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  1. What accidental siddhis have you performed? Maybe that’s one way. Use caution, and If you succeed, let us know!
  2. Slip some mushrooms into their soup. They won’t even know what hit them 😛
  3. Weird. I had a dream last night I was flying in space and suddenly I merged with the vastness of it into infinity. My dreams are more interesting than my waking dream tbh.
  4. If this were the case, that is, to be able to imagine reality as one wants it to be willy-nilly and in accordance to egoic needs, it would actually be quite boring and unfulfilling. There would be nothing worthwhile to achieve or do if everything could be accomplished equally in being magicked into existence. Now in a higher/meta sense, yes, God creates/imagines reality and the limitations therein that allow one to experience it in a dualistic way, but that doesn't mean the limited part of you can will things into existence in the same way as the unlimited You can create whatever it wants.
  5. Set an alarm clock to wake you after sleeping for a few hours (3-6 hours), whatever fits your schedule. Keep yourself awake for 30 minutes to an hour. Read a book or meditate but keep yourself awake. Go back to bed, lie on your back. Your chances of getting the sleep paralysis and the tingling sensations should increase dramatically. These usually precede the astral projections. At this point you can pull yourself out or jump out, it might take some practice. It definitely helps to practice meditation so that you remain in the astral plane and you don’t snap back to your body out of excitement or lack of focus. One last thing. If you encounter astral parasites, keep calm and don’t panic as these creatures feed off your fear. You can always ask for help from higher spirits as a last resort.
  6. I’ve wondered this myself about the mechanics of lifetimes. It would help explain why some people are more spiritually talented than others and why some are able to remember their previous lives. My guess is that yes, you retain this piece of the greater consciousness with the option of continuing to reincarnate as much as you want until you are tired/bored of existing.
  7. Find a way to kill time before time kills you. 😛
  8. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/I_Have_No_Mouth,_and_I_Must_Scream
  9. I don't see why not.
  10. You're right, there's no requirement for waking up. Ultimately God loves it all and has no agenda. It is so selfless that it allows disowned parts of itself to retain their selfishness. But I would argue that God has a dispassionate wish to see its creatures wake up, without forcing itself on them.
  11. I guess that's one way to put it. I was just using that word to describe the fish that thinks it is separate as delusional.
  12. But seriously, to use that fish analogy, God creates itself as a fish to experience duality and concern itself with survival as a fish, forgetting itself as God in the process. To become that fish, God has to forget itself as God and fully become that fish. Imagine that fish all of a sudden stops swimming around with its fish family & friends and start inquiring into its existence. How many fish do you think would actually do that? Very very few and that's because God in its creativity and intelligence made it so that fish would be perfectly concerned with their fish survival. But if some anomalous fish would go and do that, that would mean the end of its life as a fish which it has only known up until that point. It's a scary process.
  13. I know right? Something smells fishy here.