. It won't happen in 5 minutes, after watching the video, in a year. But it may take a life time. While I was at work, I had a the "ah ha!" moments when you're just subconsciously thinking about this. I now understand. All my life goals. Why do I want it? I really had to admit so I can have a sense of feeling above people. The people I dislike? Because they don't fit in with the sense of "me." And now I understand everyone else. Now I have to ask? What now from here? What happens after you can really admit you are the devil?
  5. @Shin I'm quoting Leo from the from the video. He said that you have to observe your self being a devil. It's not something that happens in 5 minutes, after watching the episode, but years. at 1:04:53 in the video. Oh wait lol he did say what to do after that. Well, I have my answer now ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  6. @Nahm @bejapuskas The ego. The life story "I" identify with is the devil. Stop playing word games and semantics. You're not looking smart. @Amun It be like that @Highest What do you do after becoming conscious of how you are the devil? @TheAvatarState Good to know, Internet Guru
  7. In Islam, to complete half your faith, you must marry. This has to do with Islam's interpretation of love. Anyway, your partner is a reflection of you. You will only attract someone as good as you. Wonder Woman wants superman, not some dorky loser. Marriage and child rearing should be reserved to the most developed and productive individuals Sadly, there is no way to enforce such a rule.
  8. @Leo Gura So does this mean that things like time travel are real?
  9. @Leo Gura Non duality makes sense now. Everyone is the same pixel, geometric shapes. But everyone is too focused on their self to know that they are the same pixel and geometric shapes. That is why you and other mystics say that everything is literally you. And when you hurt someone or something, you are hurting your self. You said that religions are tailored to the culture they were founded. There can be a religion of video games. Spreading non duality. And you can be the prophet!
  10. Is it dangerous and damage the brain? Someone mentioned in this thread and I would like to know
  11. be equal to your subordinates. a big one people miss.
  12. So now that many of us have watch Leo's Mechanics of evil video, what are your views on that quote now? If you haven't watched it yet....
  13. There would be no way to enforce it. Sounds like a great idea but just won't work.
  14. @MrEgoless the capitalist vs communism thing he was talking about the "Mechanics of Evil" video where the devil distorts the truth and uses it for his/her agenda
  15. Like all things, you have to account for human corruption in all systems. It's a "free market" capitalist society where everyone can choose where their money goes, but it isn't always the case. You have super stores like Walmart and Amazon destroying mom and pop shops. Because we kind of live in a free market system, we still can choose where our money goes. That is why celebrities and athletes get more money than teachers and great scientists. Goes to show what Americans really value. Of course, Like Leo said in his Mechanics of Evil video, evil is the byproduct of survival, so people will go about destroying anything that gets in their way and not give a rat's ass about it. So if you want priorities to change, then you have to be the change you want to see in the world. As for poor people starving, many grocery stores are willing to give away food to the homeless, but they are forced to throw out a lot because of regulations solely based on looks of the food. Still, capitalism at it's worst it better than socialism/communism at it's best. Like consept said, it's because people are willingly giving their money to trash sports and celebrities and other egoic desires which is why capitalism comes across as unfair. If people valued what the mystics do, such as feeding the hungry, giving out education to people who need it, we would be living in a very different world where celebrities aren't praised like a golden calf.
  16. @Leo Gura Do you consider Oujia boards credible part of the paranormal? Because people have tried them and claim they've seen the freakiest shit ever and swear they're not making it up and have been so haunted by the event they've done away with anything paranormal.
  17. @Leo Gura No, not really. If you do the right meditations, focus on charkas individually and some yogas, you can develop them.
  18. This is a deep inner demon I have been battling for years now. It has been driving me insane and I want it to stop. Backstory: I grew up in a more fundamentalist/stage blue Islamic family. I didn't spend too much time with girls and women growing up, only my cousins and I have no sisters. In Islam, men and women must be separate and so I grew up with awkward social skills around girls. And there is this huge stigma against sex for no clear reason. I skipped all of sex ed during my teenage years, when I needed it the most. So this is what happened... One day while browsing the internet, my younger horny teenage self came across a video game called "Heavy rain" and saw there was a nude shower scene. My curiosity got the best of me and I kept watching what happened after. And so I would be scarred for life as this scene is burned into my pysche and I still vividly remember my pounding heart, sweaty palms and heavy breathing. I couldn't believe it. I grew up thinking women are these fragile things because I grew up with men being the ones physically stronger. The screams and grunts them men do when she kills them, especially the one where she stabs one in the throat. I can hear the wretched scream of a slow painful death and have a paranoid sense of protecting my jugular. I stopped thinking about sex for months. My the natural instinct kicked back in. But I could never think of sex the same way. And then Iron Man 2 had to release a few months later, and there was this scene I couldn't believe it. How is a 5'3 110 lb girl doing any of this?! The fact that the directors made them look sexy while kicking ass is what disturbed me the most. And then growing up I would see more "female empowerment" type stuff of a women beating up/killing multiple men such as Lara Croft, Atomic Blonde, the bride, movie scenes where a woman fights a man and the woman comes out on top etc. (and the "Final Girl" trope such as Laurie Strode in Halloween) I flinch heavily and got heavy breathing, pounding heart etc. But over time, I have become fully aware that these things are fiction as that is the reason they never happen in real life and I don't flinch at all anymore.. But my horrified past self is always at the back of my mind. And as such, I have gotten a kick out of "Woman/Feminist gets equal rights.... and lefts" videos where a woman and a man fights and the woman gets utterly destroyed. And yet. some how, I have developed some Stockholm syndrome style attraction to these women. The kind like Black Widow and Atomic Blonde. (I mean, I don't want a weak and dependent spouse) So that was that. And when I was 16, I decided to learn sex ed for my self. And I was in for a rude awakening. I learned about period, menopause, child birth and other special "women's problems." And so I couldn't believe it. What I was so ignorant about. How were they hiding their period pains so well? One thing led to another, and I learned about how women have been abused for most of human history. Why fathers were so protective of their daughters and why they threatened their daughter's boyfriend. The last part though... it scared the hell out of me. It made introspect if I had in the past disrespected women. If another man were to disrespect my daughter. Also in Islam, there is some scriptures saying their is more "reward" in a daughter's birth. Because Arab culture is extremely patriarchal and at the time, so misogynistic that people would bury their daughters alive in disappointment in not having a son. How? I wondered. You are who you are by your actions, not by your birth. But I have since left the cult of Islam, so I don't care anymore. But it still impacted me nonetheless. So after all this, because I grew up in a repressed culture, I now have a fear of women, marriage and having a daughter, Years have gone by and I don't know how to overcome it. Edit: Also, films like "Enough" is violence against men supposed to be glorified?
  19. @Emerald sounds about right
  20. Hey fellow Actualizers, I've been lurking this forum without an account for months, but I have now come to a realization that I don't know how to resolve. After seeing Leo's "Mechanics of the Evil" video, my view on reality has been more shaken than anything in my life could. I have started to take notice of how I commit evil my self, and how I hypocritically pass off my own evil. This personal conundrum of mine has hit me so hard that I have decided to join the forum and get direct insight, whereas I can't on Leo's YouTube comments. When I was 15, it hit home to me how blessed I am to be born American. The richest nation on. The strongest, I don't have to worry about other countries trying to meddle in mine. I am so blessed to voice my opinion without the worry of being persecuted. Everything I love about life came out of America. I know there is more to stopping evil than stop seeing evil, but you have to stop "doing evil." I have now been wondering, If I do join, I'll be contributing to "evil" more than the taxpayer who funds them. The US military has committed horrific crimes that so many people are shockingly ignorant of. Before anyone comments, YES, I AM VERY WELL AWARE THAT PRAGERU IS A SPIRAL DYNAMICS STAGE BLUE ORGANIZATION. I disagree with them on a lot of things and they are pretty much American supremacists, which I am against, and I love America. If Leo is reading this, I know that you tend to lean more democratically than republican (I don't consider my self republican btw) But I do know that just because you are enlightened, doesn't mean you are perfect and are always right. I'm not trying to turn this into a political debate, so please don't ban me right off the bat. The videos say that there is no better alternative to world peace because America is the only one morally viable to do it. The alternatives? The UN is inefficient. Russia & China? I can't imagine them leading the world when their governments are so much more corrupt than America's and they have no qualms oppressing their people. They haven't even apologized for their massacre of communism, unlike how Germany apologizes for Hitler & Nazism. I feel as though America has given me a blessing I could never repay. And joining the military isn't the best way to show gratitude (I know...) (and what foreign power is America under threat from today that urgently demands us to lay down our lives ._.) Am I just furthering evil by joining the military? I mean, how can you call the soldier evil when you pay for him? What am I missing? TL;DR I want to join the US Army to die for America for all that it has given me, but after seeing Leo's video on the mechanics of evil, I am having second thoughts.
  21. @Angelo John Gage I have stated multiple times now I have decided against joining. Thanks for the input tho.
  22. @Emerald because I'd rather have a spouse that's into these action sort of things. And not the typically girly type things. Yet not being a tom boy.... But I know things like atomic blonde are a fiction and would never happen in real life so I stopped my resistance to looking at things like that. Edit: Also, I for some reason get a kick out of women trying to punch above their weight. Like videos on the internet where a bitchy woman tries to act tough but then gets put in her place. I am not a misogynist nor do I condone violence against women.
  23. @Emerald Creepily enough, I kinda find atomic blonde/lara croft/ black widow hot and attractive