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  1. @SerpaeTetra Everything seemed to be true in the documentary.... What do you mean?
  2. @Vipassana Android...
  3. @Verdesbird Muhammad, the dude who started Islam. Most enlightened people in the east are people of color. All native americans who practiced spirituality were people of color. The Aztec, Incan, and Mayan people who practiced spirituality were people of color. The Iboga tribes in Africa are people of color...
  4. For anyone wondering. No this is NOT conspiracy, its all facts.
  5. Idk, they allow food companies to make shitty foods so we can end up taking pills for the rest of our life. So maybe they'll allow this to do some damage so we can stay sick.
  6. Not in today's day in age. A big percentage of people straight up don't even vote. Other people will view it as, "I'm already poor enough, now you want ME to pay for yalls campaigns? HELL NO!".
  7. @Zanoni But wouldnt all those satelites cause health problems?
  8. @Zanoni what are they using 55k satellites for?
  9. Of course you'll be able to sleep at night. Investing in 5G is a GREAT idea as it is the future. Think of it this way, a lot of companies on the stock market play a role in deteriorating peoples health. So the question is will you be able to sleep at night knowing the money you're making may have came from a company that deterites peoples health?
  10. What about campaigns? How would they pay for that?
  11. @rnd The mahasamadhi only kills Leo's body. Not his clothes, house, computer, hot witch girlfriend, porn folder, or any other part of the universe.
  12. Post a link to the resources you used to do your research.
  13. @Leo Gura Did you experience the wheel or the book archetype like in the videos I posted above? Lots of others who took Salvia seem to of have.